Follow Me on Twitter

If you follow me on Twitter, but I don’t follow back, please send me an @NakedTXAngel message so that I can correct that wrong. Truth be told, I have a lot of followers and I stopped trying to follow everyone back unless they interact with me. That is not me being a snob, just tired of the robots and auto tweeting “promoters” that flood my TL. If I were to follow everyone back, I’d miss most of what is tweeted by real people. At any rate, if I have not followed you back it is just an over sight on my part and if you will send me an @ message I would love to start tweeting with you. You do not have to be a member of mine for me to be interactive. So, let’s get to tweeting!

Do You Twitter?

I am an interactive tweeter and if you message me I will always respond to you; with that said, I am an epic failure when it comes to returning the “follow”. I used to spend a few minutes each day looking through my new followers and returning the favor, but that has long come to pass. 

My question to you is, do you Twitter? If so, please send me an @dreamnetangel message and ask for a follow back. My only request is that you are not an “egg”. Please, if you Tweet take the time to add a thumbnail picture. It could be anything, just not an egg.

Or, you could leave a comment here with your Twitter handle and I will promptly give you a follow back. 

New Additions to the Dictionary

Each year the dictionary grows, and it makes sense. We are an evolving species, so I get it, but why do the words “twerk” and “selfie” make it into a book of knowledge? Those two words irk me, and I see them all over Twitter. I can’t say for certain, why I hate twerk, except it’s ridiculous and Miley Cyrus made it famous. It, however, was already a popular enough word for it to be in social media and on YouTube. So, Miley, she is no inventor, just another youth gone mad. And, now onto the word, “selfie”. I don’t dog-selfietake selfies, so maybe that’s why I don’t understand them, but I think some people should be on selfie restrictions. Seriously! I get that some ladies, and well, people in general, are so self-consumed that they think we want to see picture after fucking picture of them on Twitter. “Here’s me waking up.” ; “Here’s me thinking about getting my lazy ass out of bed.”; “I’m brushing my teeth.”; “oh, just one more, I’m running errands! CHEESE!”; “okay, seriously, last one- me right before my workout.”  And, because of social media those two words are now in our dictionary. That’s right. Five-hundred years from now, if the dictionary still exists, those two words will live on. I used to look forward to the new words being added to the dictionary, call me weird, but it’s fun to learn, but the last decade has been lost on ridiculous, made up, words of social networking and abbreviated teenage slang. Don’t get me wrong, I probably over use “LOL”, but OMG, it’s fun to laugh! LOL. That last one was needed because the comment alone made me laugh-out-loud.