Happy Birthday, Outlaw!

As most of you know, Outlaw is my longest running member and that is worth mentioning; that’s 14 years, if you’re wondering.

I wish you a very happy birthday, Outlaw. My wish for you is that you will do something for yourself today that will make you smile. You deserve more smiles, less stress and nothing but happy days!

Please take a minute of your time and wish this amazing person a happy birthday for me, and because I think everyone should be celebrated on the anniversary of their birth.

Happy Birthday To One of the Best!


I wish you nothing but the best of days, and I truly hope you do something to celebrate you!

I also would like for you to make plans for a trip to the city soon; you need to reconnect with some of your old social butterfly days. Now, mind you, nothing you have said has led me to this knowledge but I would not be me, if I did not remind you that you are our socialite.

I look forward to seeing you tonight on VNALive so that we can all wish you a proper “Happy Birthday”. That is, unless you have other plans, and in that case, then I want you to have a wonderful time!

This gave me a chuckle, so I had to share.

Our Resident Canuck

happy-birthday-cigar-churchill-singleOutlaw, I hope you are having a wonderfully beautiful day, doing what you want and spending it with people that make you smile. You are a sweet man and my wish for you is to be happy and enjoy a stogie with friends. Oh, and eat a lot of cake; it is your day, after all!