Creek or Crick

Do you call it a creek or a crick? I have always called it a creek, but Mom would say crick. I often wonder if it’s indicative to where you grew up. For me, everyone around me, with the exception of my parents, called it a creek, so I call it creek. However, I love it when I hear someone say crick. It makes me smile and I always think of Mom. She often said, “you’re going to be up the crick without a paddle” if I didn’t straighten up. With that said, I was fairly easy, kept to myself and was known to entertain myself, which was a parents delight. But, I have a twin brother and holy fuck would he push some of my buttons. Oy. That is usually when I would hear, “you’re going to be up the crick without a paddle”.

Take the Damn Cookies!

In February I started baking cookies and found that I really do enjoy it, but don’t often have the time to make them. Last week I spent a couple of hours baking MtnMan’s favorite – Chocolate Chip Walnut. It’s the only recipe that I have used because it’s so damn good. I intended for him to take most with him to work, and because there is a gentleman that has a nut allergy, I baked oatmeal cookies just for him. He only took half of each, leaving me with 2 bags worth of cookies that I found myself eating all afternoon, and sent him a text-

Me: I thought you were going to take the damn cookies with you this morning.

Him: You baked enough for a small country!

Me: The recipe yielded 6 dozen each, that’s not my fault. Take the damn cookies next time!

Him: …..

Me: I’m on my 20th cookie, I think.

Him: ….

Me: !!!!!!

The next day he took another bag of cookies. LOL. Now that I know I enjoy baking and I have also found my sweet tooth, I cannot have them in the house for long. They need to promptly exit the premises.

Are You a Picky Eater II

A couple months ago I posted a “Are You a Picky Eater” but I found another one that I think will actually test the theory that some of you are picky as fuck! lol.

Please appease me and play along, truthfully.

I will share my “Are You a Picky Eater” in the comments section.

How Was Your Week?

I am curious how everyone is doing and thought I would check in with you here, as well as Twitter and in emails. lol.

My week has been extremely busy and good, but a lot of that is because I have not been largely affected by the shutdowns. I am very fortunate in that I work from home and I found my motivation after we got back from Salt Lake City in January, so I’ve been putting every waking moment into my site, clip stores and cam. It feels great to have that drive, again.

I do hope to take a few days off soon and clean the house and maybe get the yard ready for some gardening improvements… but, don’t know when that will happen. It will probably be June before it’s warm enough to plant veggies, but I’d like to get a climbing rose in the ground as soon as possible. I even know where I want it to go, but my big plan is going to involve MtnMan’s approval. lol.

Talk to me…

Can You Open the Lock?

Our Reality.

For the most part, I try to stay away from news of the outside world and disasters that plague the world on a daily basis. And, to an extent I have been able maintain that mindset. To me, filling your immediate surroundings worried about something that is out of your control is counterproductive. However, with our current situation I feel that we are in this together, and it is up to all of us to check on each of us.

What are you doing to keep some level of sanity during this time of quarantine?

Are you a dissectologist? A cruciverbalist? Are you reading (a bibliophile) the stack of books that have been collecting dust for the last year? Are you staying connected to your closest family and friends, even if waving to each other from the end of the sidewalks? My girlfriend in Austin found some extra eggs and her son stopped by to pick some up from her. She left them at the edge of her garage and waved to him from the laundry room door. As sad as that sounds, she said that it was just nice to be able to see his face and to hear his voice. As we all try to maintain some sort of normalcy and fight despair, I think it is important to acknowledge the positives in all of this.

I am meeting my niece for our 2nd Friday night happy hour on FaceTime. I have been looking forward to it all day – this is our reality right now. Embrace it and adapt. We are in this together, friends.

Are You a Picky Eater?

Use 🤮 to mark what you would not eat, or just simply give us a list of what is in the “absolutely not” category.

1.Miracle Whip 🤮
3.Almond Milk
4.BlackJelly Beans 🤮
5.Pineapple Pizza
6.Sardines 🤮
7. Oysters 🤮
8.Sushi 🤮
9.Candy Corn
10.Vienna Sausages🤮
11.Brussels sprouts
13. Liver 🤮
14.Circus Peanuts
16.Black Olives
17.Green Olives
18.Blue Cheese
20.SPAM 🤮
22.Potato Salad
24.Black Coffee
25.Anchovies 🤮
28.Mountain oysters 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
29.Pigs feet 🤮

Let’s see who plays!

Abigail’s Sunday of Trial and Tribulations.

I woke up to a migraine, which meant a late start to the day, and it also meant that MtnMan was the one to open Abby’s curtain and say good morning to her. I doubt that it was as cheerful as my good mornings, and I can certainly say there were no hugs. She, however, darted out of her bedroom with glee and happiness, probably stopping to say hi to Herbie and Kandy. It’s hard to say who received her first love nudge because, although, Herbie is always near her, she has a very soft spot for the new buddy that we welcomed a few weeks ago. At any rate, outside she went and eventually she came into the bathroom to say good morning to me while I was in the shower. MtnMan had to take some canned goods to our neighbor, and I asked Abby if she was ready to eat. Of course she was. While she happily sat, licking her lips at a fast rate, I wondered if this was her second breakfast, but I was already pouring the cup into her bowl. There were no take backs. It was, in fact, her second serving of breakfast. I should have known, but the girl finally got more than her fair share and she was happier with a full belly. I can’t say that I blame her.

We went for our Sunday drive and stopped by our neighbors house on our way home, to pick up some homemade salsa. It was a quick visit, although, not quick in MtnMan’s terms of “I’m going to just grab it at the door, be right back”. He was probably already a little bothered when I got back into the truck and asked him to roll down the window so our neighbor could see her favorite girl, Abby. He rolled his eyes but rolled down the window and as quickly as I turned around laughing, Abby jumped out of the damn window! I sat there trying not to say a word, as MtnMan turned the truck off, got out of the truck and Abby quickly ran back with her tail tucked between her legs as she got a talking to. The neighbor was saying “I’m so sorry… love you Abby!!” To say Abby’s night was somber would be an understatement! She is still in trouble and she knows it; I just want to give her loves and hugs and tell her I love her to pieces and to please not pull a damn stunt like that again! I think we are both in trouble, truth be told.

As I was pouring her dinner, MtnMan said, “she had 2 breakfasts and was a bad dog, she doesn’t need dinner.” I cannot starve her just because she has no control over herself when she sees our neighbor. I mean, there is no control. I honestly don’t know what to do to break her of that, but I certainly did not think she would jump out of the window. Good grief. I didn’t see that coming!

The Sun Shines

I don’t watch the news, and I have to say it is the healthiest break that I took when I left Texas. However, social media is consumed with current events to the point that it is not healthy. You can’t get away from the mass hysteria and panic of others. They spread it like fire, and I think we all need a break.

In this thread, I would love for there to be interaction, and positivity. I want to hear about the good in your world.

For me, it is that we are healthy and Abby is a constant joy. Yesterday I took the time to get my taxes organized and she was right by my side the entire day. Sometimes her buddies were hanging out and at one point they surrounded the table; she was looking out for me, that’s what she does. lol. The downside of yesterday is that MtnMan had to be gone most of the day and I stayed home because my allergies have been terrible… but, I got taxes organized and it snowed almost all day. It was beautiful.

Now it is your turn.

Spring That Bullshit

I know I have said this many times, but what in the fuck is the reason for us to continue to spring clocks forward? Don’t answer that, it was a rhetorical question. There is absolutely no fucking reason that we need to change our clocks. NONE! It is not healthy and it is stupid. I think everyone that has a vote on the ballot needs to vote for abolishing Daylight Savings Time.

This is your not so friendly reminder to spring your clocks forward tonight for the sake of losing an hour of sleep. For those of you that are sleep deprived already, you are just fucked.