Our Week at a Remote Ranch House

We are spending the week in an even more remote area of the mountains and the nearest store is 70 miles away. That sounds lovely, doesn’t it? We are going to do some relaxing, no schedules and no socializing! Granted, this year has been one of few social gatherings, but with MtnMan being in an essential business he has been going non-stop since March. It is truly crazy. We are both very fortunate, so that is not a complaint by any means; my heart aches for those who have been laid off due to the pandemic. We do, however, need a break from all of that, and this week is going to be just that! Since we are planning to do nothing, we are going to take the time to film content. I’m looking forward to it and actually enjoy it and he would rather do that instead of sitting around twiddling thumbs. So, film we will! 

A Member Suggestion . . . and an “Anal Pounding”

A few months ago it was suggested that I start giving you all a weekly teaser of what the next video release will be. Although, a fantastic idea, it is one of many that has been added to my list of good ideas to add to my blog.

Here is my first submission for a teaser, and one that I know will be well received by many of you that have been a long time member. And, when I say long time member, most of you that have been requesting this have been with me since the very first year. That is 13 years, with no plans of stopping.

There have been many requests for boy/girl to be added back into my site, and after several years of it being strictly solo, I have added two videos which has received amazing reviews. So, thank you for your patience, and I plan to add more on a regular basis.

Now, back to the point of this entire thread, and that is to share with you what you can expect for this weeks new video release. “Anal Pounding” starts off with a tease, moving straight to finger fucking my pussy before bending over and using a toy to pound my tight asshole. There are close ups of my pussy and ass, while using the toy to orgasm; my lips become glazed in my own cum and I am left completely satisfied. I hope that you will be, too.

If you are a not a member of mine, you should consider joining for many reasons, but one of which is I update weekly with new content. I do not remaster or recycle decades old material, and I am in every single movie, picture set, ect. I am 100% involved in my site and do 95% of the work needed to maintain and run lonestarangel.com and when you email me, I am the one that responds. If you tweet me, I interact. You will never wonder whether you are talking to me, or someone else that runs my site because, like I said, it is 100% me.

Saturday Plans

Whew! Today is busy from the time I open my eyeballs, until I go to sleep tonight. I am going into town to get my nails done and in order to do that without wasting 4 hours waiting, I must be standing outside the salon before they unlock the doors. That could be anywhere from 830-930, so I will be there at 845 and hope for the best! From there I am going to do a quick stop at my favorite antique store to see if they still have a dresser I spotted a couple weeks ago, and then to the grocery store.

Once I am home, and hopefully that is by noon, I will start working on new content for my site. It is something that I have been putting off the last couple weeks but now it is time to get focused again. I have big plans for August and hope you will continue to enjoy the videos and all of the many hours of LIVE cam shows that is included with a membership. 

Week Long Sale on ManyVids

For those of you that do not want to commit to a monthly membership, ManyVids is a wonderful option; you can pick and choose individual videos for instant download. 

Bookmark —-> LoneStarAngel on Manyvids

For the next week all videos are $3.99 and ready to be downloaded. They are normally $3.99 and up, so take advantage of the sale while you can and happy viewing!

Plans For New Content

I have not shot… scratch that… I have not created new content since I was in Mexico earlier this year and we have plans to spend a good part of this weekend doing videos, and a few picture sets. I am having fun with videos and new ideas, so I am looking forward to spending Friday night through Sunday morning doing just that! 

I have a few ideas floating around in my head, but should probably do what I do best, and that is make a list so that I don’t forget. And, by list, I mean pen to paper, not on my phone. 

I have had a lot of positive comments regarding the changes I have made to my site over the last year, and most of those refer to all of the videos I have released. My goal is to have a video based site, not a photo album of random pics that turn into a collage with a fantasy story attached to it. It is much easier to grab you by the shirt collar and yank you into the video with me so that you can truly experience the fantasy of it all. 

Now that you know what I will be doing Friday night, you should also know that I won’t be online after 7p EST…