Vag and Clits Room

I was switching to the hotspot and had to select our Verizon ID from a very long list of local wifi’s in our area. Last week there was a “BigDaddyisHome” and yesterday there was “Vag and Clits Room”. The Big Daddy made me roll my eyes, but the Vag and Clits Room definitely caught my attention and peaked my curiosity.

So, let’s speculate. Is it a kid that set up his grandparents wifi and they don’t know they are now home of the Big Clit or maybe it is some teenager that keeps changing the name of their wifi and the parents don’t know how to fix that?

I have to admit, the “Vag and Clits Room” made me laugh and it was worthy enough of a blog post, I think.

Okay, so now tell me what you think the story is behind the wifi names…