Your Reading List

I have gotten back into reading now that I am settled and finally finished with the divorce. It is relaxing and I enjoy reading different subjects, much more than I used to. It seemed like one I found a subject, I would go to the book store and buy as many books on that one topic, that I could find. Now, I have a whole stack of books that are from all sorts of fields. 

I am currently reading “Winter in Madrid”; it is a good read, but it took me awhile to get into it and now I can hardly put it down to go to sleep. While on our trip to PHX, I came home with three new books, but before I delve into those, I think I am going to read a book about the Lindbergh baby, or maybe one on Amelia Earhart. I also recently read an article on Eleanor Roosevelt, which has peaked my interest into more about her life. Has anyone a good recommendation on her? I am not too interested in the politics, but more her story. 

What are you currently reading? 

The Sharing Circle

It has been awhile since we have had some interaction on this blog, and there are also some new joiners, along with my old time faithfuls. I would love for you to share something about yourself that we might not already know… 

I will begin –>

I have not decided if I like mushrooms yet, so I keep adding them to dishes and picking them out, one-by-one. 

Also, I am currently reading book after book, while playing “word crossy”  and “toyblast” for fear my brain is getting too stagnant. 

Book Shelf

Goodness, you guys have really have restocked my bookshelves. I have enough books to keep me reading for a few months, thank you! 

Nick, I just received another book from you, and I just now realized I never “officially” thanked you for the first one! I look forward to reading them both, but the one I just picked up will be my next read. It is one that Dwwindsor suggested regarding WWII and a downed civilian airplane. I am currently reading a book on loan that was written by a survivor of Bastogne, and will probably be finished with that this weekend.