Member’s Show Tonight

I will be doing a 1 hour LIVE cam show tonight at 11p EST. This will be a full week of member shows, so if you are not able to make it tonight, you’ve still a chance to join me on Thursday. Be sure to click on the banner for the member’s cam show — > 


New Cam Site

Alright, I am trying a few new cam sites over the next couple weeks. The site that I am trying today is ChatTimeNow

If you would like to check it out, please use my referral link, it would be very much appreciated. I will probably test the waters during the day, more so than at night. However, that is subject to change, so please check my Tweets out to find me… 


Recipe Exchange

Would anyone be interested in a recipe exchange? It is kind of a take on cookie exchange, but with it not being the holiday’s yet, I thought sharing recipe’s would be more enticing and might gain some interest. 

Yay or Nay? 

Are You a Spring?

I absolutely love the fall. The cooler temps, the changing of the seasons, the colors. It is just breathtaking, and beautiful. The blazing hot days of August are behind us, the chilly nights and cold mornings are in front of us. I have always loved the fall. It is when the leaves start to fall and the wind picks up, leaving the blooms blown about, with a dusty layer over them. It is a sign of changing times. 

What is your favorite season?

Meet Abby

Meet Abigail #abbythegolden 

She is sweet, adorable and so loving, but she also has a spurt of puppy energy from time to time that makes me think she is full of piss and vinegar. I love her. 

You All



You all; plural, more than one. 

How are y’all doing? 



One person; singular

How are you doing?


“How are y’all doing” when you enter my cam room because you think it is cute, but there is only one of me, makes you look ridiculous. So, stop. Just stop! STOP! 



Weekend Plans?

It has been awhile since we have had interaction here, so I thought I’d open a thread that hopefully some of you will respond to. What are your weekend plans? 

I am going to an early morning soccer game, then home to let Abby out of her kennel for a bit while I make a grocery list and then go to the store. After that I have a list of stuff I am hoping to accomplish. But, we shall see. It seems my Saturday’s are full and I get a little bit done, but I am hopeful. 

There are a few birthday’s this weekend, and that is exciting for me. Maybe not for you, but for me it is. I love every birthday there is and I truly believe they should all be celebrated. I was sworn off of 1 of the 3 upcoming birthday’s many years ago, but last year he made mention of it in my cam room, voiding out his earlier request for secrecy. Any guess as to who that might be? Go! Be quick because his day is tomorrow… 

August: A Great Month

August was a great month on my site, with a couple week long specials and a good list of new joins. If you were one that took advantage of the “Hot August Nights”  special that ran the first week of the month, and you have rebilled for September, you need to email me ( to collect on your prize. You had to choose between three (3) options and it is only valid if you rebill into September.

Sunrise or Sunset

Which do you prefer, a beautiful sunrise, or a peaceful sunset? I am torn on this one. I have a hard time waking up, but to experience a sunrise is so breathtaking and cleansing. It is as though the world is coming alive, together as one. The birds are chirping, the animals are starting to stir and the chickens are clucking. To see the sun rising over the horizon when the air is clean and the world is peacefully quiet is just amazing. With that said, a sunset is a time to reflect on the day. Everything is coming to an end, winding down and getting ready for the night time. Everything is abuzz, as the sun slowly descends on the next horizon, saying goodbye to us, while it is morning on the other side. It is so fascinating to think about it once you slow down long enough to truly appreciate it.

So, are you a sunrise or a sunset kind of person?

Puppy Pick Up Has Arrived ! ! !


When you read this, I will be holding a beautiful bundle of fur and happiness. She may or may not have a name by now, but regardless of that, she is already loved! I cannot wait to share her with you in tweets and an abundance of pictures. I think she will be an Instagram Golden because, well, why not? Instead of flooding my twitter TL with her #dailypics, I think an IG account is more fitting. With that said, she will also be on twitter. lol.

Weekend in PHX

Weekend in PHX

Our weekend in Phoenix was short, but packed with fun, mixed in with training. It was Rob’s birthday, which we spent at the ballpark watching the Braves, but we also made time to learn how to edit a video. Rob took the time to set it up prior to our arrival and it was a quick, but very informative couple of days. It is always great to see Rob and Dawn. They are good people who are generous with their time and knowledge, and always fun energy to be around. So, thank you both, for sharing your weekend with us, but especially a birthday. I hope to be able to expand on my video editing skills once I get a hang of what I am doing with the simple steps required.

Friday we did some day drinking and I am pretty sure that I was drunk and hung over all at the same time.

Saturday was the day that we went to the Braves game. I love ballparks. And, I ate a hot dog.

Sunday Dawn cooked breakfast for us and ChiDiablo. Have you ever had bacon cooked in the oven? If the answer is no, you need to stop what you are doing and throw a package in the oven right now. And, she made biscuits and gravy, which is my favorite. The gravy was perfect and the biscuits were fluffy. So delicious!

Love you both. #family

What Relaxes You?

We all have a routine after work, that helps us wind down from the day. For me it used to be playing Toyblast; it allowed me to escape and just forget, without making me think. I still play TB on my breaks and during idle times, but I now I read to rest my mind and to allow me to get ready to sleep. What do you do after a long day at work that gets you ready for bed? 

Going Back to My Roots

I know I keep throwing my divorce out there, at the most random of times, but I cannot express enough how relieved I am to be finished and ready for my next chapter; a true #newbeginning. I am looking forward to so many changes, and a very positive future. Today I am going to the DMV to change my name; I am going back to my maiden name. I think everyone should remember where they came from, good or bad, and to be able to reflect on it has made me appreciative to have had a loving home as a child. It has helped me process a lot in recent years and, although, sometimes I think that maybe forgetting would be easier, I am glad I have my experiences to know what I want for my 40’s and beyond. I will always have my maiden name as a part of who I am, from here on out. 

Your Reading List

I have gotten back into reading now that I am settled and finally finished with the divorce. It is relaxing and I enjoy reading different subjects, much more than I used to. It seemed like one I found a subject, I would go to the book store and buy as many books on that one topic, that I could find. Now, I have a whole stack of books that are from all sorts of fields. 

I am currently reading “Winter in Madrid”; it is a good read, but it took me awhile to get into it and now I can hardly put it down to go to sleep. While on our trip to PHX, I came home with three new books, but before I delve into those, I think I am going to read a book about the Lindbergh baby, or maybe one on Amelia Earhart. I also recently read an article on Eleanor Roosevelt, which has peaked my interest into more about her life. Has anyone a good recommendation on her? I am not too interested in the politics, but more her story. 

What are you currently reading? 

Second Week into September

Wow, it seems like we were just starting August, and here we are on the second week of September. I’ve had a lot of changes over the last couple of years, and it seems that there are more in the near future. All good things, though, I assure you of that!

Before I share my big news with you, let me give a big thank you to those of you that have stood by me. Most of you were happy for me when I made a big change, and you patiently stood by me without demanding answers that were not yours to have. Nothing changed with my site, with the exception of going 100% solo, but my cam schedule was sporadic through last summer and most of you checked on me throughout the days/weeks and were always quick to give a kind word. We did lose a couple along the way. Those who felt entitled to my decisions and felt they had been wronged in some, weird and twisted way. For me, it was a relief to see have those people walk away from me. To those who are still part of my life, thank you. You guys mean more to me than you might realize. 

Now, on to my news. We are getting a dog and she will be picked up on Saturday. A beautiful golden retriever and she is going to be so sweet and loving. I cannot wait to share her with you all, on Twitter and VNA. lol. I might even have to open an instagram just for her.. or a Twitter account. I cannot decide which, to be honest. Either way, she will definitely be a star! 

And, I am going to be making changes to my Snapchat account soon, in that I will be giving it out for FREE, but in order to see the boy/girl vids and pics, along with full on nudity, you will have to join my premium snapchat. I am still working out the details on that. 

Also, I am thinking about doing a raffle through the holiday’s for baked goodies and a few other items. I am still working out the details on that, so stay tuned. Obviously, there will be a newsletter sent out regarding both the baked goods raffle and snapchat, when I am ready to offer both. 

The Hot August Nights Special and the Burning Man Sale was a huge success, so thank you to all of the new joins. I hope that you are enjoying my site and that you will continue to come back for more. 

Next Week

The next couple of week’s are going to be chaotic, as far as being online goes. I am going to take Labor Day off, which is rare for me, but I am ready for a break that does not entail me going out of town, shooting content or any other commitments. And, I will be leaving for PHX Thursday evening, but will return home Sunday. So, a quick trip, but one that will impact my cam schedule. The following week I will be online most of the week, except for Friday evening. Not much change there… here is what the schedule will be:

Week of Sept 2nd:

Sunday – on cam, like usual.

Monday (Labor day) – offline all day, except for the VNA LIVE member’s show at 11p EST 

Tuesday and Wednesday – on cam and Wednesday will be the member’s show at 11p EST 

Thursday – I will be online up to my normal dinner break, but won’t be back until Monday..

Week of Sept 9th:

Sunday – offline (traveling home from PHX)

Monday and Tuesday – on cam, like usual

Thursday – on cam, like usual

Friday – on cam up to my dinner break

Your Favorite Sitcom

Amber and I were talking about Gilligan’s Island and it got us to talking about the different sitcoms of yesteryear. My absolute favorite series was the Andy Griffith Show, but also Mash. They were timeless and I think are still watched by today’s youth. Or, at least, I hope that they are. 

What were some of your favorite shows when you were a kid?

Bunny Sighting

Sunday Night MtnMan spotted a cottontail hopping out from the spaghetti squash and taking cover behind a couple big boulders. I only saw the top of his head, and he squished down further once he realized he could be spotted. Adorable! 

I was hoping that he would take cover in amongst the veggies so that he could live with us, in harmony. lol. But, alas, he must have moved on because it is day 2 and there has been no sighting of his cute face. 


I Tell You Mine, You Tell Me Yours

My weekend was busy, but amazing! I started my day going to a soccer game; we won. Then I stopped by to see MtnMan and he surprised me with lunch, which is always nice; I had tater tots. From there I went to the grocery store; the young man knew how to bag groceries, so no complaints there. I made it home and got started on the dresser project, but only had 2.5 hours to devote because I wanted to go fishing; we caught two bass. Priorities. Sunday I was on cam, earlier than usual so we skipped the diner.

So, about this dresser project. I have been applying paint to the cabinet for a few days now. After watching a video from a paint manufacturer on how to properly paint furniture, I have decided to take my time and basically dry brush each layer on. It looks good, but not as great as I was hoping. So, I will lightly sand the top and apply another coat; hopefully that will give me a smooth shiny surface I want. I have not even started on the drawers, feet or the mirror. Let me ask, what the fuck was I thinking? I really need to give MtnMan his garage back. Now, with that said, he has not said a word about it, and has no problem parking outside, but it is something that I should not have taken on. I mean, I have never fucking refurbished furniture before, and I am still questioning those who enjoy such tasks. lol.

Another “project” that has the other half of the garage taken up is drying out some family photos that I was able to salvage from Texas. Oy. My parents wedding album was completely soaked, but thankfully it was in a beautiful album that protected the pictures. However, I had to pull them out and lay them about to get the dampness out of them. Along with that, I have family obits, baby pictures and a box of random pictures going back generations… most were damp. I also have 100 year old newspaper articles from WWI and WWII and a few other notable events. Those were saved. All of which was in a gorgeous cedar chest, which protected everything enclosed for 50+ years… until the items were pulled out and left in the rain. But, that is neither here, nor there. It is what it is, and other than proving that I did the smart thing by walking away from such negative hate, I have what is most important.  My happiness and a future that is mine. So, there is that. lol. 

I almost forgot to mention, I have Mom’s wedding gown that she made. It is beautiful and showing the age of time, but other than a few stains, I am going to try to get it professionally cleaned, if I can find someone that is willing to take the chance. I say that because it is 63 years old and it was handmade. It is in very delicate condition. 

Now it is your turn. Tell me what has been going on in your world… 

News And Happenings

The Burning Man Event
August 25th – Sept 3rd
Join my site between these dates and gain an extra two weeks with your membership. This is a special that I do not offer very often, so take advantage of it while you can. 
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The Hot August Night’s Special
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If you joined my site during this week long special, you must email me to receive your gift. Please read below for details. 
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I do not initiate contact, for obvious reasons, so you MUST EMAIL ME FIRST at 
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I add pictures almost daily, and have even had some fun with videos. I am interactive, so if you send a message I will be responsive. Please, no dick pics/vids. This is a fun interactive tool to join me in my every day life and to stay connected, even when I am out and about, traveling to and from. If you would like to share your handsome dick with me, then join me on cam for a private one-one-one. 
TWITTER: Tweet, Tweet.
I tweet to have fun, and to connect with those who enjoy my website. Get to know the real me; follow me through my daily life. No membership required and I interact with everyone. 

… This Just In …

I have 20 peanut patties, but after counting them, there is only 16 total. I am currently eating one, as I type this. That will leave 15; three of which are in the freezer, 12 are in my snack locker. 

And, I still think I missed my calling. I should have been a PROFESSIONAL elephant hugger! 

Mountain’s Are Cloaked in Smoke

With California burning and Nevada and Utah also on fire, a thick smoke cloud has covered this area for weeks. It was starting to lift, but more fires started and now it has settled back in, with no relief in sight. I cannot see the mountains right now and, although it looks like a thick fog (which I find beautiful), it has an ugly undertone to it. It appeared grey and gloomy this morning and then I realized that it was the smoke from all of the fires. Even the sun is sad. 

I love weather. Torrential downpours, snowing; it is all beautiful. I enjoy gloomy days more than I do hot, sunshiney afternoons, but even the sun makes me smile. Mother nature is a beautiful beast. But, with that said, there is nothing beautiful about the country burning by fires. 

I hope that this heat wave breaks soon and the temps drop, lifting this stagnant smoke cloud so that I can once again enjoy the view out of my cam room window. I miss looking out and being able to see the mountains. 


Another Gem . . .

While we were in Texas I had the amazing pleasure of meeting Amber. She is just as sweet in person and she is online, with a wicked sense of humor. When I started this 12 years ago, I had no idea I would meet so many wonderful people, and some would become lifelong friends. I have been so fortunate in this online world that has been created around my site. 

Molly, thank you so much for making the drive to Bastrop to have breakfast with MtnMan and me, especially because your days off are scattered through your weeks and you hardly have time to relax as it is. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are an absolute gem, and one that I truly treasure. 



Not Much Notice…

G’afternoon and a very happy Monday from me to you! I hope that you had a restful weekend, and that the week has gotten off to a fantastic start. 

This week will be somewhat normal, with the exception of tomorrow (Tuesday). I am going to make a custom video in the morning, and then will be on cam, but it will be short lived. MtnMan needs to go out of town to pick something up and I have decided to ride with him. While gone I will be filming new content, so I will still be connected, just not on cam after 6p EST. I will be back online Thursday, normal time and this short out of town trip will not interfere with the member’s cam shows. 

I hope to see you guys at the #VNALive member’s cam tonight at 11p EST –> gain access through the VNA banner on the club page of my site. 

What a Saturday!

Yesterday was busy from the time I opened my eyes until I slipped back into bed last night around 1030. 

I started off at the nail salon, which only took an hour since I was waiting for them to unlock the doors. lol. I decided to go with sparkles this time. I wasn’t sure that I would like it, but I have been trying new colors so that I am not always boring. I mean, a different shade of pink each week is exciting for me, but not necessarily for you guys. This week it is – Angel Pink; so pink, but very fucking sparkly and all kinds of happy, even when I am sleeping! lol. Have I mentioned people share way too much at the salon? I don’t want to know why you have 3 kids and you are only 24, hoping to find someone to marry soon. I mean, I don’t judge but if I have to listen to your “story”, I am certainly going to make assumptions that I am sure everyone else that is listening has already made. lol. 

After I left the salon I stopped by to see MtnMan and had the pleasure of meeting one of his long time friends, who was more than happy to chat for an hour. I enjoyed the conversation (and it helped that he is old and full of intriguing stories). And, because we spent an hour talking, I was still hanging around when it was time for lunch, so MtnMan treated me to tator tots and a hamburger. (See picture below)

From lunch I went to the grocery store and was that a cluster fuck. It wouldn’t have been so bad had they not been doing a cookout in the parking lot, with only three checkout lanes open, one being express. But, such as it is. That kind of cluster fuck beats the Texas HEB when they were slow any day. Not to mention it takes a lot to put me in a mood these days. It didn’t even matter that I was hoping to get started on the dresser by 2p. 

When I finally made it home at 2, I unloaded the groceries and got dinner started in the crockpot. It was a new recipe and it turned out amazing! 

Once dinner was in the crockpot I started day 2 of the dresser project. I finished stripping the paint on the drawers and the rest of the cabinet. I got most of the paint off and then got to sanding it so there will be a clean, smooth surface for the white paint. (See picture below)

I had planned to give it one coat of paint before calling it a day, but MtnMan sent a text and asked if I wanted him to help with the dresser or if I might like to go fishing after he got off of work. Pfft. There was no thought in that decision. I cleaned up the stripper messes and wiped down the cabinet and was dressed and ready to go fishing when he walked in the door. 

By the time we got to the fishing hole there was only an hour left of daylight, but that gave us plenty of time to catch and release 9 bass. It was a beautiful hour. (see picture below)

Then it was home for dinner and then straight to bed. I was exhausted!