July 29th, is a Celebration Day!

Last week I wrote about all of the celebrations we have in July, from the 1st all the way through the very last day of the month. However, the other day I suddenly realized, I had left off one very important person. Kevin!

I know that you are, much like the rest of my fella’s, and you don’t think your day is anything to get excited over, and since I disagree with you and all of the rest, I am reminding you that you are wrong. WRONG.

I think that everyone deserves to be celebrated and you have your very own day. A day that you don’t have to share with anyone else. So, I look forward to the 29th, on your behalf.. and in spite of you. LOL.

Another Birthday, Another Celebration!

Out of curiosity, I looked back in the blog history to see how many celebrations we have had in MtnMan’s honor, and the first was in 2014. There has been a common denominator in each thread:

“you might not think today is a big deal, but you are worth celebrating!”

And, nothing has changed in 2019, either. MtnMan still views today as a day like all the others, and I am still wishing him a happy birthday, and telling him that today is a good day for a celebration!

The birthday posts have varied over the years, but my wish for you to have a wonderfully happy day, and celebrate you, remains the same!

Happy birthday to my MtnMan!

Online Wednesday

I am home now and will be online for my normal schedule, but also for a few hours Wednesday afternoon. I will probably be on late morning, but for sure early afternoon (around 12N). If you are on Twitter, follow me (@NakedTXAngel) to know when I turn my cam on.

A Friendly Reminder

I am in Salt Lake City today, and won’t be home in time for the weekly VNA show. It has been rescheduled for Friday, 11p EST, so I hope to see you all there!

If you are new to my site, it is rare that I have to cancel, but when I do, I will always make it up later in the week, rescheduling it around what is available on the VNALive platform. As a member, you have full access to all shows hosted by performers and other site owners. If you enjoy LIVE shows and interaction, take advantage of this member benefit.

VNA Show Rescheduled

We will be in Salt Lake City Monday night, which means I won’t be online for the weekly VNA show, but I’ve rescheduled it for Friday, same time.

Friday, June 28th at 11p EST

The Tulips, They Are to Blame.

Abby is our kid, and where I go, she goes. Or, at least that is how it used to be, until the temps warmed up and now it’s too hot for her to stay in the truck. It is for her own good, but she does not know that. I mean, how could she, even though I tell her that’s the reason we are leaving her home… each time we leave her home.

Last weekend we went to breakfast, and her face said it all. She was hurt and not too happy about being left, again.

When we got home she appeared to be worried about getting into trouble, but nothing seemed amiss. I mean, she had her toys at the front door and she was lying down when we drove up, so all seemed to be right and there was no reason for further concern.

Two hours later, we left to run a few errands, leaving Abigail once again.

When we got home she told on herself by tucking her tail between her legs and not looking at me. At first I told MtnMan he needed to go talk to her because my heart just can’t stand to let her know I’m not happy about her behavior. And, then I noticed it.

When we left the yard was full of tulips blooming bright and happy.

There was half of a bloom left when I looked out at the yard. Half of a bloom. She ate every single bloom. EVERY BLOOM!

I was the one that went out to talk to her and she went straight into her outside kennel. She NEVER goes into that kennel, even when it is snowing or raining. She knew. I marched her over to every tulip bed, and she wouldn’t even look at them!

The tulips, they made her mad. Or, was it the fact that I left her home? According to Dwwindsor, her lawyer, she was dealing with being ABANDONED and retaliated with a political protest. And, according to all of her advocates, she was protecting the yard from the tulip burglars. Thankfully she was able to run them off before all of the bulbs were stolen. There was half of one left. Half! Not a whole bloom, just half, and it dropped to the ground a few hours later..

Last night while I was on cam, Outlaw asked me how Abby and her tulips were doing. I referred to Abby as the tulip monster and Dwwindsor told me to let it go. Hmppft! I would not have brought it up, except for Outlaw mentioning it and to that, DW said, “calling her the tulip monster was rude. She has feelings.”

Clearly, Abby has friends online that she was not aware of.

A Member Suggestion . . . and an “Anal Pounding”

A few months ago it was suggested that I start giving you all a weekly teaser of what the next video release will be. Although, a fantastic idea, it is one of many that has been added to my list of good ideas to add to my blog.

Here is my first submission for a teaser, and one that I know will be well received by many of you that have been a long time member. And, when I say long time member, most of you that have been requesting this have been with me since the very first year. That is 13 years, with no plans of stopping.

There have been many requests for boy/girl to be added back into my site, and after several years of it being strictly solo, I have added two videos which has received amazing reviews. So, thank you for your patience, and I plan to add more on a regular basis.

Now, back to the point of this entire thread, and that is to share with you what you can expect for this weeks new video release. “Anal Pounding” starts off with a tease, moving straight to finger fucking my pussy before bending over and using a toy to pound my tight asshole. There are close ups of my pussy and ass, while using the toy to orgasm; my lips become glazed in my own cum and I am left completely satisfied. I hope that you will be, too.

If you are a not a member of mine, you should consider joining for many reasons, but one of which is I update weekly with new content. I do not remaster or recycle decades old material, and I am in every single movie, picture set, ect. I am 100% involved in my site and do 95% of the work needed to maintain and run lonestarangel.com and when you email me, I am the one that responds. If you tweet me, I interact. You will never wonder whether you are talking to me, or someone else that runs my site because, like I said, it is 100% me.

Happy Birthday, Amber

This post is a day late, but that does not mean it’s to be overlooked. Amber, I hope that you had a beautiful celebration and that you enjoyed a day of love and family. You are one of the sweetest souls I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, not just online, but in person. You are an absolute gem and you are appreciated.

I hope that you have an amazing week and continue to be celebrated!

The True Meaning of Family

Thank you goes out to Bubba, for this suggestion when I asked Twitter for my next blog topic.

This is a broad opinion, based on feelings, experience and is different from person to person. It truly depends on the dynamics of each person and what they have gone through in their lifetime. And, really, two people who grew up together, as twins, can experience the exact same event in contrasting ways, taking on their own level of maturity and emotional plane.

With that said, here is my viewpoint on the true meaning of family. As you age, you gain friends, but those people very rarely make it into the family realm. People who truly care for others are not just a “fair weather friend”, and by that, I mean, they do not use you for their gain. Those who are family care when you are down, or going through a tough time, and they are also elated when you are succeeding and improving your life, not only in personal relationships, but business. It is not a “cherry-picking” relationship, but all or nothing. Jealousy is not an excuse for not being happy for someone, and on the flip side, those who care enough to call you family in return will also care no matter what you might need at any given time. A high five. A hug. A congratulations – “way to go!”. It is a give-give relationship, not a give-take. And, again, this is my opinion and no one else’s. The true meaning of family is different for every single person, and I guarantee you that every one that reads this will have their own take on what it means to be a part of a family unit.

I could go on, but it really is just reiterating the same points, just different words as the sentences flow forth.

When Amber joined our group, our community, she quickly coined our crew as family, and she was right. We band together when one of us are sick, experiencing grief, starting a new job, missing in action and, also when we have happy news to share. Our Monday night VNALive sessions and Thursday gold shows prove that our hamlet is more family than just friends. When I am busy multitasking conversations, it is you that remember’s to ask a specific question as to how so-and-so is doing. For instance, Cliff and his brother. Dwwindsor and the House Boss. HotNFriskie and his accident prone survival skills while dodging the current wave of tornadoes. Bubba and his health problems, his brother Dave and with his layoffs, and the loss of their brother Johnny. Outlaw and his #newbeginnings with the big move and new business arrangements. Zany and her divorce, the job hunts and whatnot. Fr33 and her current brew of choice. Amber and Kayla, and their recent tragic loss. It all counts. Again, I could go on, but the list is extensive after 13 years of being online. Oh, alright! And MtnMan and the “safe word”. *eye roll*

The meaning of family is what we make it, and most of that is due in large to experience, but no matter what that might be, family is universal for love.

Many Thanks…

I have received so many packages over the last month and a half, and they all deserve special thanks. You all continue to amaze me with your thoughtful generosity. Whether for my birthday, or just because, each gift is appreciated.

First, I should give a big shout out to BD, for the goody box you sent a couple of months ago. I apologize for not posting a message on my blog until now. However, some of your treats were used in my latest batch of Chex Mix, which was taken on our trip. I also grabbed a handful of the peanut butter crackers. I enjoyed every bite!

Nicster, I love the new lingerie that you sent; I’ve already done a video that will be released on my site within the next month. And, I cannot wait to read the book- thank you!

I would be remiss if I did not mention the santa lingerie you also sent for my birthday. Thank you! I look forward to wearing the red negligee with fuzzy white accents!

I love, love, love this negligee! In fact, I’ve already taken pictures in it and look forward to creating a new video while wearing it, in the very near future. Thank you, Rodney, for sending a gift, just because!

Amber, I am so looking forward to planting a garden this year, and adding more plants to the yard. I cannot wait to start selecting native plants using the gardeners book you sent. Thank you!

I forgot my stack of books at the house when we left for Montana, and I had already mapped out our route to travel to the nearest bookstore I could find, but we stopped at the PO first and I was pleased to receive another book. Thank you, Stephen! It is very much appreciated and, although, I found myself too tired each night to read, I do look forward to starting this book soon.

You didn’t stop with just a book, but also sent a couple items for me to wear out and about. I have already done pictures while wearing the dress, and as soon as it warms up in northern Nevada, I will be wearing it out to dinner. The top has been washed and I hope to wear it on cam tomorrow. I will definitely snag a few pictures for you, Stephen. Thank you!

Kevin, thank you, thank you, thank you! I love to read and over the last few months I have taken a break from books, but hope to get back into it soon and this is one of the books that I have been looking forward to starting. It means a lot that you sent something, and I will think of you as I read it.. thanks!