VNALive – August

I know I say this often, but I don’t think I can say it enough, I have the most amazing group of members. You guys continue to support me, no matter what network or the amount of frustrations that new software causes. You all remain loyal to me, even when I cancel a member show at the last minute.

Last month I had 5 Monday’s on the VNALive network, cancelling 1 and only doing 40 minutes of another one, and you all still showed up to vote and it is only because of you that I placed second.

I truly cannot thank you all enough; it is only because of you, that I continue to offer the twice a week member shows on VNA and through my LIVE cam link.

COVID: Our Story

Okay, so this is a post that I have contemplated for awhile, but each time I consider typing it out, I take a nap instead. But, here it goes.

Before I give you our experience, I feel that I should disclose everything, or else it’s all just half truths. We have always socially distanced, so nothing much changed for us, except we no longer have family dinners as often as we used to. We cancelled our big wedding celebration which had 100 guests, and was going to be a 4-day event. We have had dinner with the family twice, our neighbors once, friends three times and even had our wedding, just a scaled down back yard gathering with 12 people total. I stand behind each one of those gatherings. To me it is important to stay connected to those closest to you, and it’s not healthy to completely cancel 2020, although, it is needed to an extent. We have not been behind the “you must wear a mask” and do it for everyone else, if not for yourself. Here is why: every day the experts have changed their opinions, and given half truths and whole lies. They have skewed the COVID numbers so much that it’s hard to really know what the virus is and what it’s doing. We have been controlled and businesses have been forced to close with very little support from our state. I realize each state is different, but here in Nevada the small businesses were left to fend for themselves and self employed people were denied the unemployment benefits promised to them in the beginning. So, when they decided we all had to wear a mask, we chose not to. We were not going to events, festivals or stores with large crowds and we did not stop to converse with anyone at grocery stores. Hell, the clerks wear them down at their chins or just below their noses. At any rate, with the exception of the masks, we were more careful than anyone in our circle. We took it serious to keep MtnMan healthy with his 1 lung. We will not leave the house without a mask from now on, and this is 100% right for us, but I am not of the opinion that if you choose not to, you are wrong. Our experience is the reason we will wear a mask. We know he came into contact while working, and that cannot be avoided, but one more defense might insure we will not catch it a second time, and if we do, it hopefully will not be as bad as what we went through. I hope none of you experience what we did. *hugs*

Now our experience:

Day 1: MtnMan felt his allergies were getting the best of him, so Doc gave him a shot and treated a sinus infection.

Day 2: I was so fatigued I signed off of cam in the middle of the day and took a 3 hour nap. I do not take naps.

Day 3: MtnMan felt like his allergies was more like a mild summer cold. I woke up with a mild sore throat and signed off cam to take a 30 minute nap in the middle of my afternoon. I had chills.

Day 4: MtnMan was about the same and I woke up feeling like I was getting a chest cold and I had a migraine. We drove to Twin Falls to pick up packages and did not do our normal shopping, we turned around and went home. As soon as we got home, I went to bed. I had chills.

Day 5: MtnMan had a terrible headache and my migraine was worse, and not responding to my migraine scripts. We stayed home and did not do anything but sleep.

Day 6: We both still had what appeared to be a summer cold and both of us had headaches that would not go away. We slept.

Day 7: MtnMan could hardly breath and his o2 levels were dropping anytime he walked from the couch to the kitchen/bathroom. He had a fever and was sweating profusely and was cold. We slept. He called the COVID hotline and the gentleman was very concerned about his breathing and thought he should be in the hospital, and although he had ALL of the COVID symptoms, the jackass did not think it was enough to be tested for the virus. Thankfully our doc was pro-active and gave us a script for hydroxychloroquine because MtnMan started taking it and in 4 hours his breathing was better. I had intense body aches to the bone. Pain I have never felt and I could not get comfortable. I was up most of the night coughing and in intense pain. I thought I was going to die.

Day 8: MtnMan called the COVID hotline again and told them he came into contact with someone that tested positive the day before. That was enough to get in for a test, but he had to wait for a phone call back, which did not come for another 24 hours. His breathing was still labored, but manageable. His fever was off and on, and his headache lingered. My body aches were still intense, my cough was getting worse and I was tired. I decided to take hydroxychloroquine and within hours my body aches went away. I do believe that drug saved our lives.

Day 9: MtnMan got a phone call to be tested. It was positive, which we knew it would be by then. The doctor that tested him told him that I would need to be tested, so I called and had to wait for a call back. We were still pretty rough. Our coughs were terrible, we were tired, we had zero appetite but ate just to take meds. I couldn’t keep most of the food down. By this time we were both down 10 lbs and still losing weight.

Day 10: We both still felt rough, with no energy or ability to do anything. We were still getting sick after we ate, which consisted of toast or yogurt. I got a call to schedule a test. I vomited right before I had to drive into town, which honestly, I should not have been behind the wheel, but we had no other options. We could not ask someone to drive us and MtnMan was just as bad as I was, if not worse. I do have a 2 lung advantage over him. I tested positive. I went home and slept.

Day 11: About the same as the last 2 days

Day 12: Same.

Day 13: We still had a terrible cough, no appetite and slept most of the day. I decided to do VNA because I was the only one on schedule and I really needed to connect with you all. It was good, but I was exhausted after 30 minutes.

Day 14 – 17th: slowly feeling better, but not enough to know we were over it, but we knew we were beating it.

Day 18th: We both felt as though we were over it, but had zero energy. We napped and zoned out on the couch, which is what we did since day 5..

Day 19th: MtnMan received a call from the COVID people and they asked if he still had symptoms, he said no, they released him and said he can leave the house. We both napped. Although, I had big plans to edit vids today, I got my desktop powered up and opened the software, then took a nap. The Roomba ran for the first time in 20 days. Abby was not happy.

Day 20: Tomorrow- Monday, August 31st. We both plan to work, but I am not sure how much either of us will get done and I might need breaks throughout the day. But, we are over it, just need to ease back into a full schedule and hopefully our energy will return soon.

Thank you for reading, even if you didn’t make it to this paragraph. I am not trying to turn my blog into a political discussion, or cause angst and anger between members. We all have a difference of opinions on how 2020 has been handled, and we all have our own convictions and reasons behind our beliefs. That does not make anyone wrong, but it is how you handle it all that makes you who you are.

I am Back!

Hello! It has been a rough 2 weeks plus a few days. Goodness. I might share my experience someday, but so far I really don’t have the energy to explain what it was like surviving COVID. I plan to take it easy for one more day and then will return to cam on Monday. It will mostly likely be 1-2 hour shifts with a break in between. I honestly have zero energy at this point, but I think some of that has to do with not being active for 17 days, and let’s face it, doing nothing does not come easy to me and it is exhausting! With that said, I really haven’t had the desire to do more than a couple loads of laundry and shower every few days. . *face palm*

So, tell me, how have you been? What is new in your world? Please leave no details untold because a small detail to you might be everything to me.. and plus, I just want to catch up and know what is going on.. GO!

My Week Off of Cam

It has gone by quickly, but probably because it was full of site work and Thanksgiving day celebrations. Regardless of that, it has been everything that I had hoped it to be. It was productive, beautiful with all the snowfall and full of family time.

Today is my last day to work on my site, get caught up on all of my clip sites and many other fires I maintain throughout the year. It seems that no matter how much time I spend on upkeep and whatnot, I still get behind. I just have to step back and reevaluate the projects I have on my daily to-do list. With that said, I have decided to open my snapchat up to everyone, without a monthly charge. The truth is, I am as active on there as my time allows, but I do not have anymore to give when it comes to providing another source of entertainment. So, if you are on SnapChat, and would like to follow me, add me “naughtylsa” but the one rule is, no screenshots unless you are a member of mine. I will post another thread directly after this one with more instructions and whatnot…

Tomorrow I will be out in the mountains with Abby and MtnMan, which will be a great finish to the week off of cam.

I hope to start Monday with a bang, and spend most of it online catching up and reconnecting with everyone. I will, of course, be on #VNALive for the weekly member show, but also on and if you are a member of my site, you have FREE access to both of those chat rooms. Let me know if you cannot find the links…

Tuesday I have a hair appointment at 1p, my time, but hope to be online before that and after. Taking a break for dinner and a basketball game and then back online after dinner. Should we do a 1 hour member show when I return?

Wednesday we have to be in SLC and Thursday we have obligations for what cannot be taken care of on Wednesday. Needless to say, I won’t be online either of these days.

Friday and Saturday, thankfully, I have no plans other than to be on cam without any interruptions.

I hope that you all have had a wonderful week and a beautiful weekend. I cannot wait to reconnect and catch up with you all. xo

Taking a Break from Cam Shows.

I am taking next week off of cam and it will begin Saturday, November 23rd at 7p EST.

I won’t be doing the weekly member shows; I’ve already rescheduled VNA and I will make it up to you on the Thursday night sessions we will miss. This also means there will be no Skype sessions scheduled, so email me and we can set something up for December.

I will be working on my site, updating clip sites and trying to figure out a new site to see if it is worth a shot…

But, that will hopefully be done in 2 days because the rest of my week is busy with MtnMan and family.

I will be back on cam Monday, December 2nd.

Email me at

Tweet me at @NakedTXAngel

I stay active and connected, and I will always respond.

This Week, A Reminder.

Alright, this next week is going to be a very short week for us online. I will only be on cam tonight, Monday, and Tuesday mid-afternoon and evening. I am offline the rest of the week, and won’t be on until the following Monday.

Our Monday night VNA will still happen, but the Thursday members show won’t. If you are a member of mine, be sure to join me Tuesday night and I will do a few short gold shows (come in via my site, you have FREE access).

My Online Schedule

This week I will be online Wednesday, off on Thursday. Let’s do our weekly member show Wednesday at 11p EST. I hope that you will all be able to join me, but regardless, I hope that you have a wonderful week!

Next week (July 7th) will be a short week for me. I will be online Monday, Tuesday late afternoon/evening and only part of Wednesday. Like I said, it will be an extremely short week for me…

Follow me on Twitter @NakedTXAngel for updates and reminders.

Online Wednesday

I am home now and will be online for my normal schedule, but also for a few hours Wednesday afternoon. I will probably be on late morning, but for sure early afternoon (around 12N). If you are on Twitter, follow me (@NakedTXAngel) to know when I turn my cam on.

Another Month in the Top Three

Because you, I have been voted 2nd favorite for the month of May. You guys continue to support me and, because of you, I will always do the member shows. Not just the VNA, but also the Thursday night gold shows. Thank you to everyone that shows up for 5 minutes, or stays for the entire hour, each vote is appreciated and I hope that you know that.

On the Road . . .

We left a few hours ago and we are on our way to Montana, but stopping in Idaho Falls for two nights. It is a beautiful day with rain in the clouds and gloom in the skies.

Abby was hugged, and loved on for most of the morning, and then again when she was sad to see the bags being packed. It was a sad sight to watch her mope about, so I gave her a new raw hide bone to take her mind off of what she knew was coming. It didn’t though. She continued to mope around, bone hanging from mouth as she followed me about.. I do love her sweet disposition and cheerful personality, so to see her bummed is a hard reality for me. The only way to cheer her up was to take her over to her cousins a couple of hours early, so I did. lol. As soon as we pulled into the drive, her tail started wagging so fast the seat was vibrating. I opened her door, she flew out, ran to the door, sat patiently for me to catch up to her and then waited until I unlocked it and gave her permission to enter. Even when she could hardly contain the excitement, she knew to wait. However, once that front door was open, there was not control. She was in the living room, then a bedroom, and still beat me to the garage door. I opened the door and I don’t think she even hit the concrete but once before she was out the doogie door. It was a golden flash before my eyes. I think she woke her cousin up because the poor dog just sat staring at Abby, wondering what the fuck was going on. But, once she gathered herself, she was soon celebrating with Abby. They love their playdates and this one will be a week, unknown to them.

I will stay connected via Twitter and email, and I will do my best to get back into blogging. I hope that you all have a wonderful week and look forward to hearing about it when I return to cam next week.