Yadda, Yadda

The member’s show last night had a great turn out of joins, via lonestarangel.cammodels.com and through this site. This, along with all gold shows and the entire VNALive network is included in your membership. If you are a member, don’t miss out on the many benefits that are included with your join.

I will be on Chaturbate tonight, which is rare for me, so those of you that prefer that platform over my main cam network, join me for some token fun. I will be online after dinner, as usual. If you don’t already have an account, please use my link because I’ll get kickbacks which are very much appreciated.

I’ve just received great news that I won first place on VNALive for the month of April. I could not continue to place in the top three without those of you that always show up to support me with your time and votes. It means more than you know that you fellas and ladies give me the gift of your company on Monday’s, and that you are always a fun group with a lot entertaining conversations and a satisfying orgasm, that always ends with a snack at the end… If you are new to my site, allow me to welcome you and extend an invite to you to join me on Monday’s at 11p EST via the VNA banner that can be found on the club page. The group is a mix of members of lonestarangel.com and the Vette Nation sites. You now have full access to countless hours of LIVE cam shows hosted by both well known porn stars and amateurs alike. So, be kind, enjoy and don’t forget to vote.

We will be taking a trip to Montana on May the 14th, and I will not be online at all until the following Thursday. We plan to do a lot of videos and I have a list of ideas with different fantasies, which is what keeps it fun for both you and me. It will be a nice change of scenery, and also rejuvenate my desire to continue making new content. If you have any requests, please email me at angel@lonestarangel.com because over the next week I will be getting clothes and a list together so that we can make the most of my time offline.

With that said, I will be doing the VNA show that is already scheduled for May the 20th because I never cancel and I don’t see a reason to reschedule when we can at least catch up and enjoy each other to break up my absence.

Rainstorm On The Beach

Mexico is beautiful and has been amazing! Devil has kept me busy, which has been tiresome, but there have been no schedules and we’ve had some down time. We’ve walked into town and even experienced a local festival.

Today we lounged on a beach bed and watched a storm roll in, before dashing to the room to enjoy an afternoon storm with a lightning show. Beautiful!

Tomorrow we are going on a cruise and Friday I am swimming with manatees. I have managed to stay out of the sun enough to not be burned, but I do have lines and my face has a thousand new freckles.

I miss you guys but will be home soon enough and I promise to monopolize your evenings without you even realizing it. lol.

I’m Home!!!

G’afternoon, Fella’s! It was refreshing to get away for a few days, and to be without cell service for most of it. You should try it sometime. lol. I’m setting all of my equipment up for a week of cam shows. Basically, I’m back and things are looking pretty normal here, for the week. Which, if you are wondering, makes me very happy! Normalcy. It’s my friend!

Because I cancelled the two.five shows while I was out of town, I’ll double up on the regularly scheduled member shows for this week. I’m not sure when, but they’ll probably be Thursday and Friday. I need to check the VNA schedule and then make sure Devil doesn’t have plans for me before I commit.

I hope you enjoyed your break. lol.