Share Your Traditions With Me

So, I would love to hear about your family traditions and memories, if you are willing to share them with me, and everyone else that might read this post. 

It can be one memory, or several throughout the years. I am curious as to what you remember most about Thanksgiving, and the holiday that follows. Albeit, Christmas, or in my case, the “happy holiday” season of greed. lol. Okay, okay, this thread will not jump into my ever-growing soap box. I promise! 

Believe it, or not, one of my most favorite holiday memories was Dad driving us to the next town over to see the lights. It started off with just the courthouse being strung in strands of lights, which would light up the entire block. It was such a massive light show that I could just sit and stare at it, feeling the holiday cheer. That started over 30 years ago and now it has gotten to be such a big production of lights that people from all over drive in for the weekend, bringing family and friends from all over. It truly is an incredible sight. 

Now it is your turn. 

Traditions and the Fourth of July

The fourth of July brings out a lot of family traditions, and sometimes is the reason for a reunion. For me I don’t remember my family making a big hoopla out of the fourth. Usually Dad worked and Mom had to deal with “the Twins”. Which was in large part me, since I was one of “the Twins”. My brother was a handful, to say the least, and I would retreat into my bedroom just to give Mom some peace. I do remember Dad getting firecrackers each year so we could make noise in the street for a few minutes. If the fourth fell on a Friday or Patriotic_USA_Funny_American_Barbecue_Clipart-1Saturday then we’d usually go over to a BBQ, but that was only because Dad wasn’t working that night. So, traditions we didn’t really have and now I’ve noticed some years Devil and I do something, but most times we don’t.

This year we are, but probably because it falls on a Friday and we had a couple friends ask us about having a small get together. We’re out in the country, with a lot of shade and a fun place to drink. LOL. Anyway, that’s what we’re doing this year. What about you? And, if you’re my resident Canuck, I want to know about your family traditions for Canada Day.