Oh My Heck, It is HOT

Okay, first things first. “Oh my heck” is a common term in my new homeland and I LOVE it. I don’t know why. I really don’t. But oh my heck, do I smile when I hear it or read it on a forum. Now, let’s get to the real reason for this post.

Oh my heck, it is hot as fuck! Saturday we hit 103 and a very dry 103 is a lot hotter than what I’m used to being from Texas. With that said, I have never liked the heat, even as a kid. I was that kid that was not interested in a birthday party at the pool based on the temp. I was that kid that really didn’t see the need to socialize on a good day, so why socialize if it was above 80 degrees? lol. But seriously now, I don’t get those of you that prefer the heat. I mean, what the heck? I’d rather bundle up and put a stocking cap on my head than sweat in a tank and shorts. 

Our Week at a Remote Ranch House

We are spending the week in an even more remote area of the mountains and the nearest store is 70 miles away. That sounds lovely, doesn’t it? We are going to do some relaxing, no schedules and no socializing! Granted, this year has been one of few social gatherings, but with MtnMan being in an essential business he has been going non-stop since March. It is truly crazy. We are both very fortunate, so that is not a complaint by any means; my heart aches for those who have been laid off due to the pandemic. We do, however, need a break from all of that, and this week is going to be just that! Since we are planning to do nothing, we are going to take the time to film content. I’m looking forward to it and actually enjoy it and he would rather do that instead of sitting around twiddling thumbs. So, film we will! 

National Ice Cream Day

So, yesterday was ice cream day, which doesn’t really do anything for me, but you know, there is a day for everything. Kind of like there is a fetish for everything. Anyway, what is your favorite flavor? When I was a kid it seemed like there were 4 flavors, but now that are hundreds! Just like snickers, or M&M’s – there are so many choices now that it is ridiculous! What happened to just having a snickers as it is, or peanut M&M’s instead of now having peanut butter, caramel, or whatever? am way off topic now, what is your flavor?

I don’t really care for ice cream, but my favorite is strawberry with chunks mixed in. My Dad loved him some ice cream. There was always a tub of it in the freezer and it was on the weekly grocery list. I think his was chocolate and mom’s was vanilla, but my memories are so old that I could be wrong and flip flopped them, but it’s my memory so I am owning it and going to say Dad was chocolate, Mom was vanilla. I think Granny was neopolatin. (I don’t even know how to spell it.) 

Abby and Her Happy Tail Wag

I dropped Abby off with her extended family who had the backyard sprinklers turned on for her and it took her less than 2 minutes to run through them. She didn’t even say bye to me, so it’s a good thing I hugged and gave her a few kisses before I let her know she was going somewhere. Goodness, no “bye Mom, love you!”, but instead she about rolled her cousin saying hi, and then quickly calmed down with she got a growl in return. She sat, let the cousin sniff and say hi and then the cousin almost rolled her. LOL. Once the hello’s were over, Abby ran through he sprinklers and she was still playing when we left our house 30 minutes later. She is definitely in good hands for the week. Tuesday is her birthday so they plan to do something nice to her to celebrate. That makes it a little easier on me since I’m leaving her and won’t be there to wish her a “happy birthday” all day long. lol. 

Vag and Clits Room

I was switching to the hotspot and had to select our Verizon ID from a very long list of local wifi’s in our area. Last week there was a “BigDaddyisHome” and yesterday there was “Vag and Clits Room”. The Big Daddy made me roll my eyes, but the Vag and Clits Room definitely caught my attention and peaked my curiosity.

So, let’s speculate. Is it a kid that set up his grandparents wifi and they don’t know they are now home of the Big Clit or maybe it is some teenager that keeps changing the name of their wifi and the parents don’t know how to fix that?

I have to admit, the “Vag and Clits Room” made me laugh and it was worthy enough of a blog post, I think.

Okay, so now tell me what you think the story is behind the wifi names…

Abby the Golden

She makes me smile, and she makes me love her, but she doesn’t always like my hugs and kisses. She is my shadow, my sweet girl and she is always under foot. I love that about her. I would miss her if she wasn’t always so curious about what I am doing, and I certainly couldn’t clean without her help. lol. But, that also means she always knows when we are leaving for a trip because as soon as I get a bag out, she is somber and so sad. She does not hide her sadness very well, and it is heartbreaking. For me, not for MtnMan. Let’s be clear on that. lol. This past weekend I started gathering some clothes for Sunday’s day of planned custom content filming and she was not happy! At first I thought she wanted out, but nope, she wanted me to put the clothes back where they belong and never leave her. Boy, is she clingy when she thinks she is being left behind. And, let me just say that she is not left behind often and if we do go on a trip, she stays with family and she absolutely loves them all, and her BFF is also a 4-footed canine, and they play non-stop. But, and this is a big BUT, she would rather we never leave her overnight. I think she gets homesick and it is cute and sad, all at the same time. She is a sweet soul and I love her to pieces!

Good Morning!

I hope this finds you doing well and having a great start to your week. I would love it if you shared your weekend happenings with me…

My weekend was busy, as usual, but I wouldn’t change a thing. Saturday I spent the day adding candid shots and videos to my Loyal Fans page, learning about Light Room (photo editing software), planning for new content shoots and getting set up for a day of custom videos. I also managed to make time to bake mexican brownies and make a corn side dish for taco night at a friends house. Sunday we started the day with breakfast and then spent all day filming custom videos. The customs were a mix of paid orders and free giveaways that I offered to long time members in celebration of 14 years online. I have been very fortunate to have a core group of members who have stayed with me through a couple network changes and a domain change. All without any complaints, which is very much appreciated. While MtnMan and I were brainstorming ways to show my appreciation, we decided a 10 minute custom video ($150+ value) would be an excellent option. Because it is a custom, each member told me what they would like in their own video.

Regarding my Loyal Fans page, because I’ve been way too lax on the blog and I am not sure if I shared the details here, or not… it is much like Only Fans, but in my opinion, much better. It is not anything you are pressured to join, but if you choose to, please use my link; you can follow as a fan, without subscribing. I’m giving a mix of free and paid content so you will be able to enjoy my page without subscribing. The content will be candid shots/videos and some behind the scenes outtakes while filming for my site. I am also adding videos that you already have access to if you are a member of mine. So join, give me a follow and decide if you’re content staying a fan or if you’d like to subscribe. They are eventually going to add a cam platform to the network, but I’m not sure if I’ll dabble in that or not… time will tell.

Tell Me Something Positive

With everything going on this year, I feel disconnected from you all more than ever. Not just COVID, but MtnMan’s surgery, the doctor appointments and then we had a huge celebration planned for April that was cancelled, and I fell into a routine that didn’t involve staying present online, other than tweeting, member shows, camming and new content. Anyway, I am trying to break that mindset, and do more than just say “I am going to start blogging again, starting today!”, I am actually doing it this time. lol.

So, share something positive that has happened this year. I will share two positives with you all.

First, MtnMan and I married on April 26th. It wasn’t something I intended to keep a secret, and really, it hasn’t been, but I never announced it. We had spent the last year in and out of hospitals and doctor appointments, while also planning a huge celebration with friends and family coming from all over. It was going to be a 4 day event with family members meeting each other and seeing my new home, new life. Unfortunately, 2 weeks before the wedding our state shut down, but about 3 weeks prior to that we had already decided to cancel the big ceremony. It was disappointing because my matron of honor, one of the groomsmen and our officiant were all stuck in Austin and had to watch on FB Live, while my brother, nieces, nephews and their kids also watched from afar. Rob and Dawn were also driving up from Arizona and MtnMan’s family were flying in from Oregon and other parts of Nevada. Even with the change in plans, it was a beautiful backyard ceremony, and it truly was a perfect day. It was bittersweet, but my family reached out to me right before and even called us afterwards and they were so happy for us. It was a day filled with love and gratitude. Although it was not what I spent a year planning, I am glad we did not let COVID stop us from what was far more important than any 4 day celebration would have been. I was torn about sharing with you all during April because so many lives were being ripped apart and there was so much uncertainty in the world, and there still is. It just didn’t feel right to shout my excitement during that time, but I honestly feel it is worth sharing, even though it’s rather late…

My second bit of positives that has come out of this year is that one of my nieces and I have started meeting on FaceTime most Friday’s, over beer and wine. I drink beer, she drinks whatever flavor of the week is. lol. It has been good to connect with her on a different level rather than just texting back and forth, which we do even more of now..

This year has been full of strife and disappointments, but there are also positives if you choose to look hard enough. *hugs*

Worthy of a Post

I have become lax in my jotting of words here, and a lot of that is due to the year we’ve had, which started in January with MtnMan’s surgery. But then I slipped into a funk with nothing worthy of adding to the blog. However, I’d like to change that and today is a good day for that.

Please join me in wishing the House Boss of Windsor Castle a very happy birthday. She is one who brightens our world, even though we only know her through Dwwindsor himself. I do believe we have met the true person that is known as the list maker of his world. I like her spunky spirit and her amazing sense of humor, but also, I admire her for keeping DW on his toes.

Happy birthday, Lily. I hope that it is an amazing day of celebrations and love. You deserve all of well wishes and cake. Lot’s of cake.

Creek or Crick

Do you call it a creek or a crick? I have always called it a creek, but Mom would say crick. I often wonder if it’s indicative to where you grew up. For me, everyone around me, with the exception of my parents, called it a creek, so I call it creek. However, I love it when I hear someone say crick. It makes me smile and I always think of Mom. She often said, “you’re going to be up the crick without a paddle” if I didn’t straighten up. With that said, I was fairly easy, kept to myself and was known to entertain myself, which was a parents delight. But, I have a twin brother and holy fuck would he push some of my buttons. Oy. That is usually when I would hear, “you’re going to be up the crick without a paddle”.