Snow and Cold Weather

It was a beautiful weekend in Nevada. Cold temperatures arrived Friday and through Saturday the wind was hooking it until the storm arrived. It snowed from Saturday night through yesterday afternoon and it was beautiful!

This morning it started to snow for a few minutes but didn’t last long. The temps are dropping this afternoon and we are in for a wintry week of weather. I’m looking forward to it, although, our propane bill will sky rocket.

How was your weekend and how’s the weather?

Your Weather Report

Here is your daily weather report, for those of you that I have a location on. Now, that is not in any way admitting to any form of stalker-like-tendencies; I am just a concerned admirer…

Outlaw – “I’m glad it’s raining. And by glad, I mean, “fucking annoyed” (71 degrees)

MtnMan – “This is the perfect day for a renaissance fair, becasue OMG nerd boobs!!!” (75 degrees)

Amber and Mollie – “Never let them see you sweat, my ass” (90 degrees and 75% humidity)

Zany – ” You might cool off if you pee on yourself. Don’t worry. No one will laugh. Much” (92 degrees and 72% humidity)

WLTNB – “The clouds are being goddamn creepers tonight.” (65 degrees)

DW – “It’s nice out. Nice is a word you use to describe boring people” (82 degrees)


Outlaw, I was going to come visit you today because I love the rain; I do not see gloom in grey skies and stormy weather. However, I changed my mind when MtnMan has nerd boobs in his area, so I think I am going to have to go visit him. Although, DW lives in, wait for it, perfect Ohio, and it is nice out and despite him being boring, I need a kitchen sink brownie. It saddens me to tell Zany, Mollie and Amber that I will not be visiting them because their humidity is stifling and I do not feel up to sweating balls today. As for WLTNB, I don’t do creepy, so in the words of Dawn, sorry, not sorry.