A White Christmas

I have always dreamed of a white Christmas. It is beautiful and so clean, and what a perfect way to spend the holiday. However, living in Texas made that more of an impossibility than just a slim chance. If we had snow, it was usually in January and February, not as early as December. One year I spent the holiday with my oldest brother and his family in Kansas City, MO. That year they had no snow in December. None. Not even a dusting. It was the first year in something like 50 years, according to the weathermen. A couple of years later I woke up to news that all of Texas had snow, even the border towns and parts of Mexico as far south as Nuevo Laredo and kids were out playing in snow for the first time in their lives. The news also said that there was only a small part of the state that did not wake up to a white Christmas. I happened to be in the small radius of bad luck. Then last year I spent my first holiday in northern Nevada and they always have a lot of snow in November and December, so it was a sure bet that my first year would also fulfill my dream. NOPE. That was the first year in decades that they had very little snow accumulation and none for Christmas. I really was the white Christmas jinx. lol. When I woke up yesterday and the ground was covered in a beautiful dusting of snow, I was so happy! We had probably about 2 inches and it continued to snow throughout the day. It just added to the perfect holiday season. I finally broke the curse! Or, should I assume the universe was on my side and gave me snow? Either way, it was a beautiful sight!