Take the Damn Cookies!

In February I started baking cookies and found that I really do enjoy it, but don’t often have the time to make them. Last week I spent a couple of hours baking MtnMan’s favorite – Chocolate Chip Walnut. It’s the only recipe that I have used because it’s so damn good. I intended for him to take most with him to work, and because there is a gentleman that has a nut allergy, I baked oatmeal cookies just for him. He only took half of each, leaving me with 2 bags worth of cookies that I found myself eating all afternoon, and sent him a text-

Me: I thought you were going to take the damn cookies with you this morning.

Him: You baked enough for a small country!

Me: The recipe yielded 6 dozen each, that’s not my fault. Take the damn cookies next time!

Him: …..

Me: I’m on my 20th cookie, I think.

Him: ….

Me: !!!!!!

The next day he took another bag of cookies. LOL. Now that I know I enjoy baking and I have also found my sweet tooth, I cannot have them in the house for long. They need to promptly exit the premises.