Happy Thanksgiving to Canada!

CA_thanksgiving1I hope all of my resident canuck and all other Canadian’s are having a beautiful, and wonderful T’giving full of food, friends and family. Here’s wishing you nothing but good weather, happiness and a full belly.

Did you know that upper Canada and lower Canada used to celebrate Thanksgiving on different days? Also, the date jumped around from November back to October until 1957 when it was declared to be the second Monday of October. It wasn’t even celebrated each year, which I find to be odd and shameful! It’s also believed that the southern neighbors who migrated north is what started the modern day celebrations. They used to come together to be thankful for the bounty of harvest and they’d pick one event that effected all Canadians that year to celebrate with friends and family. It was a time of thankful reflection.



A Bracelet with Meaning

41fit230bgl-_sl500_sl135_When I first started wearing bracelets, I added a bundle of Alex and Ani bracelets to my wishlist, not knowing their true meaning of each one made. They are a company with positive vibes and good, strong energy. Each one holds a different meaning and value; some are even in memory of charities and life events. Now when I select a bracelet to be added to my wishlist, it is because I find a connection to the charm. It might sound materialistic, but I am a simple person. When I slip the elephant, butterflies and “Love You Like a Sister” bracelet on, I feel connected to those I hold close to my heart. The elephant makes me smile and the butterfly bracelet gives me hope. So, when Dawn and Rob sent me the Turkey bracelet for Thanksgiving, I was touched and elated. I will wear this bracelet year round because there is so much meaning in the gift. 

As most of you know, t’giving is my favorite day of the year. There are good memories attached to this day, with some sadness here and there, but that is life. This day gives me so much joy for all of the happy I have had in my world. 

This bracelet, along with many others, is something that will always make me think of the happy, and of each t’giving I have experienced. 

Thank you, Rob and Dawn. *hugs*

Halloween Says Hello November!

I am not a huge fan of Halloween, although, I do understand the fun in it, if you are 6 years old. lol. I admire those who get excited to dress in costume, but it has never been my desire. However, today means that Thanksgiving is in a few weeks and that is reason enough for me to be excited about halloween!

Halloween says hello November!