Another Win!

Wow! Another month and another first place win. I know I say it often, but I have some amazing ladies and fellas, who keep me in the top three more than not. It is truly incredible how you all show up each Monday to cast your vote. Some of you join just long enough to vote, while others stay for a chat. I am honored that you all continue to support me in every way. It is only because of the group we have, that I am still doing the VNA shows. It has become the best hour of the week; it gives us a chance to catch up and stay connected. I am thankful to have you.

For those of you that are new to my site: You have access to the entire VNA Live network of cam shows. I am on Monday’s at 11p EST, but the entire schedule is open to you, all because you joined my website. It is one of the many perks offered, and I do hope that you will explore the shows and enjoy the company of each lady. VNA Live is a mix of amateur and well known porn stars, each giving you an hour of their time each week.

In closing, I never cancel my show, and in the rare event I am not able to keep my Monday commitment, I will reschedule for another day/time, still giving you what you are promised.

Another Win

You guys continue to amaze me with the support, no matter what endeavor I am pursuing. I placed 3rd on VNA for January, and that is three months in a row that I was in the top three. I have taken many wins on the VNALive platform and it is all because of those who join me on Monday nights and give me your votes.

Thank you to those who show up every so often, once a month, or every single week. I would not continue to offer member shows if it were not for those of you that join in and make it fun for me.

VNALive: 2nd Place

Oh my goodness, you guys are amazingly awesome!!! For several months now Vicky has been testing the voting system and it finally went live on January 1st, and I never thought I stood a chance of winning because I am a no-name amongst very well known porn stars. I mean, I am an amateur and do not strive to be a “star”, so it wasn’t that I felt it I was no competition, it is a numbers game. At any rate, I placed 2nd and what a great start to my week!

To show my appreciation I will be doing an extra VNA show this week. Join me this Friday at 11p EST for an added hour of fun!

You have to be a member of or to have access to the many shows VNALive has to offer. So, join today and gain instant access full of rewards and fun!