Panty Stuffing Thank You

A Panty Stuffing Thank you to My Member’s – HD Video!

I want all of you to know how much it means to me that you have chosen my site when there are so many options, with more fetishes and activity. Yet, you have joined me. Whether you are new to my site, or a long timer that has been with me for twelve years; I appreciate every single join. Thank you! This next year is going to have some amazing changes and additions to and I hope that you will continue to enjoy 2019, as much as you have the last decade and then some.

I use a realistic dildo as I encourage you to jerk off while you watch me fuck myself, tasting my pussy throughout, teasing you, moaning and then stuffing my pussy with panties. Once I am completely stuffed, I use the dildo and fuck myself as deep as I can. To say that I am tight is an understatement. I can feel the pressure inside of me as I continue pounding myself, and it makes me cum hard.  It takes some effort to pull them out, but once I am able to latch on with a finger, I slowly yank them free and then put them in my mouth to taste myself.  CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

My Cum Filled Pussy Needs More

C’mon Fill Me Up I Want It!  HD Video!

I want you to sit back, watch, listen to my dirty talk and verbal commands as you stroke your dick and watch my cum filled pussy drip while I use a toy. I am horny, with a creamy pussy and swollen lips. It does not take long before I am moaning and cum glazed, wanting more. I want you to give me another load of sperm and when you are finished send me a note ( and let me know what it is you enjoy the most about being a member of my site. CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Sensual Bath

Take A Sensual Bath with Me  – HD Video w/ Free Trailer

Goodness, it was a very long and arduous week, leaving me exhausted and drained. All I wanted was a soak in the tub and, if you’d like, you could slip in behind me. It relaxes me to feel your body against mine, kissing my neck, running your hands along my boobs, down to my thighs and back up to grab my chin as you kiss me. Give me some foreplay before taking me to bed so that we can become one … as I visualize you giving me pleasure, I squirt with a great view for you to imagine me soaking your face.  CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Enjoy the Trailer video, but also the teaser that gives you just a short glimpse of what this video has in store for you.


Squirting in the Shower

Let’s Get Wet and Messy in the Shower! Squirting Relief! HD Video!

With all of my trips back and forth to Texas, I found myself out of town more often than I would have liked, and this particular afternoon I just needed to squirt. It had been awhile and I really felt the urgency to have a messy, explosive orgasm. I was alone, so there will be no zoom, or different angles, but I do use my biggest toy, bending over so you can see my ass while I squirt, and then I turn around, leaning against the rail to really pound myself, using fingers. I just wish you could have joined me, even if just for the afternoon and in the shower.  CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

The Lawn Boy

Hooking Up with the Lawn Boy! HD Video!

I was getting ready to film a video when I heard a lawnmower start up, so I walked out onto the porch and the neighbor guy was getting ready to spend a couple hours on yard work. I grabbed him a water on my way out and we flirted back and forth for a bit, but both of us being on a tight schedule we said our goodbyes with the hopes of maybe going for a drink later. Little does he know that my “schedule” involves masturbating and getting off, while he is right outside my window mowing grass.  Needless to say, I was incredibly turned on for this video, squirting while fantasizing about a spur of the moment hookup. LICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Join Me In The Tub

Get In The Tub with Me And Get Off! 1080p HD Video!

After you cum on command with the JOI video, I invite you into the tub so that I can suck you hard again, tasting the sperm that is still on your shaft, and around the tip. I sit up on the backside, playing with my pussy that is dripping cum already, and I finger fuck myself into a squirt and it shoots out across the bubbles and you can see how horny I am. I thought I was finished, but I needed to squirt again so I gave myself another orgasm. After that, I really need you to take me to bed, so will you join me and give me what I am asking for? CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Creamy Pantyhose

I Get My Pantyhose So Creamy and Wet! 1080p HD Video!

I got home after a night out and was creamy and aching for a good, intense orgasm. I spent the night with the nylons rubbing against my bare pussy, getting me wet and so aroused that my lips were swollen and glazed with my cream. After I slipped out of the dress, I finger fucked my pussy and you could hear how wet I was, and once I started the cream continued to ooze out of me. If only you were with me, we could have fucked all night long. First, with my nylons on, completely covering my pussy, your cock stroking against me and just exploding into a massive mess, before ripping the pantyhose off and giving me your already spent cock that is still hard and willing to continue.  I wonder how many loads you would give me… CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

A Tryst

I’m Ready for a Business Trip Tryst!

I was so excited when you called to let me know you would be in town on a business trip, and would love some company. I so enjoy our trysts, and have come to look forward to your spur of the moment calls. It is unusual that I do not have your undivided attention, so this week has been somewhat a surprise as far as you being preoccupied with work, and all that comes with being so important in your company. We have a beautiful suite with an in-room-jacuzzi and I would love nothing more than for you to close your laptop, strip out of your clothes and join me for a night of passion where I can meet all of your desires and satisfy your urges.  I want you to bend me over while in the tub, before you carry me to bed and fuck me until you have nothing left to give … CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Morning Shower

Lonestar Angel Invites You Into Her Morning Shower – 1080p HD Video!

It takes me awhile to wake up in the morning and a shower always helps, especially when you join me. Whether it is washing my back, or kissing my neck, I enjoy your company. Some mornings I am not much of a conversationalist, but I can sure bend over for you, while you grab my hips and give me all of you. This shower was made for two and there is plenty of room to bump and grind against each other as the water cascades down our bodies. The feel of you stroking your dick inside of me while making me cum, and the smell of sex in a fresh shower is always enticing. I will just want more, so I hope you are able to give me a big load before we finish up in the shower because I will want you to carry me to the bedroom and ravage me until I am fully satisfied. Is that you? Could you fuck me in the shower and then make love in the bed before we both begin our day? CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Shower with Me (HD Video)

Join Lonestar Angel In The Shower – 1080p HD Video!

After a long day, I want nothing more than to shower before bed. It feels amazing to wash away the stress of the day, and to freshen up before my head hits the pillow. Watch as I tempt you to join me; the water cascading over my body, soaking the white t-shirt and panties so much that they both cling to me, revealing my boobs and bush. Strip down and step into the hot, steamy shower and let’s enjoy each other before it is time to close our eyes and begin another day. CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Swimming Underwater with You!

My Pussy Is All Wet – Literally!

This set was one of the first one’s I took for my online world. We were at a resort that was rented out with like-minded couples and ladies who also have websites.  It was fun, but I had so many suggestions and tons of advice coming my way that I wasn’t sure what to do. So, I just smiled and followed Devil’s instructions. Because of that, there are great underwater shots for this picture set.  This was posted on my first site, summer of 2006, which was live for about six months, and never shared with you here on I hope that you’ll enjoy stepping back in time with me… good memories! A CLICK HERE AND SEE MY PUSSY ALL WET (LITERALLY) UNDER WATER!

Outdoor Shower & Bubble Bath HD Video!

Outdoor Shower and Bubble Bath (HD video)

I hope you enjoyed the pictures last week, and now you’ll download this video and get lost in the fantasy of spending the afternoon with me. Just picture this: It’s hot. The sun is beating down on us both. Our makeshift shower is shaded; the tub is filling with cold water. My back is to you while you sponge me off, slowly moving my hair as you kiss my neck… and we explore each other outside, forgetting someone could walk up at any time … After you wash my hair, I sit on the stool while you work your magic with your tongue and fingers, making me squirt before you mount me, draining your load almost instantly. What a great afternoon! CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

Outdoor Shower and Bubble Bath

Naked In The Great Outdoors & All Wet!
Part One: In Pictures

Our temperature has been hitting triple digits and after working up a sweat, I wanted nothing more than to shower off in the tub. It was shaded, but still warm and the cold water from our well was refreshing on my bare skin. I turned my attention to the camera, pretending, wishing and fantasizing about you joining me. Maybe next time you’ll be home and we can enjoy the tub together. *wink*  CLICK HERE!

If you enjoy this set, look for the video to be released next week.