Good News: The Owl Lives!

Early this week I shared with you our experience with the “Owl vs. Eagle”, and today I have some good news to share with you.

We drove through the canyon yesterday, and checked the bush where Mtnman left the owl after his traumatic experience with the eagle. He was not there, nor were there feathers or other debris that would tell us he met a dreadful end. Nope. There was no sign of him, and this made me so happy. As we were leaving the canyon the owl flew over us, dipped his wings (a wing wave), circled back and over us again, before flying off. I choose to believe that was him and he was showing his thanks to us for helping him to safety.

Nature is beautiful, but sometimes those who live in the wild require some assistance, and that is okay. It’s much like the orphan elephants; without sanctuaries, such as the Sheldrick Foundation, many would not survive the trials and tribulations they have been forced to endure.