Fall Days

I absolutely love the fall season, and it may very well be my favorite time. There is just something so beautiful watching the colors change, the wind blowing a cool breath and the cold nights.

It is the beginning of winter soups and chili’s, and I’ve already got a list of planned stews for the upcoming months. Granted, I tend to cook soups and stews through the summer months, but I usually don’t make chili unless it’s winter time. I don’t know if that’s planned as much as it is trained from childhood. It would get so hot in Texas that no matter how cold the a/c was, no one wanted a hot stew or any kind.

For chili I primarily use ground beef, but I also mix it up with brisket if MtnMan has smoked one recently. This winter I might even mix up the ground beef with some sausage, but I’m not sure. I really hate to ruin a dish by experimenting like that. There was no doubt about brisket chili being delicious because it is safe to say that it is my 2nd favorite cut of meat. The first being a bone-in ribeye. I am definitely a meat eater; I have no plans over ever changing that. lol.

What season is your favorite? What dish reminds you of that season the most? For me, fall is my favorite, until winter comes around and then that trumps them all, and chili reminds me of both..

Are You a Spring?

I absolutely love the fall. The cooler temps, the changing of the seasons, the colors. It is just breathtaking, and beautiful. The blazing hot days of August are behind us, the chilly nights and cold mornings are in front of us. I have always loved the fall. It is when the leaves start to fall and the wind picks up, leaving the blooms blown about, with a dusty layer over them. It is a sign of changing times. 

What is your favorite season?

What is Your Season?

We all have our favorites. It is what makes us who we are. Which season is the one that rejuvenates your soul, makes you smile and gives you reason to smile? For me it would be fall. There is something about the changing of temps, the rustling of leaves, the changing colors and the promise for a winter. I remember as a kid, stepping off of the school bus, walking into the house and Mom had every window open. It was a cleansing of the dust and heat from the summer, the smell of the crisp air and the hope for cooler days that always made me happy. 

The last ten years Texas has not had much of a winter, which I have missed. We are either freezing balls for 5 days with sleet and strong north winds, or it is 80 degrees. I miss having seasons and in my search for new beginnings, I want a winter! Granted, I will most likely be bundled up when it is 50 degrees and beautiful, but I look forward to experiencing the beauty in the changes ahead. 

Please share with me, your favorite season and why. 

What’s Your Season?

We all have a favorite time of year that makes us the happiest. Whether it’s because of memories, the weather or just because of the month, we all have our treasured season. I want to know what your season is.

Mine would be the fall. The air is cleaner, fresher and full of promise. The leaves change colors, they fall, the wind blows and the cold fronts roll Fallin out of no where. The skies turn grey and there’s a chill in the air. The promise that the fall season brings just makes me happy! It begins early October and ends shortly after Thanksgiving, which, incidentally, is the best day of the year. EVER! But, that is not why I love the fall. It’s for all of the reasons I’ve given, but I think the root of it all is because Mom would open the windows and when I’d get off the school bus I’d walk in to a crisp and clean house. The house was never dirty, but it would get stuffy towards the end of August because of the heat. I remember sitting on the couch with her and telling her about my day and no matter how bad it seemed, and how I thought that one day was the beginning of the end of my life (lol) it was easier to hear her tell me it would all be okay, when the windows were open and the breeze was coming in through the windows and screen door. I just remember having a sense of peace that time of year… before the Christmas holiday would wreck it. lol.