Home After a Date

Getting Off after Our Date! HD Video!

If you watched my “Drinks with Friends” and then “Getting Dressed”, you know the anticipation I had for the date I just returned home from. Well, the next day I returned home and was still so horny that I needed more. I used a big toy to work my well fucked pussy into another orgasm. It was a creamy mess and you can hear how sloppy I am from a date full of good, hard fucking.  I definitely plan to see this one, again, and might even share him with you guys. CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Getting Dressed

Getting Naked in Reverse! HD Video!

A few weeks ago I told you about meeting someone while I was having drinks with friends. Well, tonight I am meeting him for drinks and then dinner, maybe more. *wink* Watch as I get dressed up for him – stockings, garter belt, hair rolled into flirty curls and no panties, or bra. If he gets up the courage to run his hands up my legs, he will find a surprise waiting for him that will leave no questions as to how I hope our “date” ends. CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Vintage Ecstasy

Glass Dildo Fun in Vintage Lingerie!

It is a bit nostalgic to look back on the years we’ve spent together and to begin a new year I’d love to run away with you. Let’s pick a place on the map, find an old vintage cabin and make love for days. Just me and you. No one else. I love when we can forget about the stresses of the every day grind and reconnect.  Join me today and let’s lose ourselves in each others arms.  CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


My Cum Filled Pussy Needs More

C’mon Fill Me Up I Want It!  HD Video!

I want you to sit back, watch, listen to my dirty talk and verbal commands as you stroke your dick and watch my cum filled pussy drip while I use a toy. I am horny, with a creamy pussy and swollen lips. It does not take long before I am moaning and cum glazed, wanting more. I want you to give me another load of sperm and when you are finished send me a note (angel@lonestarangel.com) and let me know what it is you enjoy the most about being a member of my site. CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Waiting For a Friend

I Got Myself Off Before He Even Arrived!  HD Video!

I was waiting for a friend to come over so that we could have some fun, and hopefully fuck all night long; which means I was especially horny. I wanted to have a couple of orgasms before he knocked on the door and that is exactly what I did. I could not stop thinking about the excitement of exploring a new cock, that it did not take much to get wet enough to take my toy without any lube. I am swollen, tight and aching for a good fuck, and that is just what I hope awaits me. Watch me finger fuck myself, before using a toy and then bending over doggy style while talking you into a good cum. I hope that you will cum multiple times while we wait for my friend to come fuck me… maybe it will be you next time. *wink* CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


A Squirting Afternoon

A Messy Squirting Afternoon! HD Video!

I am dressed up just like a traditional housewife should be. I’m wearing a retro dress, stockings, no panties, heels and my pussy is swollen with desire. I have been horny all day, and spent the morning using my Hitachi Wand, and favorite toys which have left me creamy, with thick lips, but still wanting more.

I should get dinner started for him before he gets home, but I really need to have a squirting orgasm first. I squirt so much that there is no way he won’t know what I have been up to all day, while he was working. I squirt throughout most of this video, giving you up close views, and different angles. I hope that you will enjoy an orgasm, or several, with me.  CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Bar Wench

I’m The Bar Wench Waiting on You! HD Video!

With Halloween fast approaching I thought it would be appropriate to dress in my bar wench attire to fulfill that fantasy.

Imagine walking into the bar, scanning the crowd and making your way over to me with the intention of taking me back to your room. Would you be a smooth talker, or would you walk up, grab me and whisk me away as you wish?  What is your desire? Join me and let’s experience it together  …  CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


You, Me and a Hotel Room

You and I Alone in a Hotel Room – Trouble Ensues! 1080p HD Video!

I am out of town, alone and in a hotel room. Instead of lounging around, tweeting or taking a nap, I think you and I need to make use of the few hours I have to spare. I don’t take long to show you how wet I am; in fact, cum is dripping from me as I finger myself before I use a big toy to simulate me being on top of you. You get a perfect view from behind and you can clearly see how tight I really am, as I slide up and down on the huge shaft, cream oozing out and my ass is bouncing. I grab the headboard and grind my hips fast and hard as I take the huge dildo and even tease my asshole for you.  When I pull the toy out, I get close to the cam to show you the white cream, before I lick it off and give you my tongue. I just wish you were actually in my hotel room with me. CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Let Me Get You Off! Jack Off with Me! 1080p HD Video!

I so enjoy giving you jerk off instructions and it has been one that you guys have been requesting more of, so I hope that you will watch and wait for my instructions. Do not get ahead of yourself, and do not cum until I give you permission. That is what JOI is all about. If you get excited and feel as though you are about to cum, you cannot stop stroking, but you must think about something that is going to take the sensation away. Whatever it is, stroke on and not stop. That is not allowed. I am wearing a white slip, white garter belt and black stockings, which I slip out of towards the end. Once I am finished teasing I give you a cum countdown and it is up to you to follow my every instruction and cum on command.   

After I give you permission to cum I step into the tub, inviting you to join me. That video will be released Monday, as a bonus update. I hope that you will enjoy and I definitely hope that you deserve to be rewarded by joining me in the tub  … CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Your Cum, My Pussy

Lonestar Angel Wants Your Cum In Her Pussy!

This week of ours that was meant to fuel our secret liaison, while you were in town on business, has turned out to be all work and not enough intense passion. You, I blame you. But, maybe it is not all your fault, after all, you do tend to get into a zone and hardly anyone can distract you; I have always been the minx that can pull you away when you should be focused. Last night was wonderful, once you joined me in the jacuzzi, before taking me to bed and giving me your cum load. I have spent all day lounging in your shirt and tie, pussy dripping with your cream and the ache I have is growing deep and I need you to fuck me right now. Fuck me! Your tension has been building all week and I want you to take it out on me. I want it hard. I want it deep. I want it right fucking now. Your business dinner can wait, but I will not … give me another cum load, leaving my pussy glazed in your seed. I am insatiable and you are the only one that can quench the burning desire inside of me. Will you give me a third? CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Panty Stuffing at it’s Finest!

Lonestar Angel is Panty Stuffing! 1080p HD Video!

Picture this: I am wearing a man’s black button down shirt, with a white bra, a white garter belt and black stockings, with white pearls.

I am sitting on top of a bar, that is the perfect height for you to sit and enjoy me, whether you watch, and stroke, or you choose to lick and taste me. I am so creamy that the pair of thongs I am wearing slide inside me, and then I finger myself seductively to an orgasm before I pull them out. As I tug on them, you can see just how tight I truly am. You will wish you were in front of me by the end of this video, I have no doubt! CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Plans For New Content

I have not shot… scratch that… I have not created new content since I was in Mexico earlier this year and we have plans to spend a good part of this weekend doing videos, and a few picture sets. I am having fun with videos and new ideas, so I am looking forward to spending Friday night through Sunday morning doing just that! 

I have a few ideas floating around in my head, but should probably do what I do best, and that is make a list so that I don’t forget. And, by list, I mean pen to paper, not on my phone. 

I have had a lot of positive comments regarding the changes I have made to my site over the last year, and most of those refer to all of the videos I have released. My goal is to have a video based site, not a photo album of random pics that turn into a collage with a fantasy story attached to it. It is much easier to grab you by the shirt collar and yank you into the video with me so that you can truly experience the fantasy of it all. 

Now that you know what I will be doing Friday night, you should also know that I won’t be online after 7p EST… 

Squirting in a Sauna

Lonestar Angel Squirts In The Suana – 1080p HD Video!

I was out with friends this evening and I am staying at their place over the weekend. They have a sauna on one end of their home, making it a perfect place for a squirting video. Once I started squirting, I did not stop; if you like it wet and messing, you will absolutely love this video! I pulled my panties down to my ankles, lifted my legs up and used fingers for most of the ten minutes. This is one that all squirt lovers will appreciate, along with anyone else that just enjoys mutual masturbation. CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

PS: WLTNBN, thank you so much for this entire outfit! From the dress down to the heels, you have great taste!


Breakfast with Me

Wanna have breakfast with me?

I have thoroughly enjoyed our time together, as short as it has been, but also I look forward to our next week side by side. Because you have worked through the week, while I have taken off, I wanted to make breakfast for you, wearing the sexy negligee you sent me last month. As this is our last morning as one I thought it would be nice to feed you before spending the rest of our day in bed, wrapped in each others arms and devouring one another. Let’s make this one count. CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Passionate Love

Passionate Love with Lonestar Angel – 1080p HD Video! 

I want you to climb on top of me, kiss me with passion, run your hands down, along my curves and feel my legs wrap around you, long before you undress to give me all of you. As our breathing gets heavier and the room becomes warmer, you slide fingers between my lips and feel that I am already wet for you. It is not long before you are pulling your hard cock out to let me feel you sliding into my tight pussy. As we slowly enjoy each other, you take your time at pleasing my every need, only then will you give me your cum load.

My fantasy is that you are here with me as I use a toy, making myself creamy with a desire to be with you.  CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!



 Too Close For Comfort!

 Too Close For Comfort!

This was a quick set of pictures, but the reality of it is too good not to share with you. I spent a couple of days taking pictures, and was hoping to do mostly videos, however, the hosts quarters was directly on the other side of this door. There was no breezeway to separate me from them. In fact, the door that adjoined their living space to the one I rented was a double door, with an air gap that had towels pushed up against, probably for a sound barrier. I could hear them and I am certain they could hear the camera clicking as pictures were being taken. I heard them scuttle to the door, trying to figure out what was going on and as I am getting naked and laughing on this side, they were intently listening on the other… CLICK HERE!

Submit To Me

Lonestar Angel Requests That You Submit!

What would it take for you to stop what you are doing and come satisfy me? Would I have to seduce you into submitting to my needs and sharing your desires with me? Or, would you gladly give up your afternoon to play?

I want you to forget those before me and focus only on your desire to please me. Would you submit to that?  CLICK HERE!

Cum Denial and JOI Video

Lone Star Angel Denies You In the JOI – HD Video!

If you love to be told how to jerk off, then this is a video you are sure to enjoy! I dominate you in ways you have never been controlled before. You are not allowed to touch your cock until I give you permission and when I tell you to stop touching your penis, you better do as I instructed, or else there will be serious repercussions. I allow you to cum, but not before you are denied, denied, denied!  

Watch this video in its entirety because there are two surprise bonuses to those who do. You must email me, as instructed at the end, in order to find what awaits your studious behavior. Do not disappoint me. CLICK HERE!


Shut Up and Fuck Me!

Lone Star Angel Wants Laid!

Do not say a word to me. Drop your pants, start stroking your cock and fuck me like I have not been fucked in years. We do not need words to feel the passion of lust and hunger. Fuck me. Pound me. Let me feel your throbbing cock stretching me wide as you explode with a raw need that has not been unleashed before. When you are finished, I want you to slowly slide the stockings down, as you lick and kiss my thighs, knees, calves and finally my feet, once you slip the heel off. Kiss and suck on every toe and make me cum while your cream drips out of my swollen pussy, all over my dress. Take your time on my feet before you make your way back to my pussy with a fully aroused cock, ready to fuck me a second time. Will you fill me full of another load, please? CLICK HERE!


Afternoon with Me

An Afternoon with Lone Star Angel

I want you to take the day and spend the afternoon with me. We could stay in bed, lounge on the couch or spend it outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. I just want you to be my day, and for me to be yours. Since you love stockings so much, I thought I would entice you to be mine by wearing a pair today. Take me out, keep me in, sweep me off of my feet; I am up for anything you desire, I just want to fulfill your every need … CLICK HERE!

 PS – WLTNBN – Thank you for another beautiful dress that you picked out yourself. As always, it is a perfect fit. 

Just For You

Lone Star Angel Naked & Naughty Just For You

Tonight is all about you. I slip into my stockings, just for you; I roll them all the way up to my thighs, thinking of you, and I step into the teddy you picked out for me. Just for you. I want you to forget the week you have had and just get lost with me. You kneel down to kiss me and as you run your fingers through my hair, make your way down my silky smooth skin until you have explored all of me. I want you to take your time and forget about everything else. Nothing matters tonight except for me and you. CLICK HERE!


A Weekend In San Antonio

Lone Star Angel Gets Away To San Antonio!

It is a dreary weekend and I think we should stay in the hotel room, order room service and get lost in each other. What an amazing few days that would be, don’t you agree?

I will wear the corset you love, along with stockings and no heels. I want you to worship me in ways I have never known before and I want to feel you in unimaginable ways. I long to feel your embrace and to have your lips on mine, as your hands explore me, finding all of my curves. I want you to hold my hands above my head as you pin me to the bed, soaking in my scent as you kiss down my neck and along my boobs, making me squirm underneath you. I crave to feel your breath on my stomach as you slowly slip my panties off before exploring my pussy with your tongue and fingers. I have an insatiable appetite to orgasm with your mouth working together with your fingers. I wish to feel your tongue licking up my cream and to have you spread my legs as you slide your hard cock in with a slow thrust, leaning in to kiss me as I feel your shaft stretching me and your hips grinding against me, while you work your dick and make me moan. Let’s cum together and feel that satisfaction of hungry lust and desire … CLICK HERE!

PS- Nick, thank you for another beautiful corset and stockings. You have always been good to me, asking for nothing in return.

Mega Bonus Anniversary Update!

Hidden Stairs
(Plus EXCLUSIVE HD Video in my club for new members – this weekend only!)

Exclusive Video Note: I am celebrating 10 years online and I am trying something new, which is creating an EXCLUSIVE video for new joins for this weekend ONLY. If you are trying to decide whether or not to join, let me just say, my pussy gets very wet thinking about you. I have a dirty mouth when I am turned on and I am expressive in my wants, desires and needs. Grab your dick and join me today. I do not plan on disappointing you!


Today’s Pictures: I love exploring abandoned places and long forgotten rubble. During one of my explorations I happened across hidden stairs and I wondered what stories this place could tell. The steps led down to what was once a grand palace, which gave me fantasies of grandeur. How many sexual trysts took place in this secluded place, while others gathered around food and danced the night away? It led me to a fantasy of my own; one that included you, me, no panties and enough time to have fun. The stairs are steep, making it easy for you to slide your tongue into my pussy as I ride your face, bent over. After you get me wet, you take me in your arms, push me against the back wall and slide your already hard cock inside me. It might be a quick cum, but rushing back into the group, as though nothing happened, is dangerously fun and everything naughty. What would you do, if I took your hand and led you to this secret passageway for a quick fuck? CLICK HERE!


Rock & Roll

Lone Star Angel Getting Her Rock & Roll On!

Life is a lot like rock and roll. It is full of chaos and crazy, but never lose sight of what is important. Love those who are close to you and never stop enjoying the simple pleasures in life. It has been too long since you sat down and enjoyed “us” for awhile and tonight is going to be all about me and you. I want you to watch me as I drop your shirt to the ground, and stroke yourself as you see me bend over to give you a glimpse of what you really want. I will tease you to the brink and right before you lose it, I want you to walk over to me and take in my scent and my touch as you taste me. Take your time and spend it exploring my every curve and every smell. I want this night to be unforgettable, and with you I have no doubt it will be … CLICK HERE!

Leather & Nylons

angel-leather-nylons-007The leather corset that I am wearing in this weeks update was from Hedo. He sent me so many that I have a dresser drawer full of them. I finally fill this one out and I could not be happier! I cannot wait to wear it out and about. Leather is so sexy and can be worn with lace, jeans, stockings or nothing at all. However, if I plan to go out in public, I have to pair it with something!

Hedo, I hope that you know I have always appreciated your gifts, even if it is awhile before I am able to record it on camera for the website.

Thank you!