Your Cum, My Pussy

Lonestar Angel Wants Your Cum In Her Pussy!

This week of ours that was meant to fuel our secret liaison, while you were in town on business, has turned out to be all work and not enough intense passion. You, I blame you. But, maybe it is not all your fault, after all, you do tend to get into a zone and hardly anyone can distract you; I have always been the minx that can pull you away when you should be focused. Last night was wonderful, once you joined me in the jacuzzi, before taking me to bed and giving me your cum load. I have spent all day lounging in your shirt and tie, pussy dripping with your cream and the ache I have is growing deep and I need you to fuck me right now. Fuck me! Your tension has been building all week and I want you to take it out on me. I want it hard. I want it deep. I want it right fucking now. Your business dinner can wait, but I will not … give me another cum load, leaving my pussy glazed in your seed. I am insatiable and you are the only one that can quench the burning desire inside of me. Will you give me a third? CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

It’s Time!

Lone Star Angel Anxiously Awaits Your Return!

I know we agreed that we both needed a break, but it’s time that you come back to me. Your absence has made me realize how much I long for you. Each time I hear a car drive by, I anxiously glance out the window, just to find you not there. The post man delivered a package this morning and I hoped it was you surprising me on the other side of the door. I was wrong. I’ve silently waited for you, but I wonder if you’re doing the same. That’s why I’m telling you now that it is time for you to return to me. I want to feel your arms wrapped around me as I sleep, and to wake up to you staring at me. It’s time … CLICK HERE!


Afternoon Special

Join Me For My Afternoon Special!

I guess there’s some truth to that old saying “better late than never” but what the fuck, motherfucker?!? I pulled out my tie and I wore pigtails just the way you like them and you still weren’t home when I showed up to give you my special treatment. Didn’t you need me as bad as you did last week? You can imagine my disappointment; I had an afternoon special that I was willing to share with only you. However, since you were not home and I was in a mood, I had no choice but to share with your neighbor. You know how I hate to wait, especially when I’m locked out and sitting on your back porch. What did you expect me to do? Sit down and study? Don’t you know, I’m a hand’s on learner? I have an idea, next time hide a key and let me come inside if you’re going to stand me up. At any rate, let me tell you about my afternoon. I was sitting on the love seat, rocking back and forth almost in tears. I’m twirling my finger through my hair, wondering why you would make me feel like this when I noticed your neighbor standing there watching me. I hadn’t realized my pussy was so visible through my panties. He was there to make me feel better and well, I was happy to see him. I teased him, that’s all, but that was enough. See what happens when you’re not home when I am in need???

I do hope you don’t mind and I’m sure you’ll make it up to me by joining me today for my AFTERNOON SPECIAL. CLICK HERE!

If you enjoy this set, look for the video to be released next week.

A Dream Come True

A Dream Come True (6+ Min. HD Video w/ toe sucking)

The thought of waiting for you to return home after a long day at work is a thought that makes me dream. It’s a fantasy to have you walk in with a smile on your face, knowing we’re about to spend the evening together. Something we don’t do often enough. The feel of your arms around me as we kiss and reconnect lights a fire deep within me. I want to feel your big, but gentle, hands moving about my body as we enjoy each other’s company. To make time stand still and to feel one another once again would be a dream come true. CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE PICTURES AND HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!!

PS I would like to thank MtnMan75 for the skirt and blouse.

Pink Boots with Attitude!

Lone Star Angel In Pink Boots w/Attitude

I love color, don’t you? Bright colors make me happy and horny. I love to play, to tease, to laugh…to slowly undress in front of you. I want you to whip it out and join me today. I want you more than ever and you can only tease me for so long before I get frustrated and lose interest…do you know what I’m saying? Look at me baby. You should whip your cock out along with your credit card so that we can start to have some fucking fun. What the hell are you waiting for, an invitation? Well if that’s the case here’s the fucking invite!

Okay, now that was uncomfortable! LOL. I’m glad you decided to join me because I LOVE the thought of having you all to myself! I want to watch your cock get hard as you watch me undress, your hands wanting to touch me but you refrain from making that contact. Why? Do you enjoy the tease? Should I please myself or are you going to in due time? I want to feel your hands on my boobs, squeezing my nipples and slowly finding your way down to my pussy. I’ll spread my legs for you baby. I want you to climb on top of me, putting my legs over your shoulders and pounding me hard. To feel your body grinding up against mine as we both climax is incredible! Cum in my pussy, I want to feel you dripping out of me…what do you want to do to me? Do you want to flip me over doggy style and ride me hard and fuck me good? Write me because I want to hear what’s on your mind … CLICK HERE!