Share Your Favorite Part about December.

I would like to get some engagement on the blog, so please do share with us what your favorite part of December is.

It is only fair that I go first. With each day gone, we are one day closer to Thanksgiving! Okay now your turn. GO!

What I am Thankful For

I had planned to blog daily this month, sharing with you what I am most thankful for. As you can see, I was an epic failure in that regard, seeing as though I have only posted a couple threads and here we are, two days away from Thanksgiving. Yes! Two days! Oh my, how I love this time of year. More specifically, this month, this week and the day of the turkey. The day that I eat one slice of turkey because it is one tradition I cannot seem to break away from. Traditions. They are good to cherish and to hold on to. Some are worth tossing, while others have a stronghold. The one slice of turkey is one that I cannot break away from, despite my deep hatred for all things turkey. It’s a dry meat, there is nothing good about it. Yes, I have had it smoked, deep fried, BBQ’d, baked, roasted and more. I do not like turkey. End of discussion.

Good grief, I slid into another post, getting away from the topic at hand. Let’s start over.

I am thankful for sunrises and sunsets; for mountains and trees. I am thankful to see the beauty in every day, and I’m thankful to have an optimistic outlook. I am thankful.

This year our plan was to have a small gathering of 7, reconnecting with the parents and catching up with the nieces. We have since decided to stay home and bake cornish game hens instead. It will be a very quiet day of relaxing and maybe a movie, or three. It’s been awhile since we’ve watched a movie and I figure it’s time that we make Netflix work for their money. lol. Truthfully, I am looking forward to our day at home, with no plans, no schedules, and no people. Plans change, but that does not mean that Thanksgiving won’t be just as wonderful as it always has been for me. It’s a day to reflect and be thankful. I’m thankful. It is my favorite day of the year!

That does mean that I will be breaking my tradition of eating one slice of turkey for Thanksgiving. Who knows, maybe this is the beginning of no more turkey for me. Would that be a bad thing? I don’t know. I’ll let you know on Thursday. lol.

I know this is only a US holiday, so those that are elsewhere in the world, I hope that you have a wonderfully beautiful week. For those of you that are celebrating my favorite day, please enjoy it for what it is and no matter how you spend it, be happy and find peace with where this year has gone. It will soon be over.

A Month of Thanks

November is one of my favorite months, and that is because of Thanksgiving. I realize this is a holiday for the USA and our northern neighbors, the Canucks, and not all of us share the same sense of excitement as I do. I get it. We all have different perspectives and experiences, which is what makes us such a diverse community. I am thankful for the diversity in our group and always welcome newcomers.

Allow me to share my perspective with you. I grew up in a very loving home but our family experienced a lot of tragedy. Although, my parents did their best to smile and let us be kids, it was Thanksgiving that I truly felt the happiness shared. It was a day that people would gather, despite the busy schedules, and reconnect over food. It was a day that people took the time to check in with others, and a day that was not full of appointments, working and shopping. It was a good day. People laughed, loved, played games with kids while the others cooked. It was a happy day.

As I got older, my dad and I would help my Godfather (who owned the only diner in town) host a community Thanksgiving Dinner, free to everyone that chose to show up. The first couple of years it was just friends and family, but it soon turned into a big event where people of all walks of life would join us. It was exhausting because we didn’t stop moving the entire day, but it was beautiful. It gave hope to some families who would have most likely treated the day as any other, and it brought others together that never really thought much about the meaning of giving thanks. It also gave the elderly a place to go, instead of being alone, and it gave the singles a reason to not spend it at home eating TV Dinners.

To me Thanksgiving is not about what you do, but about spending it doing something that makes you smile. For me, that is being around people that I love and taking that day to spend with them, not worrying about schedules and making money.

And, now we move onto the reason I am so against big retailers that have chosen to open on Thanksgiving because of greed. Those that make the decisions are home with their families, while the employees are working. It’s not right to steal that one day from families. They will make the money regardless of that one day, so why be so selfish? I have always been a big supporter of local businesses and tried to stay away from the box stores during the holidays, but now I make sure of it. It not only keeps the locals in business, but it provides for their families. The big stores don’t need my money, they will survive despite my disdain. lol. Another reason I prefer to shop local is because each gift is unique, whereas, when bought at Walmart there’s a million kids getting that same gift.

In closing, my hope for you all is that you make a choice to do something on Thanksgiving, despite COVID, despite situations and despite anything else. Maybe there is a local charity that’s serving the community that could use an extra hand, or an elderly couple that would love the company. Whatever you choose to do, be sure to do something that makes you smile.

For us, we will most likely spend it with the family, although a much smaller gathering this year than most, it will still be spent being thankful for another day of turkey.

Happy “Best Day of the Year”!

This is my most favorite day of the year and I am so happy to be celebrating it with family and friends.

This is one day that people slow down to enjoy each other, and to reconnect. It is the day that no one is worried about social standings and gifts, and they come together to enjoy each others company over a table of food and desserts. It is a time when people of all backgrounds make time for those that are important to them, and they catch up on lost time. Regardless of how busy we get through the year with work, sports, kids and whatnot, this is the day that everyone stops to reconnect.

It is a day that has always been special to me, no matter my circumstances, so please, look for the good and enjoy today for what it is. It is a time to be thankful and to remember those that you have lost contact with over the years. It is a day to celebrate and I hope that you are doing whatever it is that makes you smile. If that is staying home and watching NetFlix and drinking hot cocoa, then that is what I wish for you. But, for those of you that do not want to be alone today, reach out (if you have not already). I guarantee you that there will be a place at a table for you, but you have to make the effort to dial that number. Maybe that is the local VFW, or the community center. It does not matter what table it is, find one if you want that connection.

Happy Thanksgiving from my table to yours!

What I am Thankful For

My absolute favorite day of the year is Thanksgiving. It is the love of family that taught me to be thankful, but also appreciative of what the day truly means. It is the one day that people slow down and make time to reconnect; it is the day that people come together, no matter their social standing, and enjoy each others company over a feast. It is the day that families, whether biological, or chosen, have no other commitment but to each other. It is beautiful.

I am thankful to have you guys in my life, and to know that you we have created an amazing community online, through my site. Without the site as a platform, none of us would have met, and for that, I am very thankful for. I am also grateful for those of you that joined many years ago and never left, but also for those who have joined here and there, coming and going as you do, and those who joined once (and done), because without you all I would not still be online. I should also extend my gratitude to those of you that have just recently joined, because joins like yours is what keeps the site fresh. 

I am thankful for so much more in my #newbeginnings, but because I feel that I have over shared too often, I will spare you guys more on that. But, that is not to say I am not going to reiterate that I am lucky to have friends who stayed true and who helped me through the stressful days of the last couple of years. I do believe that you choose who your family is, and it can be a positive choice. 

On a much simpler note, I am most thankful to be joining MtnMan75 and his family for a beautiful dinner. 

Happy First Day of My Favorite Month!

It is November and boy, has this year gone fast. There were days when I thought felt like I was in limbo and could not see the forest through the trees, but here we are, beginning the eleventh month of 2018. This is my absolute favorite month, and I am so looking forward to the holiday’s this year, for the first time in many, many years. I already know that this news of me embracing the holiday’s might come as a shock to many, and even a disappointment to a few. I admit, I made a great grinch and I wore that hat with obnoxious pride. I cannot deny it though, I no longer have a sense of hatred for the holiday’s. #newbeginnings

So, back to November and how it is my favorite month of the year, and it has been since I was a child. It is the changing of the seasons, the days getting shorter, the temperatures colder, and the leaves changing color, the smells of cinnamon and pine cones in most homes.. it is just a good, warm feeling. But, more than that, this is the month of my favorite day of the year! This suprasses any other celebration, birthday or holiday. It is Thanksgiving and before I get lost in my excitement, let me just say that I really hate that it is not a worldwide holiday. It is a family day. Whether that be with blood relatives, or friends that you have picked up along the way and consider them to be family. This is a day when everyone slows down and enjoys reconnecting with those that are dear. It is the one day that no one cares about what car is driven, the sum of your bank account, the stress of schoolwork or responsibilities of adulthood. It is a day that should be cherished and appreciated. 

So, if you are in the states and you have never thought of Thanksgiving to be all that special, you have three weeks to make a change. If you normally gather with your family, but it is not a happy time, or even a joyous occasion, then make other plans. You know, “friendsgiving” is a thing, and there is nothing wrong with doing something on this one day that is for you. It is a day that you should take to be around those you care about, and that make you feel good about yourself… and, if you don’t want to do that, there are other options. Yes, there are! No family. No friends. No problem! There are so many charitable organizations that do a lot for shut-ins and those that have had a tragic year. I am not talking about soup kitchens, but most communities (if not all) have a program to help those in need. The people that had a lot of loss in 2018, or the elderly that live alone, with no family left or anyone to check on them. Some towns even have a Thanksgiving dinner that they offer to the community and only ask for donations in return. You could help serve food, or clean up, or meet someone new that you never would have any other way. 

Before I close, let me share a little bit of my childhood… kind of. 

Thanksgiving was always a day that was happy in my house. I had a very loving home, but we had a lot of loss. People. Not possessions. 

Mom and Granny would spend all day in the kitchen, after a week of planning. This was a good, heartfelt tradition passed on, and maintained, no matter how sad they were. That changed when I was around 12, but only because they had friends who adored my parents and had a much larger family and it was a bigger gathering. So, we started making a drive north of Austin, which was an hour outside of town back then. They would turn the garage into a game area for the dads and kids, while the rest would help in the kitchen where needed. When I was about 16 Dad and I decided to help my godparents at the community center. They owned the only restaurant in town and decided to start offering free meals. It did not matter how rich, or how poor, everyone was welcomed. They also had a team of people who offered to deliver meals to shut-ins and those who had no way of making it to the community center. It was fulfilling and I have great memories of the town coming together on one day to be happy, and reconnect. 

If you are still reading, thank you. I do hope that you will find a way to enjoy this day, and make a change if needed.. 

Thanksgiving 2017

Here we are again, my favorite day of the year. This year has been one of many changes, upsets and new beginnings, all of which were needed. And, that makes this holiday season different than any other. Over the years I have realized there are a lot of reasons to be thankful, and to cherish those you hold close, and also to appreciate where you have been, who you are and the future for what it may hold.

Today I am thankful for my family of friends who have stayed true to me, and reminded me that life is beautiful, even when it is dark. I am also thankful for the online community that has been built surrounding my site, and those who are always checking in to brighten my days, or to give me a smile.

Thanksgiving is my favorite because it is the one day out of the year that people slow down and make time for one another. It is the day that families come together, no matter what differences they may have. It is the day that we all join together to feast over food and desserts, and to appreciate those around us, and to not worry about tomorrow. Even if just for a moment.

For my friends in the states, here’s wishing you and your family a wonderful and very happy Thanksgiving! May your day be filled with tons of food and loved ones. Now, with that said, I hope you’re only forced to be around those you actually want to spend time with. If you have to endure that one family member that makes your blood boil, remember, it’s my favorite day of the year! Today is the one day when nothing else matters…and drink a lot of hard liquor. May I suggest you go straight for the whiskey? lol.

For those of you, who are my friends, but not in the states, I hope you’re having an amazing day and that you’re not forced to be around anyone you don’t want to be around because, well, it’s not Thanksgiving and I don’t have a good pep-talk for you…but, whiskey helps if you’re having a terrible day, I’ve been told. LOL.

Share Your Traditions With Me

So, I would love to hear about your family traditions and memories, if you are willing to share them with me, and everyone else that might read this post. 

It can be one memory, or several throughout the years. I am curious as to what you remember most about Thanksgiving, and the holiday that follows. Albeit, Christmas, or in my case, the “happy holiday” season of greed. lol. Okay, okay, this thread will not jump into my ever-growing soap box. I promise! 

Believe it, or not, one of my most favorite holiday memories was Dad driving us to the next town over to see the lights. It started off with just the courthouse being strung in strands of lights, which would light up the entire block. It was such a massive light show that I could just sit and stare at it, feeling the holiday cheer. That started over 30 years ago and now it has gotten to be such a big production of lights that people from all over drive in for the weekend, bringing family and friends from all over. It truly is an incredible sight. 

Now it is your turn. 


With the holiday’s approaching, it has me thinking about traditions, and memories of years past spent with family and friends. Traditions sometimes take on a generation of repeats, while others only last for a brief moment. My family was not big on traditions, but we always made time for each other. There was not a day that went by that I did not know I was loved, and for that I am thankful.

Thanksgiving for us changed over the years, but it was always a special day to enjoy. Whether it was Mom and Granny cooking, while my oldest two brothers kept me and my twin out of the kitchen, or later years when we would join friends for their Thanksgiving dinner. It was a happy day, to enjoy friends, family, food and beautiful weather. I remember some years it was a brutal cold with wind blowing in from the north, while other times we were in short sleeves and sandals. I remember one year my twin was playing a game of pool in the garage at our friends house, and everyone was laughing and just enjoying time spent with each other. That is a tradition I hope to continue to share. Enjoy those you surround yourself with, and cherish the time you have with the people who you call family. 

What Are You Thankful For?

This is the month of thanks, and I know that for the most part it is for those of us that celebrate Thanksgiving, but this post is for everyone.

I want you to tell us what you are thankful for. It can be as detailed as you care to share, or as simple as one statement. But, I would love to have some interaction with this thread.