No Member Show Tonight

Another reminder that I am in North Texas and not able to guarantee that I will be online for the weekly member’s show tonight(11p EST). If I am online, please join me through the site link for easy access, but I will not be doing the member’s show, regardless. lol. I know, wishy washy to an extent, but without knowing whether or not the wifi will be stable enough to host a 1 hour member show, I’d rather save the frustrations and make it up to you next week…

North Texas

Next wednesday, February 13th, I will be flying to north Texas with MtnMan and we will be there for eight days. I will stay connected as much as possible, tweeting, and hopefully camming here and there, but with that said I won’t know how strong the internet connection is until we arrive. I will most definitely keep the VNA schedule as is, because that won’t take much wifi to stream. However, the network cam sites is another story.

So, let’s plan on doing the Thursday member’s (Feb 14th) show the following week. I will obviously be tweeting and reminding you guys with another blog thread, so as to not have you guys looking for me when I am not online. Again, I do not know how often I will be on cam, but I hope to try for an hour here and there, depending on the wifi connection.

I plan to film new content, and my hope is to get 3 months worth of videos in my stockpile. If you have a request, now is your time to send me ideas.

I also hope to be wearing flip flops and TOMS while in Texas; here is wishing the weather gods be on my side and not send a freak ice storm to Texas for that week.. I mean, it is Texas, so something that drastic could actually happen despite their 80 degree temps they are seeing right now.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support of my site and cam shows. I appreciate all joins, regardless of what site it is you join through.

A Day to Recognize as Special.

Today is Outlaw’s birthday, and this is one day that should be recognized and celebrated. He is my longest running member, and that, in itself, is pretty fucking amazing, but besides that, he is a stand up gentleman who has proven to be a good friend and a loyal one at that. Longest running member, and loyal friend do go hand in hand. He has jumped three networks with me in the 12+ years that I have been online, and that does not include all of the many cam sites that I have tried over that time period, all of which he has joined with me. 

Outlaw, I do wish you nothing but the happiest of days, and I, although, I encourage this big purge of your last 20 years, I want you to take a break today. Get out. Celebrate you. Have a cigar. Enjoy friends. Do something for you. 

I am so excited for your #newbeginnings. It is something you need and your days will be full of what you are passionate about. This change, although, terrifying and uncertain, is good, positive change for you. I am happy that you have the strength to make such a leap. 

Happy, happy birthday to you!

Schedule Reminder

This week I will be offline Wednesday – Sunday, but that does not mean we won’t do the weekly membership shows. 

Monday VNA at 11p EST

Monday night 11p EST 1 hour (this gives you access to the entire VNA LIVE network)

Tuesday on SM at 11p EST (this is the weekly show banner that can be found on the club page)

Wednesday Member’s Show

With my day offline changing this week let’s do the weekly member’s show Wednesday and that will leave Friday evening open to Chaturbate, if that is where we decided to be. 

Meet me at 11p EST for the member’s show. 

Member’s Show Tonight

I will be doing a 1 hour LIVE cam show tonight at 11p EST. This will be a full week of member shows, so if you are not able to make it tonight, you’ve still a chance to join me on Thursday. Be sure to click on the banner for the member’s cam show — > 


Stephen: Today is a Happy Day!

You, much like the rest of my fella’s, do not think today is a big deal, but I beg to differ. It is your day, and it is a good day to celebrate in a way that makes you smile. Staying in bed, drinking tea and watching TV sounds like it was a perfect beginning to your plans. No matter what, I just want you to enjoy today for what it is, and that is your day! 

Please join me in wishing Stephen a wonderfully happy birthday. He has consistently been supportive and always full of encouragement, even when he has had a bad day. He is good people. 

It is True, I LOVE Today. . .

. . . and everything it stands for! Today is a day worthy of acknowledgment and celebration! Even if it is just to lift a cup to Dwwindsor in honor of the anniversary of his birthday. A cup of coffee, a glass of scotch, a drink of choice, it does not matter. Lift your cup and wish a very happy anniversary to our resident scholar and bloviator of sorts. 

DW – I know that today is no big deal to you, but it is to me and I love, love, love that you gave me your day so that it can be celebrated and never forgotten! Thank you! 

Happy, happy anniversary of your one and only day! 

Red, Today is Yours . . .

. . .so be happy and celebrate! Years ago you asked that I not make a big deal of it, or even mention it to our online community, however, last year you made mention of it in the chat room, voiding all previous requests of silence. So, today I would like to wish you a very happy birthday! I hope that you have had a beautiful day with family and friends. 


PS- thank you for slipping up and doing this to yourself. I love celebrating birthday’s! 

Weekend Plans?

It has been awhile since we have had interaction here, so I thought I’d open a thread that hopefully some of you will respond to. What are your weekend plans? 

I am going to an early morning soccer game, then home to let Abby out of her kennel for a bit while I make a grocery list and then go to the store. After that I have a list of stuff I am hoping to accomplish. But, we shall see. It seems my Saturday’s are full and I get a little bit done, but I am hopeful. 

There are a few birthday’s this weekend, and that is exciting for me. Maybe not for you, but for me it is. I love every birthday there is and I truly believe they should all be celebrated. I was sworn off of 1 of the 3 upcoming birthday’s many years ago, but last year he made mention of it in my cam room, voiding out his earlier request for secrecy. Any guess as to who that might be? Go! Be quick because his day is tomorrow… 

News And Happenings

The Burning Man Event
August 25th – Sept 3rd
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$19.95 for 4 weeks, plus 2 FREE (Recurring membership)
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The Hot August Night’s Special
August 3rd – August 13th
If you joined my site during this week long special, you must email me to receive your gift. Please read below for details. 
Longevity has its rewards. If you join my site during “Hot August Nights”, and rebill at least one month (without cancelling), each new member will be compensated.
I do not initiate contact, for obvious reasons, so you MUST EMAIL ME FIRST at 
Each join that qualifies will have a choice of:
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After many requests I am now offering a premium Snapchat. If you are interested, please visit to join.
If you are a member of my site, you will find a link within the club page for a lower rate. 
I add pictures almost daily, and have even had some fun with videos. I am interactive, so if you send a message I will be responsive. Please, no dick pics/vids. This is a fun interactive tool to join me in my every day life and to stay connected, even when I am out and about, traveling to and from. If you would like to share your handsome dick with me, then join me on cam for a private one-one-one. 
TWITTER: Tweet, Tweet.
I tweet to have fun, and to connect with those who enjoy my website. Get to know the real me; follow me through my daily life. No membership required and I interact with everyone. 

Another Gem . . .

While we were in Texas I had the amazing pleasure of meeting Amber. She is just as sweet in person and she is online, with a wicked sense of humor. When I started this 12 years ago, I had no idea I would meet so many wonderful people, and some would become lifelong friends. I have been so fortunate in this online world that has been created around my site. 

Molly, thank you so much for making the drive to Bastrop to have breakfast with MtnMan and me, especially because your days off are scattered through your weeks and you hardly have time to relax as it is. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are an absolute gem, and one that I truly treasure. 



Not Much Notice…

G’afternoon and a very happy Monday from me to you! I hope that you had a restful weekend, and that the week has gotten off to a fantastic start. 

This week will be somewhat normal, with the exception of tomorrow (Tuesday). I am going to make a custom video in the morning, and then will be on cam, but it will be short lived. MtnMan needs to go out of town to pick something up and I have decided to ride with him. While gone I will be filming new content, so I will still be connected, just not on cam after 6p EST. I will be back online Thursday, normal time and this short out of town trip will not interfere with the member’s cam shows. 

I hope to see you guys at the #VNALive member’s cam tonight at 11p EST –> gain access through the VNA banner on the club page of my site. 

What is What, is How It Will Be

G’afternoon and a very happy Monday to you! My furniture project is underway, and the striping job turned out to be much more time consuming than I had imagined. It’s not that I didn’t know it would take part of my Saturday, but it took the entire day and I only got through 6 drawers and 3/4 of the cabinet; I still have 3 drawers and 1/4 of the cabinet to go before I can sand it to prep it for paint. It is going to be the best damn dresser that I have ever had. It is for the guest room but I may very well find a spot in the living room so that it can be shown off to everyone that knocks on my door. The pizza guy, the FedEx lady, other random people… and maybe the neighbors dog. lol. 

One thing is for certain, I won’t be starting a furniture restoration business. Fuck that. Now, with that said, I have enjoyed seeing the transformation, but I don’t know why anyone enjoys spending their entire day out in a hot garage, inhaling striper chemicals and burning fingertips when the gloves start to dissolve from contact with the striper. I mean, seriously, who are those people and what is wrong with them? lol.

Moving on. This week I will be offline Thursday, instead of Wednesday. So, that means the member’s show Thursday needs to be moved to Friday night. Any objections to that being the rescheduled day? 

Today is the last day to take advantage of Hot August Nights”. This is the first time I have offered a special such as this and it has been a huge success; better than any sale I have had on my site. So, for those new joins, thank you! Please email me if you have not already so that I can make a note to contact you in September with your gift. 

My premium #snapchat has been busy with sex and fun; including videos that cannot be found on the site. This is something that is spur of the moment and fun, while off cam and sometimes even while I am on the road. So join and enjoy my snaps. 

Thank you for reading my blog; it means a lot to me that you guys take the time to follow my ramblings. *hugs*

Hot August Nights

A month full of videos and bonus sets. Hot August Nights:

August 3rd – August 13th

Longevity has its rewards. If you join my site during “Hot August Nights”, and rebill at least one month (without cancelling), each new member will be compensated.

I do not initiate contact, for obvious reasons, so you MUST EMAIL ME FIRST at

Each join that qualifies will have a choice of:

  • A month access to my premium snapchat ($13.95 Value)
  • Panties with pictures, available only to US residents ($35+ Value)
  • 5 minute video, with option for additional minutes ($75 Value)

Yadda, Yadda, Chitty-Chatter

Last week was spent in Texas and away from my computer, but I still managed to spend a good part of the week doing new videos and content. I was active on Snapchat, adding vids and pics throughout my week, so join today so you don’t miss out on any of the fun. I do a little bit of everything on there, from solo selfies, to fun videos during content shoots and even roadside blowjobs, if the mood strikes. I also have fun while driving to the Post Office, getting completely naked and flashing truckers. 

You might have heard that while I was in Texas my divorce was finalized. A huge relief to finally be done with that chapter in my life. My phone continued to erupt in fireworks and celebrations all the way through Sunday, thanks to my family of friends. I am truly fortunate to have a small group that are my family. 

Since I was gone last week I have a few extra member’s shows that I will be doing over the course of the next few days. Follow my tweets and blog posts to stay up to date. 

I have decided that it is time to tackle my furniture project, so Wednesday I will pick up the supplies and start that next Saturday. So, wish me luck on that! 

No Member Shows This Week

This is a reminder that I won’t be online this week, so the member shows will be rescheduled for next week. This will be the only post, so I hope that you stay in touch with my tweets and blog posts, or else you might be confused when you look for me this week…

Next week the schedule is as follows:

Sunday – VNA at 11p EST

Monday – VNA at 11p EST

Tuesday – VNA at 11p EST

Thursday – VNA at 11p EST 

Always a Thoughtful One


Thank you so much for always being thoughtful, kind and generous. It does not matter what your days are like, you always think of others first, whether it be your wit, kindness or thoughtfulness. You are a sweet, sweet lady! 

Thank you for the soup, crackers, Victoria’s Secret coupons and the picture you sent off of my wishlist. I think I already know where it will be hung. 


Saturday Plans

Whew! Today is busy from the time I open my eyeballs, until I go to sleep tonight. I am going into town to get my nails done and in order to do that without wasting 4 hours waiting, I must be standing outside the salon before they unlock the doors. That could be anywhere from 830-930, so I will be there at 845 and hope for the best! From there I am going to do a quick stop at my favorite antique store to see if they still have a dresser I spotted a couple weeks ago, and then to the grocery store.

Once I am home, and hopefully that is by noon, I will start working on new content for my site. It is something that I have been putting off the last couple weeks but now it is time to get focused again. I have big plans for August and hope you will continue to enjoy the videos and all of the many hours of LIVE cam shows that is included with a membership. 

The Decision Has Been Made

Over the last month I have asked you guys about switching things up with the weekly member shows. For the last twelve years I have done a show every Tuesday night but I have been wondering if it is time to make a change. I tweeted, blogged and set up a poll on the site. After reading all of the reviews and comments I have decided to start doing Thursday’s at 11p EST. This change was made based on all of the comments, but also because I think that a Thursday show will break up the week for us all instead of having 2 back to back shows early in the week. I will probably do a 20 minute bonus on Tuesday’s at 8p EST, so if some of you prefer the earlier shows, you will not be left out… with that said, the Tuesday hour has dwindled in member participation over the last year, which is what first prompted my initial inquiry about making a change.

I look forward to spending an hour with you on Thursday night’s.

Your Votes . . .

Those of you that join me on the #VNALive network have been incredibly good to me! I had the 2nd best show of the month of June, making that yet another win. I wish I would have been keeping track of all of the wins you have given me, but I have not. What I do know is that I have been in the top three more times than not, and that is because of each and every one of you, so thank you! 

Pet Peeve of the Week

My pet peeve of the week goes out to those who visit my cam room (through the cam site and talk to me about what you would love to do to me, but cannot go private because you are at work, or have a house full people. First, I am not an idiot. Second, using such a stupid excuse is just dumb and makes you a bigger douchebag than you already seem. If you can chat me up in a LIVE chat room for free, while at work or with family home, then you can goddamn do it in private. 

Also, while I am at it, I seriously get annoyed when anyone comes into my chat, ignoring my greeting and says “gold show?” or, better yet, “it is kind of slow, don’t you want to do a gold show?” –> I could expand on this, but I won’t because it will only get uglier from here.. so, with that, I am done with this pet peeve rant. 



Yeah, About Yesterday’s Post

My cough has turned into a head cold, and after talking on the phone for awhile this afternoon I think that it is best if I take today to rest and hopefully get over the brunt of the cold. I will be back online Thursday and we will kick it off with gold shows and a few bonus ones for good measure. I will also be doing the weekly 1 hour cam show Thursday at 11p EST and would love to see you there to catch up and reconnect. 


Change in Schedule

This week I will be doing a 20 minute bonus show on Tuesday, instead of the 1 hour show that we normally do. Instead, I will do a 1 hour show Thursday night at 11p EST. 

A Very Special Day (June 10)

In my #newbeginnings I have allowed myself to slip on my birthday posts and encouragement of celebrations of each one. I am slowly adding the important dates back into my calendar book so that I will not miss another one…

This one was not missed, but I did not make the time to dedicate a blog post to someone who deserves more than just a tweet. So, forgive me for my lack of attention to this very special day, and join in wishing Molly a wonderful and very happy birthday month. She is a sweet lady, with a wicked sense of humor and a generous heart. She is always spreading good energy, despite her current mood or terrible day. She is a gem and a true gift. Thank you, Molly, for being apart of our community; one that you so often call my family.