Classic Rock and Good Cars

A topic in my cam room today was about how classic rock will still be listened to in the next century and someone chimed in to say Classic Rock is like old cars- good, solid and classic. Although, not all old cars are classics- take the Yugo for example, which I had to look up, there is nothing worth saving on that car. Plus, from the discussion, Yugo’s would fall apart while rolling down the street.

What was your classic car growing up? What classic car do you wish you would have saved instead of scrapping?

For me, it would have been one of my older brother’s ’65 Mustang. He used to take me and my twin to school (while racing the oldest brother on his harley- which none of us shared with Mom). He installed a horn that would play specific tunes and when he’d round the corner near the house, he’d sound off the Duke’s of Hazzard theme and that just made our days! We were 6 and would go running out of the screen door as Mom and Granny would yell “don’t let the screen door slam!” as it slammed because we were already halfway across the yard by then.

It eventually ended up in the driveway where it sat for 10 years before Dad decided to see if it would crank up, which it didn’t. By then, me and my twin were old enough to help him rebuild the engine and get it running. Although our “helping” was grabbing a wrench or going to fetch another spark plug. The day it fired up was a day of celebration! I learned to drive i that car because Dad insisted that we learn to drive a stick shift before an automatic so that if we’re every stranded, we would be able to drive whatever vehicle we came across.. thankfully, I’ve never had to test that.

At any rate, I’d love to still have that car, more for the memories than anything else, but it would be a classic today.