Balcony Flashing

Getting Frisky On The Balcony! New Pictures!

I love to do risky photo’s and sometimes even videos. You can see that first hand if you are a member. I have walked naked down a hotel hallway, getting caught by someone walking off of the elevator, all while on video. I have gotten naked in a car, driving down a very busy HWY while on snapchat with premium members, and I have been naked in an old, abandoned schoolhouse in west Texas that sits just a few feet from the Interstate.

This is no different, and I caught the eye of some locals along with a cabana boy. It was stormy on the beach, which brought in strong winds and an opportunity to do some risqué flashing. My room was on the edge of the resort so there were locals gathering under a palm tree to wait out the rains. They were watching me closely, probably wondering if I had panties on underneath my dress. It turns out I did not and when the wind blew up my dress, they got an eye full. Even the cabana boy was out picking up discarded trash, or at least he pretended to be busy right outside my room. He cannot help but look up at me, which was captured on camera. He smiled at me later when I saw him at the bar. *wink*  CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Meeting The Parents

Meeting The Parents
(Pictures & 1080p HD Video!)

Meeting the parents for the first time is a bit unnerving, but can still be fun with a naughty twist. This set includes pictures and a short video because I had to be sneaky about both.

While we were outside, getting away from the noise of the family I flashed him boobs and as much pussy as I could before anyone walked out. I am wearing pantyhose so I pulled them down just enough to give him a tease, while looking over my shoulder to make sure no one was walking out the patio door. 

The video was even more fun though because while he was walking down memory lane with the family, I went on a walk about and found his childhood bedroom. I was in a dangerously naughty mood and did a quick video for him, which I have chosen to share with you. I ripped my pantyhose so that I could finger myself, while standing over his bed, and I was so wet my aroma filled the room. I heard my name being called so I had to rush out, but it was so much fun! I pulled my dress down and walked out with my pussy exposed underneath and cum dripping down my thighs. When I shook his dad’s hand, my juice no doubt transferred… if he only new. I hope to do that again because the sex that night was intense and fulfilling! CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Orgasms In Nature HD Video!

Orgasms In Nature HD Video!

Imagine that you are in front of me, enjoying the beautiful day out in nature, with the sun beating down on us as I suck your cock. I want you hard and ready to mount me while we enjoy being free and open, with not a care in the world. It is a beautiful thing, nature, and I love that we can spend it together, forgetting our worries and just being in the moment. Grab hold of your cock, stroke it as I play and cum with me in the end … CLICK HERE!


A Pre Happy Hour Fuck

Lone Star Angel Wants a Pre Happy Hour Fuck!

Summer has arrived and the heat has set in and all I can think about is you joining me in the pool for a skinny dip. The water fall is refreshing and the bench underneath gives us the perfect height for you to bend me over and take me from behind. The sun beating down on us as you enter me, grabbing my hips and giving it to me hard, as we risk getting caught by our friends, who will be arriving any moment now for happy hour. I want you to cum inside of me, leaving me swollen and dripping with your scent before we enjoy our company. When you are finished I will slip on my bottoms that will eventually be soaked in your massive load that you left inside my pussy. CLICK HERE!

Afternoon with Me

An Afternoon with Lone Star Angel

I want you to take the day and spend the afternoon with me. We could stay in bed, lounge on the couch or spend it outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. I just want you to be my day, and for me to be yours. Since you love stockings so much, I thought I would entice you to be mine by wearing a pair today. Take me out, keep me in, sweep me off of my feet; I am up for anything you desire, I just want to fulfill your every need … CLICK HERE!

 PS – WLTNBN – Thank you for another beautiful dress that you picked out yourself. As always, it is a perfect fit. 

A Naughty Afternoon

Lone Star Angel Squirting On The Deck!
(HD Video!)

Today I woke up thinking about you, but you are busy and I cannot stop teasing myself, wishing you could join me. As I was waking up I started using fingers and got myself creamy and I have been wet all day. I have showered and with you on my mind I have continued to caress my swollen lips to the point that I am aching and as I sit outside, I am overcome with the need to squirt and make a mess. It is such an intense orgasm that is full of messy cream and it leaves me satisfied. I hope that you will grab hold of your cock and stroke while you watch me so we can cum together.  CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!



Picnic Pleasure

Lone Star Angel Wine In The Country!

Let’s forget about the world for an afternoon and enjoy each other for a picnic. Forget the basket, just bring yourself and a bottle of wine. I want to savor your company and relish in your every whim and desire. I want to feel your lips on my soft skin as you work your way down my neck, across my boobs and along my stomach. I love the feel of your hands on my lower back as you take in my scent, while teasing my pussy with your tongue. You continue to kneel as I stand in front of you, running my fingers through your hair, vocalizing my needs and wants, knowing that you won’t stop until I am fully satisfied. What an afternoon of picnic pleasures that would be! CLICK HERE!


Playing In The Rain

Lone Star Angel Naked In The Rain!

I love watching rain storms roll into the hill country. It is often a sudden and drastic change in weather and it is an amazing phenomenon to witness. I would enjoy spending an afternoon with you, getting muddy and playing in the rain. I want to kiss you as the rain hits our faces and feel your embrace while the storm grows angrier around us. I want to feel the rain soaking my shirt as you begin to pull it off of me, never breaking the kiss until you have to. I want to feel your hands on my hips as you pick me up and twirl me while the storm cleanses our souls. Which is kind of a cliche, but that is what I want. I want to play in the rain with you.

I want to close my eyes as I look up towards the skies, with rain pouring down around while you kiss your way down my wet body. I long to feel your lips on my wet skin and your hands on the small of my back, as you explore around my belly button as you pull my shorts down. I would let out a soft moan as you taste me with the tip of your tongue that let’s you know I am ready. I imagine you would gently pick me up with a steady grasp and with a grind of hips you would slip into me and it would be an instant burst of satisfaction as the rain continues to come down on us. CLICK HERE!

Booze Cruise

Drunk & Naked On The Boat!

We recently went on a booze cruise with a couple friends, but also a few strangers. We booked it through our resort, who signs people up for different excursions for available slots. It was not a private boat, but it turned out to be a blast! For a short while we visited and spent time introducing each other, asking the usual questions. When I was asked what I do for a living I responded with I have an amateur site and I do private cam shows. They were very intrigued and were excited to find out more. Since Devi had his camera we took a set of pictures in the front of the boat, while they sat back and watched. The pink shirt was not even mine. lol.

 After we were finished with pictures, the drinking continued and half of the group went snorkeling. I did not. I maintained a very good beer to water ratio for the next hour. Once everyone was back in the boat we moved to a quiet cove where we did body shots off of the ladies. Well, okay, mostly the body shots were done off of me because we were celebrating my birthday. However, I did enjoy my wandering tongue on some willing participants. What a fun afternoon! 


Mega Bonus Anniversary Update!

Hidden Stairs
(Plus EXCLUSIVE HD Video in my club for new members – this weekend only!)

Exclusive Video Note: I am celebrating 10 years online and I am trying something new, which is creating an EXCLUSIVE video for new joins for this weekend ONLY. If you are trying to decide whether or not to join, let me just say, my pussy gets very wet thinking about you. I have a dirty mouth when I am turned on and I am expressive in my wants, desires and needs. Grab your dick and join me today. I do not plan on disappointing you!


Today’s Pictures: I love exploring abandoned places and long forgotten rubble. During one of my explorations I happened across hidden stairs and I wondered what stories this place could tell. The steps led down to what was once a grand palace, which gave me fantasies of grandeur. How many sexual trysts took place in this secluded place, while others gathered around food and danced the night away? It led me to a fantasy of my own; one that included you, me, no panties and enough time to have fun. The stairs are steep, making it easy for you to slide your tongue into my pussy as I ride your face, bent over. After you get me wet, you take me in your arms, push me against the back wall and slide your already hard cock inside me. It might be a quick cum, but rushing back into the group, as though nothing happened, is dangerously fun and everything naughty. What would you do, if I took your hand and led you to this secret passageway for a quick fuck? CLICK HERE!


Squirt – Luscious

Angel Squirting On The Deck – HD Video!!

This was impromptu, at best, but so are all of my videos now that I think about it, with a side of quirky. I was fresh out of the shower, getting ready to turn on my cam when I decided to start my afternoon making a video just for my fella’s. I hope that you will sit back and enjoy my giggles, teasing and essentially, the squirting. My lips swell and get creamy after and I would love nothing more than to feel your tongue as you keep the orgasms flowing. CLICK HERE for the HD Video & Mobile Video in my club!

Rock & Roll

Lone Star Angel Getting Her Rock & Roll On!

Life is a lot like rock and roll. It is full of chaos and crazy, but never lose sight of what is important. Love those who are close to you and never stop enjoying the simple pleasures in life. It has been too long since you sat down and enjoyed “us” for awhile and tonight is going to be all about me and you. I want you to watch me as I drop your shirt to the ground, and stroke yourself as you see me bend over to give you a glimpse of what you really want. I will tease you to the brink and right before you lose it, I want you to walk over to me and take in my scent and my touch as you taste me. Take your time and spend it exploring my every curve and every smell. I want this night to be unforgettable, and with you I have no doubt it will be … CLICK HERE!

A Perfect Afternoon

Lone Star Angel Wants You on a Perfect Afternoon!

I get so turned on when you sit across from me and watch as I tease you. I take in your every look, your desire and watch as your cock grows hard. That’s just from watching me slowly take each piece of clothing off; imagine how hard you would be if I were touching you.

As you envision my lips touching the tip of your cock, I want you to grip yourself and start stroking, as though I’m the one in front of you. Your aching cock growing in my mouth, the spit running down your balls and I suck harder, taking it all in. Once you’re erect and throbbing,  I climb on top of you, mounting you like a stud; my hips grind and my ass bounces as my pussy grabs hold and takes your cum load, leaving you nothing but satisfied. Teasing you; sucking you. Taking you in and making you cum. That is the perfect afternoon. CLICK HERE!


What Would You Do?

What Would You Do?

If I surprised you on your back deck, what would you do? Would you walk right up to me and kiss me, or would you get on your knees and lift my short mini dress. Maybe you’d pull up a chair, tell me about your day and let me tease you in the meantime. Would you pull me inside, or fuck me on the deck, knowing neighbors might hear me screaming your name? Join my site and then email me to let me know what you would do … CLICK HERE!

Afternoon Special

Join Me For My Afternoon Special!

I guess there’s some truth to that old saying “better late than never” but what the fuck, motherfucker?!? I pulled out my tie and I wore pigtails just the way you like them and you still weren’t home when I showed up to give you my special treatment. Didn’t you need me as bad as you did last week? You can imagine my disappointment; I had an afternoon special that I was willing to share with only you. However, since you were not home and I was in a mood, I had no choice but to share with your neighbor. You know how I hate to wait, especially when I’m locked out and sitting on your back porch. What did you expect me to do? Sit down and study? Don’t you know, I’m a hand’s on learner? I have an idea, next time hide a key and let me come inside if you’re going to stand me up. At any rate, let me tell you about my afternoon. I was sitting on the love seat, rocking back and forth almost in tears. I’m twirling my finger through my hair, wondering why you would make me feel like this when I noticed your neighbor standing there watching me. I hadn’t realized my pussy was so visible through my panties. He was there to make me feel better and well, I was happy to see him. I teased him, that’s all, but that was enough. See what happens when you’re not home when I am in need???

I do hope you don’t mind and I’m sure you’ll make it up to me by joining me today for my AFTERNOON SPECIAL. CLICK HERE!

If you enjoy this set, look for the video to be released next week.

Outdoor Shower & Bubble Bath HD Video!

Outdoor Shower and Bubble Bath (HD video)

I hope you enjoyed the pictures last week, and now you’ll download this video and get lost in the fantasy of spending the afternoon with me. Just picture this: It’s hot. The sun is beating down on us both. Our makeshift shower is shaded; the tub is filling with cold water. My back is to you while you sponge me off, slowly moving my hair as you kiss my neck… and we explore each other outside, forgetting someone could walk up at any time … After you wash my hair, I sit on the stool while you work your magic with your tongue and fingers, making me squirt before you mount me, draining your load almost instantly. What a great afternoon! CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

Outdoor Shower and Bubble Bath

Naked In The Great Outdoors & All Wet!
Part One: In Pictures

Our temperature has been hitting triple digits and after working up a sweat, I wanted nothing more than to shower off in the tub. It was shaded, but still warm and the cold water from our well was refreshing on my bare skin. I turned my attention to the camera, pretending, wishing and fantasizing about you joining me. Maybe next time you’ll be home and we can enjoy the tub together. *wink*  CLICK HERE!

If you enjoy this set, look for the video to be released next week.

It’s Like Riding a Bike

Angel Bike Riding Naked! (w/HD video)

It’s been at least 25 years since I’ve hopped on a bicycle and pedaled my way down a road. You’ll have to watch the flash videos to see how well I did. I think my decision to wear cowboy boots was my first failure. We were on a lonely country road, but you there were cars whizzing by off in the distance. If they were looking around, they definitely saw me. Flip through the pictures and enjoy, as you wish. The sun was beating down on me and after I rode off in the distance I made my way to an outside shower. Join now for instant gratification and all the pictures and HD video in my club!

Refreshed and Ready for New Stuff!

I have fun with pictures and videos more now than I ever have, and it’s all because of you guys. Just like anything, it’s easy to fall into a rut, and it could be said that I’ve been in one for awhile now. In order to keep it fresh, I’ve used old videos that you’ve probably never seen before, and I’ve released picture sets I didn’t plan on sharing with you. It’s because if I don’t feel good about them, I don’t like them. But, here lately, because I’ve been stagnant, I’ve posted them. You guys are always so gracious and complimentary, no matter the content, which is why I feel like I owe you more than what I’ve been providing. Thanks to you, and the feedback I’ve received this week, I spent a few hours outside yesterday. I rode a bicycle, which was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. Granted, I made a fool of myself, but I laughed, which always makes it worth the humiliation. LOL. The sun was beating down on me, so afterwards I ended up taking an outside shower that resulted in a 10+ minute video. I had plans to do this last fall, but mother nature got in the way. It was all set up just in time for 8 inches of rain, which filled the tub and stopped me from having fun for you guys until now… which turned out to be much better because after the huge amounts of fall rain, it turned cold. This week it’s blazing hot and the cold shower was refreshing and fun!

This is just the beginning of new content! I have plans to do more outdoor shoots in the next week, so enjoy!

Summer Days

Summer days can get busy with sports, camps, boat parties and, of course, work. My favorite days are those when we can spend time together, lounging and enjoying the summer heat. Life stands still for just a little while so we can slow down and enjoy life.

CLICK HERE AND join me for the summer and you’ll have good reason to relax.

PS- Nick, thank you for the Yankee outfit.

A Happy Tomorrow

Risky Front Yard Nakedness

The thought of waiting for you to return home after a long day at work is a thought that makes me dream. It’s a fantasy to have you walk in with a smile on your face, knowing we’re about to spend the evening together. Something we don’t do often enough. The feel of your arms around me as we kiss and reconnect lights a fire deep within me. I want to feel your big, but gentle, hands moving about my body as we enjoy each other’s company. I’ve given blow jobs in public parks and walked naked down a hotel hallway. I’ve had fun at rest stops and swam naked in a hotel pool. There are videos, pictures, cam shows and more. But to be happy tomorrow requires a join today. *wink* CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE PICTURES IN MY CLUB!!

On The Bike Trail

On the Bike Trail. No Strings Attached.

Have you ever seen a woman on top of a bike, teasing you with a short dress, and wonder what was underneath? Maybe you drifted off into a fantasy of your own, wondering what it would be like to get a quick peak of the goodies. Or, your fantasy took you to a bike trail, seeing her every day before you finally worked up the courage to stop her and flirt. After weeks of teasing each other you finally take her back to your loft and spend an amazing afternoon together. It’s one of mutual satisfaction, with no strings. Join my site today and get that same no-strings-satisfaction. CLICK HERE!


Fun at Friends

Naughty Fun at a Friend’s Place

We were at some friend’s house several weeks back and they told us we could do a photo shoot in their front yard. So, I did! The funny thing is, though, they asked us not to be obvious about it. Um, there was a video camera, then a still camera. I’m pretty sure that, alone, might bring attention. But, I did promise to do my best. Basically, I sat on a rock, in front of their water feature, in the front yard, right in sight of a HUGE house across the street. I don’t think anyone noticed, per say, but I did have fun. *wink* … CLICK HERE!!

Spontaneously Candid Pictures

Spontaneously Candid Pictures
2 Sets in 1!

I was perusing Devil’s stock of pictures he has, and he has tons, and found a couple folders with some candid photos. I thought it would be a refreshing change to give you guys a look into other aspects of my life, even if brief … CLICK HERE!

The Construction Worker: This was during our barn project. It was in January and it was one of the warmest we’d had, in recorded history, but the next day was cold. I think we only had 5 days that wasn’t warm. It was incredibly windy, though, so it was a challenge to measure, cut and keep it level while nailing the boards in place. CLICK HERE!

The Drive through the Hill Country: We found a baby squirrel that had a broken leg, and was in danger of being hurt worse. We found an animal refuge/sanctuary that had a hospital on the grounds, but they didn’t have anyone in our area that could come pick the little guy up. So, we decided to make the two hour drive west, which was beautiful. We, of course, dropped “Rocky” off first, but on the way home we stopped along a creek, and then in front of a field of wildflowers. All of these shots were on a public road that was heavily traveled. You’ll see boob flashes, with up skirt shots… and, I wasn’t wearing panties. CLICK HERE!

Shooting Range

Angel’s Got a Gun!

This was taken a few weeks ago, on the windiest day possible. Good lord, it was windy. Being around guns is a little out of my comfort zone, which is obvious if you watch the flash video. It was fun, I admit, and even though I felt out of place, I hope you’ll enjoy the pictures, along with the flash video and members clip, which shows that I really can hit a target … sometimes. LOL … CLICK HERE!

PS- This outfit was a gift from MtnMan75. Thank you!!!