No Member Show Tonight

Another reminder that I am in North Texas and not able to guarantee that I will be online for the weekly member’s show tonight(11p EST). If I am online, please join me through the site link for easy access, but I will not be doing the member’s show, regardless. lol. I know, wishy washy to an extent, but without knowing whether or not the wifi will be stable enough to host a 1 hour member show, I’d rather save the frustrations and make it up to you next week…

Spam Calls

We all get them. Most of us ignore them. When I changed numbers in 2017, my daily spam calls stopped, and it was awesome! Gone were the multiple calls at random times, morning, noon and night. When I am asked by a business for my phone number at checkout, I decline. I am sorry, but I just want to buy this pair of socks, you don’t need my number. And, that attitude has protected me from the annoying spammers. That is until several months ago. I have two callers that call daily, at different times. Today I answered.

The first was a lady that was speaking so fast I only caught “I am calling from an internet car insurance service”. I said in an annoyed tone, “NOT interested. Take me off of your call list.” and, she was still speed talking until I said, “yeah, not interested, take me off of your list.” She, no doubt, gets rude responses daily, but I am sorry, that is one job I do not respect. It is intrusive, annoying and they continue to call until you answer. This has been going on for months, and on a daily basis. There is a fucking reason I have not answered. I would have blocked the number but it changes the last 2 digits each call, so their fucking sales people can continue to call. At any rate, she was just as snippy with me, telling me my number will be removed and then hung up on me. If they call back I am going to be fucking irate with whomever is calling. I know jobs can be difficult to come by, and believe me, I have been there but that, in no way earns my respect. Stop calling if the number does not pick up after 3 tries.

The second caller was about 5 minutes later and from an Austin area, but that number also changes. He left me a message a few months back, but he was too hard to understand. All I could hear was he is looking for a Mary someone. Today when he called I answered. It took awhile for the call to connect, which tells me it is most likely a spammer, and then he informed me I was being recorded. I interrupted him to tell him to get to it. He said he was looking for a Mary Savalla and blah blah.. yeah, you have the wrong number, please take it off your call list. Do you know her? Nope. Take me off of your call list. Okay, sorry for bothering you, please allow 2 days for it to be removed…. so yeah, not an important caller.

I seriously think that regulations need to be placed on businesses selling phone numbers, but also on those spammers and the rights of us as consumers. It has gotten out of hand. There is no reason my phone rings at random times, all from similar, but different numbers. I think Sunday might be the only day they take off from harassing people, all in hopes of selling fake car insurance or a vacuum that has been resold several times.

When I finally answer after months of letting it go to voicemail, it is never going to be good. They are lucky I was still waking up or else I’d have probably given them an ear full. lol. Fucking wankers.

I am My Mother

The older I get, the more like my mother I become. That is not a bad thing, by any means, but there was a time when I tried to be my own individual, trying my best to take no characteristics from my parents. I don’t know why, except it was my little bit of rebellion that I owned. They were great parents; I always knew that I was loved, and cared for. No matter their struggles in the adult world, they always put us first. Always.

Yesterday I was making my smoothie and I decided to add a little bit of honey. I don’t know why, but I thought it would “spice” it up a bit. I hate sticky stuff, probably as much as Mom did. In fact, she would not touch the syrup bottles because “the twins’ made sure to get that shit all over the sides of it. She hated syrup for that reason. It was sticky, and it could not be handled without getting “sticky” all over you. She also hated that Dad absolutely loved honey. He wasn’t a messy person, but he like his honey and there was always a little bit left on the sides. That bothered no one, except Mom. It would eventually drip down and get the cabinet shelves sticky. Mom was not an argumentative person, at all, but there was no question about her disdain for sticky. In turn I took a hate for honey, syrup and anything sticky. I totally understand what her hangup was about, and I support it! As a kid, I thought it was amusing and funny. As an adult, I am my mother. Let me take you back to my yesterday and the smoothie with a bit of honey added. We have a bottle of local honey that is so thick that it takes 5 minutes to drip, so I have it stored upside down. It seemed smart at the time. During the making of my smoothie that smart plan turned into one of the dumbest executions of bad judgement that I have had in awhile. It was quick to drip, but that drip turned into one big, long strand of very thick, sticky honey. It would not stop. I slowly, and gradually, tipped the bottle right side up and in doing so the honey continued to flow into a long, 2″ thick strand of silly string, all over the outside of my cup, all over the counter and, of course, on the outside of the honey bottle. And, guess who was watching me, with slight amusement, as she sat, waiting for her treat because she was at the boundary line to the kitchen? Abby the golden, with that beautiful face that showed me that I failed at my execution of keeping the sticky inside the smoothie. The rest of that honey bottle is in the trash. It was so sticky that there was no fixing that. Now, Mom, she was not one to waste anything, and I do admire that, but she knows not what I do today, so I will be fine knowing that I don’t have fucking sticky on the cabinet shelf.

I am also my father. I love honey.

North Texas

Next wednesday, February 13th, I will be flying to north Texas with MtnMan and we will be there for eight days. I will stay connected as much as possible, tweeting, and hopefully camming here and there, but with that said I won’t know how strong the internet connection is until we arrive. I will most definitely keep the VNA schedule as is, because that won’t take much wifi to stream. However, the network cam sites is another story.

So, let’s plan on doing the Thursday member’s (Feb 14th) show the following week. I will obviously be tweeting and reminding you guys with another blog thread, so as to not have you guys looking for me when I am not online. Again, I do not know how often I will be on cam, but I hope to try for an hour here and there, depending on the wifi connection.

I plan to film new content, and my hope is to get 3 months worth of videos in my stockpile. If you have a request, now is your time to send me ideas.

I also hope to be wearing flip flops and TOMS while in Texas; here is wishing the weather gods be on my side and not send a freak ice storm to Texas for that week.. I mean, it is Texas, so something that drastic could actually happen despite their 80 degree temps they are seeing right now.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support of my site and cam shows. I appreciate all joins, regardless of what site it is you join through.

Another Win

You guys continue to amaze me with the support, no matter what endeavor I am pursuing. I placed 3rd on VNA for January, and that is three months in a row that I was in the top three. I have taken many wins on the VNALive platform and it is all because of those who join me on Monday nights and give me your votes.

Thank you to those who show up every so often, once a month, or every single week. I would not continue to offer member shows if it were not for those of you that join in and make it fun for me.

Belated Wishes to Someone Special

Nicster, I know this post is a couple of days late, but it is still made with heartfelt wishes. You have been one of mine for so many years that it is hard to believe we have celebrated your day for over a decade. That is crazy when it is put into perspective like that, and I cherish each one of the years we have spent together. I look back in astonishment that I am still online because it started out as a “hobby” for extra money, but it quickly turned into more. The reason I am putting that into words, in celebration of you, is because you were one of the first to encourage me to expand, try new things (such as creating a wishlist), and you are always the first to support me in those new endeavors. Not once have you suggested something and not been right behind me in support. So, as I send this out to everyone who reads my blog, I want to wish you a beautifully belated birthday, and I do hope that you did something for you, and that it was a great celebration for YOUR day. I look forward to observing the anniversary of your birth for many years to come. Thank you and a happy celebration of you!

You Are Worth Celebrating!

Happy birthday Cliff! I hope that today was a good day for you, and that you took some time for you, and no one else. You have been one of my fella’s for many, many years and it is amazing to have another birthday to experience with you. Thank you! I want you to have an amazing day every day, but especially today; it is your day!

January 5, 2007

This is the day that I quit smoking and it was one of the smartest decisions I have ever made. That is not to say that those of you that smoke should quit. I am not one to preach about bad habits that I once had. Hell, both of my parents smoked, and I picked it up late into my 20’s for just a couple of years. So, smart, I am not, but this is a day that I always remember because for me quitting was more than just letting go of a bad habit, and it was not easy, but I am glad to not be a smoker today. 

Manatee’s, Roo’s and Elephants Make the World a Better Place

My biggest obsession would be elephants, but I have always had a love of manatee’s and kangaroo’s, as well. Manatee’s are just sweet, adorable and they are the only species that are safer in captivity than any other animal. Kangaroo’s fascinated me as a child because they hop and skip along with not a care in the world. Elephant’s need no explanation here…

Last year, for my first Christmas as a single person, Cliff sent me a box of ornaments that he had specifically made for me. Unfortunately, they did not arrive in time to adorn my tree, but this year they played center stage. We had a very simple tree with just a few bulbs, which is what I wanted, and the ornaments I had from Cliff added a special touch to a very happy holiday. Thank you, Cliff for your kindness, and, of course, your thoughtfulness. Although, they did not make it last year, they will definitely play a role in my holidays from here on out. 

New Year, New Plans

There was a time when a new year always gave me a renewed sense of change and ideas, but I have sense realized that it does not need to be a specific date to make a change. Resolutions are good to be made, but only if it is something that you are ready to fulfill, or else they will be broken shortly after they are set. For me I think that it is healthy to maintain goals and to make them throughout the year, so no New Years Resolutions for me. What about for you?


I love all kinds of pickles. Sweet pickles. Sour pickles. Tart pickles. Pickles. All kinds of pickles! 

Fuzzy Slippers are Good For the Soles!

I had a surprise package show up to my front door awhile back and it was from MtnMan, which  happens to also be his front door. But, that is besides the point, this package was for me and inside was a pair of nice, fuzzy slippers that could be worn in public, but I choose to treat them as house slippers and they do my feet good! Sometimes I even wear them outside when I give Abby her daily brushing and they keep my feet warm when it is snowing! That was way more information than any of you needed, or probably even wanted, but seriously, these slippers are good for the soles! Thank you, Beebs!

Home Cook

I never knew I would find joy in cooking, but here I am, cooking and always looking for new recipes and different foods to try. Last month I received a new cookbook, thanks to Michael, and I cannot wait to try my hand at some non-crockpot dishes. With that said, I wonder if some of the casseroles and oven bakes would turn out in the slow cooker. I have yet to put any of the recipe’s from this cookbook to the test though because I find myself busy right now, with not much time to spend in the kitchen.

Michael, thank you so much for being so thoughtful and generous in sending a cookbook; one that I was about to buy myself. I appreciate you  more than you realize.


Happy Holidays

Okay, bare with me, please. I never thought I would be anything short of a grinch. It was not that I didn’t want you all to enjoy your holidays, but I didn’t see what the big hub bub was all about. And, in reality, I still don’t, but I do appreciate the simple things, such as putting up a tree. We even have a wreath for our door, thanks to Dawn Marie! That will be as much decorating that will get done at our house, but I am actually looking forward to going to cut down a tree on Saturday. It is something that we could have easily blown off, but I think it will be sweet to see Abby staring at the lights and hopefully not trying to eat the branches of pine needles, or step through the sticky sap that drips all over the skirt. Either way, I am not the grinch I once was, but I also feel that the change in my #newbeginnings deserves some holiday cheer. With that said, I live with a grinch now, and I am okay with that. He lost his scrooge and I gained one. I am embracing that with much love! lol. 

Also, I am still not big on holiday songs, or christmas lights before December 1st. So, keep that in mind. Thank you. 


Argyles, Argyles, Argyles . . .

. . . is there such a thing as too many argyles? The answer is no, no there is not! There is just something about argyles that make my toes happy! So, needless to say, I was quite excited to open a surprise package from Bubba to find over-the-knee argyles!!! They have a splash of red, which makes them different than all of my other pairs of diamond patterned socks! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Now the problem I have is trying not to wear them once a week because as soon as they are washed and back in the drawer, I am wanting to slip into them for a happy day spent in argyles garb!

The Last PG Photo . . .

I would like to get some interaction back on this blog, but I need you all to play along. What is the last PG photo you took on your phone? Yes, I am specifically asking for PG so that everyone will enjoy this thread… or, at least, that is my hope.

Of course, mine is of Abigail. 

Abby loves riding with her head out the window…

Shocking . . .

I am just as gobsmacked as you are about to be, but I am going to buy some holiday decorations for the tree this year.


Traditions and Memories

With Thanksgiving behind us, and the Christmas season still to come, I would like to know what is the one tradition that you enjoy because it is full of memories.

For me, it would be driving around to look at all of the lights. When I was a kid Dad would take us to Johnson City to see the courthouse lit up. That was 35 years ago, and today the entire town is lit up into a winter wonderland. It used to be a small town event, with just the locals enjoying in awe, and now people from all over make that drive to see full trees lit up from roots to top of branches, thanks to the electric company. Although, I am not a fan of the crowds, it is still an amazing sight to see. I still find myself enjoying a drive about town to look at holiday lights, even in my new surroundings. It makes me smile to remember what it was like as a kid.


Reasons why joining my site is a great idea:

1.) I update weekly, sometimes several times a week. (mostly videos)

2.) I host several member’s shows each week, no matter what, there are never cancelled shows.

3.) I am approachable, available and very interactive. 

4.) My site is 100% me – pictures, videos, emails, tweets, personality. I am who I am on screen and behind the computer. There is no one other than myself that you will talk to if you send me a message.

5.) You receive more than most sites give you and they charge double the price. 

6.) You gain access to all of the VNALive network – daily LIVE cam shows by big names and amateurs alike!

7.) I am a small business. 

Thanksgiving is For Sharing

What is the one thing that you did over the Thanksgiving week that you enjoyed? Now, I do realize this excludes those who are not from the US, so let’s extend that to everyone. What did you do this past week that made you smile?

For me, it is simple. I woke up with MtnMan and got a lot of love from Abby, before going to his sisters house for an amazing dinner with family. It was low key, quiet and perfect. 

What I am Thankful For

My absolute favorite day of the year is Thanksgiving. It is the love of family that taught me to be thankful, but also appreciative of what the day truly means. It is the one day that people slow down and make time to reconnect; it is the day that people come together, no matter their social standing, and enjoy each others company over a feast. It is the day that families, whether biological, or chosen, have no other commitment but to each other. It is beautiful.

I am thankful to have you guys in my life, and to know that you we have created an amazing community online, through my site. Without the site as a platform, none of us would have met, and for that, I am very thankful for. I am also grateful for those of you that joined many years ago and never left, but also for those who have joined here and there, coming and going as you do, and those who joined once (and done), because without you all I would not still be online. I should also extend my gratitude to those of you that have just recently joined, because joins like yours is what keeps the site fresh. 

I am thankful for so much more in my #newbeginnings, but because I feel that I have over shared too often, I will spare you guys more on that. But, that is not to say I am not going to reiterate that I am lucky to have friends who stayed true and who helped me through the stressful days of the last couple of years. I do believe that you choose who your family is, and it can be a positive choice. 

On a much simpler note, I am most thankful to be joining MtnMan75 and his family for a beautiful dinner. 

A Day to Recognize as Special.

Today is Outlaw’s birthday, and this is one day that should be recognized and celebrated. He is my longest running member, and that, in itself, is pretty fucking amazing, but besides that, he is a stand up gentleman who has proven to be a good friend and a loyal one at that. Longest running member, and loyal friend do go hand in hand. He has jumped three networks with me in the 12+ years that I have been online, and that does not include all of the many cam sites that I have tried over that time period, all of which he has joined with me. 

Outlaw, I do wish you nothing but the happiest of days, and I, although, I encourage this big purge of your last 20 years, I want you to take a break today. Get out. Celebrate you. Have a cigar. Enjoy friends. Do something for you. 

I am so excited for your #newbeginnings. It is something you need and your days will be full of what you are passionate about. This change, although, terrifying and uncertain, is good, positive change for you. I am happy that you have the strength to make such a leap. 

Happy, happy birthday to you!

Current Keeps the Water From Becoming Stagnant

Alright, so I have had a hard time finding motivation, as of lately, and some of that is the fact that I am bored with the same days always spent online. That is not to say that I am tired of being on cam. That just simply is not the case. However, change is good and it keeps life interesting and hopefully will keep it from being boring.

Anyway, to the point. I have decided to take Sundays off for the next couple of months, which means I will be online for Saturdays. This will be a broken day because I will be online for a few hours in the orning/early afternoon and then do my grocery shopping, getting back online after I am home. So, at least a 2 hour break..

So, I hope that I will continue to see some of you over the weekend, despite the change in day that I am online. 


Amber, You Are a Gem

Amber, you are an absolute sweetheart and meeting you during my last trip to Texas proved you are even sweeter than I imagined. You are always so thoughtful and caring, even when you are not feeling well yourself. So, thank you for always being you! 

After we met you sent me a big box of surprises to begin my new life (#newbeginnings) and it was full of everything I need to start a photo album/scrapbook. Thank you! I have not started one yet, but I will and you gave me a jump start on what I need to do that. 

Armistice Day

World War I ended at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918, when the Armistice with Germany went into effect. Armistice: a truce to end hostilities. At the urging of veteran organizations, it was later named Veterans Day, and is also known as Remembrance day, recognized annually. 

This year the Veterans parade was held Saturday, Veterans day Sunday (11/11) and Monday being the observed day for the Government agencies to have another 3-day weekend. 

Today is a day to celebrate all US veterans, whereas, Memorial day is to remember those that died in service to our country. 

I would like to thank those who chose to serve our country, in all capacities. It was a brave choice to choose military service, and it is a selfless act of continuing to protect our country, past, present and future. Whether you agree with war, or not, please take today to thank all veterans for their choice to serve. It is not their choice to go to war, but their honor to follow orders, and to do so with respect, regardless of their own opinions. 

Thank you, one and all.