Snow and Cold Weather

It was a beautiful weekend in Nevada. Cold temperatures arrived Friday and through Saturday the wind was hooking it until the storm arrived. It snowed from Saturday night through yesterday afternoon and it was beautiful!

This morning it started to snow for a few minutes but didn’t last long. The temps are dropping this afternoon and we are in for a wintry week of weather. I’m looking forward to it, although, our propane bill will sky rocket.

How was your weekend and how’s the weather?

Mountain’s Are Cloaked in Smoke

With California burning and Nevada and Utah also on fire, a thick smoke cloud has covered this area for weeks. It was starting to lift, but more fires started and now it has settled back in, with no relief in sight. I cannot see the mountains right now and, although it looks like a thick fog (which I find beautiful), it has an ugly undertone to it. It appeared grey and gloomy this morning and then I realized that it was the smoke from all of the fires. Even the sun is sad. 

I love weather. Torrential downpours, snowing; it is all beautiful. I enjoy gloomy days more than I do hot, sunshiney afternoons, but even the sun makes me smile. Mother nature is a beautiful beast. But, with that said, there is nothing beautiful about the country burning by fires. 

I hope that this heat wave breaks soon and the temps drop, lifting this stagnant smoke cloud so that I can once again enjoy the view out of my cam room window. I miss looking out and being able to see the mountains.