Traditions and Memories

With Thanksgiving behind us, and the Christmas season still to come, I would like to know what is the one tradition that you enjoy because it is full of memories.

For me, it would be driving around to look at all of the lights. When I was a kid Dad would take us to Johnson City to see the courthouse lit up. That was 35 years ago, and today the entire town is lit up into a winter wonderland. It used to be a small town event, with just the locals enjoying in awe, and now people from all over make that drive to see full trees lit up from roots to top of branches, thanks to the electric company. Although, I am not a fan of the crowds, it is still an amazing sight to see. I still find myself enjoying a drive about town to look at holiday lights, even in my new surroundings. It makes me smile to remember what it was like as a kid.