The Sun Shines

I don’t watch the news, and I have to say it is the healthiest break that I took when I left Texas. However, social media is consumed with current events to the point that it is not healthy. You can’t get away from the mass hysteria and panic of others. They spread it like fire, and I think we all need a break.

In this thread, I would love for there to be interaction, and positivity. I want to hear about the good in your world.

For me, it is that we are healthy and Abby is a constant joy. Yesterday I took the time to get my taxes organized and she was right by my side the entire day. Sometimes her buddies were hanging out and at one point they surrounded the table; she was looking out for me, that’s what she does. lol. The downside of yesterday is that MtnMan had to be gone most of the day and I stayed home because my allergies have been terrible… but, I got taxes organized and it snowed almost all day. It was beautiful.

Now it is your turn.