Vintage Ecstasy

Glass Dildo Fun in Vintage Lingerie!

It is a bit nostalgic to look back on the years we’ve spent together and to begin a new year I’d love to run away with you. Let’s pick a place on the map, find an old vintage cabin and make love for days. Just me and you. No one else. I love when we can forget about the stresses of the every day grind and reconnect.  Join me today and let’s lose ourselves in each others arms.  CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Sensual Bath

Take A Sensual Bath with Me  – HD Video w/ Free Trailer

Goodness, it was a very long and arduous week, leaving me exhausted and drained. All I wanted was a soak in the tub and, if you’d like, you could slip in behind me. It relaxes me to feel your body against mine, kissing my neck, running your hands along my boobs, down to my thighs and back up to grab my chin as you kiss me. Give me some foreplay before taking me to bed so that we can become one … as I visualize you giving me pleasure, I squirt with a great view for you to imagine me soaking your face.  CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Enjoy the Trailer video, but also the teaser that gives you just a short glimpse of what this video has in store for you.


Squirting in the Shower

Let’s Get Wet and Messy in the Shower! Squirting Relief! HD Video!

With all of my trips back and forth to Texas, I found myself out of town more often than I would have liked, and this particular afternoon I just needed to squirt. It had been awhile and I really felt the urgency to have a messy, explosive orgasm. I was alone, so there will be no zoom, or different angles, but I do use my biggest toy, bending over so you can see my ass while I squirt, and then I turn around, leaning against the rail to really pound myself, using fingers. I just wish you could have joined me, even if just for the afternoon and in the shower.  CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

A Squirting Afternoon

A Messy Squirting Afternoon! HD Video!

I am dressed up just like a traditional housewife should be. I’m wearing a retro dress, stockings, no panties, heels and my pussy is swollen with desire. I have been horny all day, and spent the morning using my Hitachi Wand, and favorite toys which have left me creamy, with thick lips, but still wanting more.

I should get dinner started for him before he gets home, but I really need to have a squirting orgasm first. I squirt so much that there is no way he won’t know what I have been up to all day, while he was working. I squirt throughout most of this video, giving you up close views, and different angles. I hope that you will enjoy an orgasm, or several, with me.  CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

The Lawn Boy

Hooking Up with the Lawn Boy! HD Video!

I was getting ready to film a video when I heard a lawnmower start up, so I walked out onto the porch and the neighbor guy was getting ready to spend a couple hours on yard work. I grabbed him a water on my way out and we flirted back and forth for a bit, but both of us being on a tight schedule we said our goodbyes with the hopes of maybe going for a drink later. Little does he know that my “schedule” involves masturbating and getting off, while he is right outside my window mowing grass.  Needless to say, I was incredibly turned on for this video, squirting while fantasizing about a spur of the moment hookup. LICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Looking Glass Squirt

I Squirt all over the Mirror with JOI! HD Video!

Watch me through the mirror as I stuff my Wicked Weasel panties into my pussy, then squirt all over the mirror. This was a fun rendition with up close views of my pussy, the squirt, my face and pulling the juicy panties out after I soaked them a few times. As you watch me, I give you jerk-off-instructions to hopefully enhance your arousal so that you make a big mess with me.  CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Yadda, Yadda, Chitty-Chatter

Last week was spent in Texas and away from my computer, but I still managed to spend a good part of the week doing new videos and content. I was active on Snapchat, adding vids and pics throughout my week, so join today so you don’t miss out on any of the fun. I do a little bit of everything on there, from solo selfies, to fun videos during content shoots and even roadside blowjobs, if the mood strikes. I also have fun while driving to the Post Office, getting completely naked and flashing truckers. 

You might have heard that while I was in Texas my divorce was finalized. A huge relief to finally be done with that chapter in my life. My phone continued to erupt in fireworks and celebrations all the way through Sunday, thanks to my family of friends. I am truly fortunate to have a small group that are my family. 

Since I was gone last week I have a few extra member’s shows that I will be doing over the course of the next few days. Follow my tweets and blog posts to stay up to date. 

I have decided that it is time to tackle my furniture project, so Wednesday I will pick up the supplies and start that next Saturday. So, wish me luck on that! 

The Cabana Boy

I’m Dreaming of the Cabana Boy! 1080p HD Video!

I spent the morning by the pool, with a very attentive cabana boy who I think would be willing to do anything I asked of him. As tempting as that is, I am taking a “breather” to relieve some built up tension before I act on my impulses. The thought of having some strange cock, while on vacation, is such a turn on for me, and for now, I will enjoy the fantasy but that might change when I return to the cabana and he notices how swollen I am against the bathing suit.  I could not keep from squirting in this video, even though I tried not to.  CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Dirty Talk & Squirt

Dirty Talking Lonestar Angel Squirts! 1080p HD Video!

There is no fantasy, or roll play to go along with this video. It is simply full of dirty talk and a lot of messy squirting. I am creamy before I squirt all over myself and the floor.  At one point I gushed so much that you can hear it splattering on the tile floors and see it dripping down my legs. This is a full on squirt video. CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Plans For New Content

I have not shot… scratch that… I have not created new content since I was in Mexico earlier this year and we have plans to spend a good part of this weekend doing videos, and a few picture sets. I am having fun with videos and new ideas, so I am looking forward to spending Friday night through Sunday morning doing just that! 

I have a few ideas floating around in my head, but should probably do what I do best, and that is make a list so that I don’t forget. And, by list, I mean pen to paper, not on my phone. 

I have had a lot of positive comments regarding the changes I have made to my site over the last year, and most of those refer to all of the videos I have released. My goal is to have a video based site, not a photo album of random pics that turn into a collage with a fantasy story attached to it. It is much easier to grab you by the shirt collar and yank you into the video with me so that you can truly experience the fantasy of it all. 

Now that you know what I will be doing Friday night, you should also know that I won’t be online after 7p EST… 

Polling ALL Member’s

The Tuesday night member show has been at 8p EST for 12 years now, but I am wondering if it is time for a change. 

Does 8p EST work for you? Yes or No

Would you prefer a later time, say 11p EST? Yes or No

Does Tuesday still work for you, or would Thursday be better?

Squirting in a Sauna

Lonestar Angel Squirts In The Suana – 1080p HD Video!

I was out with friends this evening and I am staying at their place over the weekend. They have a sauna on one end of their home, making it a perfect place for a squirting video. Once I started squirting, I did not stop; if you like it wet and messing, you will absolutely love this video! I pulled my panties down to my ankles, lifted my legs up and used fingers for most of the ten minutes. This is one that all squirt lovers will appreciate, along with anyone else that just enjoys mutual masturbation. CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

PS: WLTNBN, thank you so much for this entire outfit! From the dress down to the heels, you have great taste!


Fireplace Squirt

Enjoy a Warm Squirt in Front of the Fireplace – 1080p HD Video!

This is a soft, sensual video in front of a “mock” fireplace. (LOL!) As you can see, I definitely could use some help with my fire and if you were with me, I know I would have a flaming fire that would emit enough heat to stay warm as we enjoy each other all night long. If you enjoy my squirt videos, I think that you will be happy with this one. I only use fingers and give soft, intense moans as I talk to you, squirting throughout. Do not worry, you will know when I am about to squirt and it is a gushing mess, all over the satin blanket. CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

A Squirting Fantasy

Lonestar Angel Squirts In Your Face! – 1080p HD Video!

After jabbering through the flash video that is with this set, I wondered what it would be like to have a neighbor knock on my door just to fuck. That is such a spicy thought, and something I now fantasize about. What would it be like to have you come knocking, and to immediately take me to the kitchen and bury your head between my legs while I am on the counter. At any rate, I am alone and after much daydreaming, I am squirting all over the counter, wishing you were in front for a facial. CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


House Sitting: Squirting on Their Table

House Sitting: Squirting on Their Table – 1080p HD Video!

I had to house sit for some friends and I love their morning room table. It is cute and cozy, making it a perfect platform for me to squirt on. Of course, I waited until the last morning and had to be quick, but it was fun and risky. I tried to squirt while still wearing my jeans, but honestly, they were way too tight for me to comfortably finger myself, so I had to pull them down just a bit to work myself into a squirting orgasm, which I did! I splashed the waist band, along with the backside, but also managed to make a huge mess on their table. It is going to be difficult to have dinner with them next time, without smirking. CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Squirting in Pictures

Lonestar Angel Squirts On the Counter!

This set of pictures follow the video that was posted last week, “Squirting Before Our Date”. The pictures capture the toy going in and out of my tight pussy, and there are several pictures that show me drenching myself. If you love it messy, you will enjoy the pictures and absolutely love the video. If you have a squirting fetish, this is a double-set that will most definitely satisfy your every need. Join today to enjoy this update, but gain more benefits than you will find on most sites. I do not disappoint! CLICK HERE!

A Squirting Mess HD Video!

Lone Star Angel Makes a Squirting Mess
1080p HD Video

I stand on the counter, squirting into the sink and all over the floor. If you were standing in front of me, you could drink it straight from my pussy. Just imagine standing there, waiting for me to ejaculate my juice all over your face, in your mouth and to feel it dripping down your chin. I would soak you! After I make a mess of the place, I slide down into the sink to hose myself off and get cleaned up for more fun with you later. 

This set has an awesome video that will be released in the middle of next week. So, enjoy the pics and get prepared for a messy video with squirting and water play. CLICK HERE!

PS – if you were the neighbor behind the house, you could have watched from the comfort of your bedroom. There are a few pictures to prove that! *wink*


A Squirting Mess

Lone Star Angel Makes a Squirting Mess

I stand on the counter, squirting into the sink and all over the floor. If you were standing in front of me, you could drink it straight from my pussy. Just imagine standing there, waiting for me to ejaculate my juice all over your face, in your mouth and to feel it dripping down your chin. I would soak you! After I make a mess of the place, I slide down into the sink to hose myself off and get cleaned up for more fun with you later. 

This set has an awesome video that will be released in the middle of next week. So, enjoy the pics and get prepared for a messy video with squirting and water play. CLICK HERE!

PS – if you were the neighbor behind the house, you could have watched from the comfort of your bedroom. There are a few pictures to prove that! *wink*

A Naughty Afternoon

Lone Star Angel Squirting On The Deck!
(HD Video!)

Today I woke up thinking about you, but you are busy and I cannot stop teasing myself, wishing you could join me. As I was waking up I started using fingers and got myself creamy and I have been wet all day. I have showered and with you on my mind I have continued to caress my swollen lips to the point that I am aching and as I sit outside, I am overcome with the need to squirt and make a mess. It is such an intense orgasm that is full of messy cream and it leaves me satisfied. I hope that you will grab hold of your cock and stroke while you watch me so we can cum together.  CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!



A Custom Squirt

Lone Star Angel Makes a Mess Squirting!

A few weeks ago I shared with you a set of pictures that were screen captures of a custom video that I did for a gentleman. The video consisted of panty stuffing, squirting, thick cream and use of the hitachi wand to climax. It was intense, to say the least, and this set of pictures include what the first bunch did not. I asked you guys to let me know if I should share more of this custom video with you and the responses were astounding.

I use a realistic dildo, squirting multiple times and I was messy wet afterwards. This set shows the squirt from beginning to end, soaking myself from head to toe … CLICK HERE!

To the gentleman that so kindly suggested I add these pictures to my site, thank you! I look forward to making more customs for you in the future, and, in fact, you will have two new videos very soon!


Cellar Beware

Lone Star Angel Squirting In The Dirty Cellar

I know, this basement was cold, old and extremely dirty but I was in the mood to squirt and I really didn’t want to climb into the bathtub and be crunched up trying to find that spot. So, my next option was to go into the nasty basement and use my glass toy until I squirted. So, that’s exactly what I did. I found an old ladder that I used to prop my leg up and slipped the toy right into my tight pussy. Since I didn’t want to sit down on the ground, it took me a minute or so to get comfortable but once I did I exploded all over the ladder and the floor. Just when I thought I was finished I felt the need to squirt again and it was just as much as the first time. It had been a long time since I’d squirted as much as I did that day. It was incredible! I definitely felt satisfied after that messy cum. So, now you’re wondering if I told my member, aren’t you? Well, not at first. I figured he probably didn’t want to know but then I started thinking that maybe he did. So, during one of my member’s cam shows I was talking about that day and exploring his basement and I ended up telling him. I don’t know why I thought he’d care; hell it’s a huge turn on for me to do things like that and it just might be for him too. So, I told him along with 640 other members who were viewing the show with us … CLICK HERE!

Champagne Squirts

Lone Star Angel Squirting With Champagne Desires
(HD Video & Mobile Compatible)

I want nothing more than to share myself with you, in hopes you have the same desires and wants that I do. I want you to feed me the strawberries while you drink the champagne out of my belly button and off of my soft skin. I woke up horny, with a wet pussy and I was already swollen when I started. I want you to imagine yourself with me while you watch me play, stroking your cock while I tease you with silky cream on my fingers. It was easy for me to squirt, but that does not mean I am easily satisfied today. After I gush with excitement, I need to feel your cock penetrating me and I will orgasm over and over again, before begging you to cum … CLICK HERE! 


Squirt – Luscious

Angel Squirting On The Deck – HD Video!!

This was impromptu, at best, but so are all of my videos now that I think about it, with a side of quirky. I was fresh out of the shower, getting ready to turn on my cam when I decided to start my afternoon making a video just for my fella’s. I hope that you will sit back and enjoy my giggles, teasing and essentially, the squirting. My lips swell and get creamy after and I would love nothing more than to feel your tongue as you keep the orgasms flowing. CLICK HERE for the HD Video & Mobile Video in my club!

Friday Night Plans

Over the last few months I have had several Friday night hours on VNA, with a lot of great feedback, and after last week’s extra show, I have had even more requests for them. I enjoy them, you guys seem to, as well, and a few of you who cannot make the Monday shows can join on Friday because it is a later time. So, I have decided to add an extra one for this week, but it is, in no way, a certainty that it will become a weekly occurrence.

If you are a member of mine, or one of Dawn Marie’s, join me Friday at 11p EST, via the VNA banner.

Squirting Facial

A Squirting Facial on Kristine Cumz!

I had the amazing opportunity to spend a few weeks in Florida, and it allowed me to get to know Kristine; who I already had an online crush on. I had just realized I could squirt, but it was incredibly hard for me to do it, and I had only squirted alone. She was curious and wanted me to squirt on her, but I was hesitant because I’d never done that with another lady, and I wasn’t even sure I would be able to. So, after much discussion I told her I might be able to do that, but she could only watch. LOL. That might sound weird, but I had to focus and her touching me, or even encouraging me, would mind fuck me in the wrong way. She sat in front of me and I was able to squirt and when I did, it was all over her face! She was so turned on that it made the experience amazing and fun. I hope that you’ll enjoy watching as we react to something so new to both of us.

Her and I have talked about that afternoon many times and she enjoyed it so much that she wants me to do it again.. if we ever find ourselves back in Florida. CLICK HERE FOR THE SQUIRTING FACIAL HD VIDEO!