Drinks with Friends

Dressed Up and Cumming in Pantyhose! HD Video!

I met friends for drinks tonight and was in the mood to dress up and I am so glad that I did because I met someone! We only exchanged numbers but spent the evening flirting and catching up with friends. I wore nylons, so I could feel my pussy aching, rubbing against the material and I could even smell my scent when I stood up from the table to say good night. I do hope that he calls, but right now all I can think about is having an orgasm now that I am home. This video is full of dirty talk, teasing, rubbing myself through the nylons and then slipping my fingers into my pussy to get myself wetter than I already was.  I want you to imagine jerking off over me, blowing your load all over the pantyhose. Give me something to play with … CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


A Horny Masturbation

It’s Simple … I just need to masturbate and cum! HD Video!

This video has no storyline, fantasy or theme, other than just needing to masturbate. I was going to give myself an orgasm, regardless of whether I invited you to join, or not. This was a much needed cum session, and I figured it would be better to have company, than to go completely solo. Yes? So, sit back, grab your dick and let’s masturbate together. I hope that at the end, you will be satisfied and ready to relax for the remainder of your day. CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


The Lawn Boy

Hooking Up with the Lawn Boy! HD Video!

I was getting ready to film a video when I heard a lawnmower start up, so I walked out onto the porch and the neighbor guy was getting ready to spend a couple hours on yard work. I grabbed him a water on my way out and we flirted back and forth for a bit, but both of us being on a tight schedule we said our goodbyes with the hopes of maybe going for a drink later. Little does he know that my “schedule” involves masturbating and getting off, while he is right outside my window mowing grass.  Needless to say, I was incredibly turned on for this video, squirting while fantasizing about a spur of the moment hookup. LICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Creamy Pantyhose

I Get My Pantyhose So Creamy and Wet! 1080p HD Video!

I got home after a night out and was creamy and aching for a good, intense orgasm. I spent the night with the nylons rubbing against my bare pussy, getting me wet and so aroused that my lips were swollen and glazed with my cream. After I slipped out of the dress, I finger fucked my pussy and you could hear how wet I was, and once I started the cream continued to ooze out of me. If only you were with me, we could have fucked all night long. First, with my nylons on, completely covering my pussy, your cock stroking against me and just exploding into a massive mess, before ripping the pantyhose off and giving me your already spent cock that is still hard and willing to continue.  I wonder how many loads you would give me… CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

The Decision Has Been Made

Over the last month I have asked you guys about switching things up with the weekly member shows. For the last twelve years I have done a show every Tuesday night but I have been wondering if it is time to make a change. I tweeted, blogged and set up a poll on the site. After reading all of the reviews and comments I have decided to start doing Thursday’s at 11p EST. This change was made based on all of the comments, but also because I think that a Thursday show will break up the week for us all instead of having 2 back to back shows early in the week. I will probably do a 20 minute bonus on Tuesday’s at 8p EST, so if some of you prefer the earlier shows, you will not be left out… with that said, the Tuesday hour has dwindled in member participation over the last year, which is what first prompted my initial inquiry about making a change.

I look forward to spending an hour with you on Thursday night’s.

Alone and Horny

Lonestar Angel Is Alone and Horny … Invites You In! 1080p HD Video!

I found myself horny and alone, so I turned the cam on and finger fucked myself to satisfaction. I talk to the camera as though you are in front of me, telling you exactly what I want, and how I want you to take me. I finger fuck myself so hard, fantasizing about you, that you can hear the slaps against my lips and when I bend over is when I want it harder and deeper.  While you watch the video, I want you to stroke your cock and when you hear me beg for your cum load, I want you to explode and give me a big mess. CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Polling ALL Member’s

The Tuesday night member show has been at 8p EST for 12 years now, but I am wondering if it is time for a change. 

Does 8p EST work for you? Yes or No

Would you prefer a later time, say 11p EST? Yes or No

Does Tuesday still work for you, or would Thursday be better?

Flirting at the Hotel Bar

I’m a Western Bar Winch Flirting with You! – 1080p HD Video!

Last night I did something out of character and spent an evening at the hotel bar. It was fun to be on the prowl, so to speak, but I still chose to spend the night alone. I was surprised at how much fun it was and I must admit, it was a huge turn on, just knowing that I had peaked the interest of a few patrons. After a fun night of reassurance and flirting, I woke up so wet and ready to play. Watch as I share my evening before with you, and use a big toy wishing I had taken at least one of the gentleman up on their offer… to fuck me all night long! CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Passionate Love

Passionate Love with Lonestar Angel – 1080p HD Video! 

I want you to climb on top of me, kiss me with passion, run your hands down, along my curves and feel my legs wrap around you, long before you undress to give me all of you. As our breathing gets heavier and the room becomes warmer, you slide fingers between my lips and feel that I am already wet for you. It is not long before you are pulling your hard cock out to let me feel you sliding into my tight pussy. As we slowly enjoy each other, you take your time at pleasing my every need, only then will you give me your cum load.

My fantasy is that you are here with me as I use a toy, making myself creamy with a desire to be with you.  CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!



Meeting The Parents

Meeting The Parents
(Pictures & 1080p HD Video!)

Meeting the parents for the first time is a bit unnerving, but can still be fun with a naughty twist. This set includes pictures and a short video because I had to be sneaky about both.

While we were outside, getting away from the noise of the family I flashed him boobs and as much pussy as I could before anyone walked out. I am wearing pantyhose so I pulled them down just enough to give him a tease, while looking over my shoulder to make sure no one was walking out the patio door. 

The video was even more fun though because while he was walking down memory lane with the family, I went on a walk about and found his childhood bedroom. I was in a dangerously naughty mood and did a quick video for him, which I have chosen to share with you. I ripped my pantyhose so that I could finger myself, while standing over his bed, and I was so wet my aroma filled the room. I heard my name being called so I had to rush out, but it was so much fun! I pulled my dress down and walked out with my pussy exposed underneath and cum dripping down my thighs. When I shook his dad’s hand, my juice no doubt transferred… if he only new. I hope to do that again because the sex that night was intense and fulfilling! CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

A Tease Turned Erotic

Watch As I Go From Tease To Flat Out Horny & Playful!
(HD Video self recorded on my iPhone)

This video started out as a fun tease towards Dawn Marie, but it turned into an erotic ride, with you in mind. I enjoy being on top because I can take control and let you feel how truly tight I am as I slide up and down on your cock. My pussy contracting with each grind of my hips, your hands squeezing my boobs and the sounds of us both moaning with pleasure is a huge turn on for me. The feel of you responding to my wetness makes me want it harder and deeper. I imagine you exploding inside of me, as I continue to stroke you until I cum one more time and then falling into your arms in great satisfaction … CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

(Kik Messenger is a FREE app available on all smart phones. This gives you access to texting directly to my phone, without exchanging phone numbers.)

Friday Night Plans

Over the last few months I have had several Friday night hours on VNA, with a lot of great feedback, and after last week’s extra show, I have had even more requests for them. I enjoy them, you guys seem to, as well, and a few of you who cannot make the Monday shows can join on Friday because it is a later time. So, I have decided to add an extra one for this week, but it is, in no way, a certainty that it will become a weekly occurrence.

If you are a member of mine, or one of Dawn Marie’s, join me Friday at 11p EST, via the VNA banner.

An Extra Members Show This Week

The title makes it sound as though I’m doing something special, in addition to my twice weekly shows. Actually, I am doing just that, what am I talking about?! Although, I did promise you guys an extra one last week, to make up the cancelled Tuesday show, and I never followed through… so, I’m making plans early so that my week doesn’t slip away from me. And, if you find my energy and motivation, will you kindly return it to me? Thanks.

Join me Friday at 10p EST for an hour of fun! Click on the Streamate banner.


Tuesday Date Night Postponed

Tonight I’m going to be gazing at the stars through a gigantic telescope at the McDonald Observatory. I love the vast, open spaces of west Texas. I’ll do my best to tweet, but it all depends on cell reception. I will be doing 4- one hour shows next week, so enjoy this break and clear your schedule next week. lol. I’ll probably do the make ups after 10p EST.

I hope that you all have a great evening and I look forward to catching up with you next week.

Members Totally Redeemed Themselves

I cannot expect members to always give me their time, especially when I offer so many shows each week. However, with that said, you guys have spoiled me and it’s rare that the attendance is low. Last Monday was a first. I started the VNA show without any of my fella’s. I didn’t freak out for the first minute, but then five minutes in I was starting to get a little unnerved. Don’t get me wrong, the VNA guys are always gracious and kind, but not usually chatty. So, the first several minutes I was talking to myself, asking the same question- “How was your weekend?” ….. “sooooo…. did you guys do anything fun this weekend?” …. “I had a busy weekend without internet. That sucked… I thought I’d be online, but nooope.” …. “how was the weather for you guys this weekend? …. “I scrubbed my feet (LOL)” …. then in walks Hedo and I was so happy and relieved! I had someone to respond to me. lol. We said our hello’s and then he put me on mute without telling me. Yep. Good talk. LOL. Jer followed Hedo and so I told him that I scrubbed my feet. lol. Anyway, the show was great, as it always is, I’m just so used to my fella’s conversing with me that I don’t know what to do when there’s no response… After I calmed down from being so excited about the company, I got naked and then in walked Dwwindsor and it got real! lol.

Tuesday night I had the second member show of the week and one or two showed up before the start of it, then slowly a couple more and all at once I had about 15 of you guys in the show. It was amazing and surprising! Those of you who aren’t able to make it often showed up. One took off work just to surprise me and another got home after an 18 hour day and instead of going to bed, signed into the show. All joking aside, you guys know you’re mine! LOL. Just kidding. Now seriously, you members really do amaze me and it’s guys like you that keep me doing the member shows.

Reminder: Sunday VNA Show

This is just a reminder that we’re coming up on the last Sunday of the month, which means I’ll be on VNALive.com at 4p EST this Sunday.

I’d love for you to join me for Sunday Funday. Let’s catch up and enjoy the rest of the weekend together.

VNA Makeup Show

Hello! I hope you’re all having a great week, and that you enjoyed an extended weekend. I saw most of you last night during “Date Night”, but wanted to post a note here for those who didn’t make it.

First, let me apologize for canceling the Sunday VNA show this week. It seems that most holiday’s happen on the last weekend of the month, and I never realized it until I started doing shows on those days. Bad planning on my part. The last VNA show of each day is at 11p EST, which is a terrible time for those who are only able to make the Sunday shows, so I’ll be doing this week’s makeup show on STREAMATE.

Second, I realize that the time I have chosen isn’t convenient for a few of my fella’s, but to be fair the Sunday shows are for those who cannot make the normal 8p EST shows, can actually enjoy one hour a month with me.

Join me Thursday night at 1a EST (that’s early Friday morning) via the STREAMATE banner (lime green background) for a one hour member show. 

Reminder: Sunday VNA Show


This show is cancelled, due to bad planning on my part. I will reschedule for a later date.


This is just a reminder that we’re coming up on the last Sunday of the month, which means I’ll be on VNALive.com at 4p EST this Sunday.

I’d love for you to join me for Sunday Funday. Let’s catch up and enjoy the rest of the weekend together.

Refreshed and Ready for New Stuff!

I have fun with pictures and videos more now than I ever have, and it’s all because of you guys. Just like anything, it’s easy to fall into a rut, and it could be said that I’ve been in one for awhile now. In order to keep it fresh, I’ve used old videos that you’ve probably never seen before, and I’ve released picture sets I didn’t plan on sharing with you. It’s because if I don’t feel good about them, I don’t like them. But, here lately, because I’ve been stagnant, I’ve posted them. You guys are always so gracious and complimentary, no matter the content, which is why I feel like I owe you more than what I’ve been providing. Thanks to you, and the feedback I’ve received this week, I spent a few hours outside yesterday. I rode a bicycle, which was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. Granted, I made a fool of myself, but I laughed, which always makes it worth the humiliation. LOL. The sun was beating down on me, so afterwards I ended up taking an outside shower that resulted in a 10+ minute video. I had plans to do this last fall, but mother nature got in the way. It was all set up just in time for 8 inches of rain, which filled the tub and stopped me from having fun for you guys until now… which turned out to be much better because after the huge amounts of fall rain, it turned cold. This week it’s blazing hot and the cold shower was refreshing and fun!

This is just the beginning of new content! I have plans to do more outdoor shoots in the next week, so enjoy!

Another Great Week on thelonestarangel.com

After years of being online, and having a good group of fella’s, I’m still pleasantly surprised with the support you guys show me. You all keep me doing this week after week, and this one wasn’t out of the norm. We had a few new additions to the group Tuesday, which is always nice to see. If you’re a member, but feel it’s too intimidating to join the group shows, please consider joining us next week. The fella’s are always welcoming of new joiners and are always encouraging of each other. There’s fun banter back and forth, and over time it’s become a big group of friends. If you’re not joining because you don’t want a group discussion, then know that you don’t have to be a chatter to still enjoy the member’s show. A membership to my site offers more than most. I don’t just do one member show a week. It’s more like three, sometimes five. lol. The shows that are scheduled are:

Monday 8p EST

Tuesday 8p EST

Thursday 8p EST (20 minute bonus)

All other shows that turn up through the week are in addition to the above listed shows. I’ve been known to do an extra 1 hour show, for a member’s birthday. I’ve also done an all night birthday celebration for a member, giving access to anyone who joins my site… so, when I say my website offers more than most, I do back that up with proof. With all of that said, I’m not one to cancel a show, especially last minute. Life happens, yes. When it does, though, I always know ahead of time and will reschedule a show, but never cancel it all together… I take care of my guys. How about you become one of them today, by joining me. *wink*

Reminder: Sunday VNA Show

This is just a reminder that we’re coming up on the last Sunday of the month, which means I’ll be on VNALive.com at 4p EST this Sunday.

I’d love for you to join me for Sunday Funday. Let’s catch up and enjoy the rest of the weekend together.

This Weeks Schedule

Alright, if everything goes as planned, this will be my schedule this week.

Monday: On lonestarangel.cammodels.com in the afternoon and into the evening.

Members cam show on the VNA network- 8p EST

Tuesday: On lonestarangel.cammodels.com in the afternoon and into the evening.

Members cam show on Streamate- 8p EST

Wednesday: OFFLINE all day… might not even be on Twitter. lol.

Thursday: On lonestarangel.cammodels.com in the evening and late into the night.

Members cam show on Streamate- 10:30p EST

Friday: On lonestarangel.cammodels.com in the afternoon and into the evening.

Saturday: On lonestarangel.cammodels.com in the afternoon…