Are You a Spring?

I absolutely love the fall. The cooler temps, the changing of the seasons, the colors. It is just breathtaking, and beautiful. The blazing hot days of August are behind us, the chilly nights and cold mornings are in front of us. I have always loved the fall. It is when the leaves start to fall and the wind picks up, leaving the blooms blown about, with a dusty layer over them. It is a sign of changing times. 

What is your favorite season?

Hello June!

Wow! We are halfway through 2018 and it has been an amazing roller coaster of a year so far. From moving, several times, to experiencing my first winter in the high desert, to back and forth trips to Texas, it has been chaotic at times, but also refreshing. 

My first winter was mild, and perfect for me. It snowed, but did not get below zero except for a few hours here and there, and not for days on end. The snowfall was not at all what is needed for this area, but the spring has been unusually wet with decent rain storms. I love rain and that is something that I will miss- a good Texas thunderstorm. 

I think that spring has arrived here, but to be honest, I am not sure. It still gets cold at night and the days are either chilly or slightly warm. Now, if you were to ask a native, they will tell you that it is blazing hot with torrential rains that needs to stop. LOL. A new perspective. I enjoy being the non-native resident.

The trips back and forth to Texas were short but exhausting. There may be a chance I have to go back sometime this month, but it is up in the air at this time. With any luck, that will be the end of the divorce and I can return for girlfriend’s weekends and to make new memories. Life. It is good, but a drag at times. Adulting. It is necessary, but stressful from time to time. New Beginnings. It provides change, new experiences and a good reason to live. Adulting gives way to new beginnings and provides a happy life. 

Last June I was on my way to Arizona for the summer. It was an amazing couple of months that gave me a chance to unwind and evaluate what I want, and what I need. Dawn and Rob opened their home to me, and gave me a place to call home without feeling I was a burden. We were roommates. lol. As I reflect back to that, I am forever grateful and indebted to their friendship. 

And, now we are halfway through 2018 and the future is something to look forward to.

What is Your Season?

We all have our favorites. It is what makes us who we are. Which season is the one that rejuvenates your soul, makes you smile and gives you reason to smile? For me it would be fall. There is something about the changing of temps, the rustling of leaves, the changing colors and the promise for a winter. I remember as a kid, stepping off of the school bus, walking into the house and Mom had every window open. It was a cleansing of the dust and heat from the summer, the smell of the crisp air and the hope for cooler days that always made me happy. 

The last ten years Texas has not had much of a winter, which I have missed. We are either freezing balls for 5 days with sleet and strong north winds, or it is 80 degrees. I miss having seasons and in my search for new beginnings, I want a winter! Granted, I will most likely be bundled up when it is 50 degrees and beautiful, but I look forward to experiencing the beauty in the changes ahead. 

Please share with me, your favorite season and why.