Our Schedule

It’s a mix of soccer games, girl’s weekend and stuff, but the next three weeks are going to have changes in our normal schedules.

Let’s start with next week: I have a soccer game Thursday night, which means our member show will be moved to Tuesday. And, I have another game Saturday, which isn’t unusual, but it is the last game, so they are having a closing ceremony.

The following week is going to be crazy busy for me, but here is what we’ve got. I’m going to Salt Lake City for a girl’s weekend, which will start on that Thursday. So, I will only be online Monday and Tuesday, possibly Wednesday… I haven’t decided. I really enjoy my Wednesday’s in the Mountains with my MtnMan (and Abby).

And, the week after that MtnMan and I will be back in Salt Lake City Wednesday – Friday.

I will be tweeting and have blog reminders for each week, but wanted to give you all a heads up on the next few weeks, since there’s a lot going on…