My Online Schedule

This week I will be online Wednesday, off on Thursday. Let’s do our weekly member show Wednesday at 11p EST. I hope that you will all be able to join me, but regardless, I hope that you have a wonderful week!

Next week (July 7th) will be a short week for me. I will be online Monday, Tuesday late afternoon/evening and only part of Wednesday. Like I said, it will be an extremely short week for me…

Follow me on Twitter @NakedTXAngel for updates and reminders.

Online Wednesday

I am home now and will be online for my normal schedule, but also for a few hours Wednesday afternoon. I will probably be on late morning, but for sure early afternoon (around 12N). If you are on Twitter, follow me (@NakedTXAngel) to know when I turn my cam on.

Another Month in the Top Three

Because you, I have been voted 2nd favorite for the month of May. You guys continue to support me and, because of you, I will always do the member shows. Not just the VNA, but also the Thursday night gold shows. Thank you to everyone that shows up for 5 minutes, or stays for the entire hour, each vote is appreciated and I hope that you know that.

On the Road . . .

We left a few hours ago and we are on our way to Montana, but stopping in Idaho Falls for two nights. It is a beautiful day with rain in the clouds and gloom in the skies.

Abby was hugged, and loved on for most of the morning, and then again when she was sad to see the bags being packed. It was a sad sight to watch her mope about, so I gave her a new raw hide bone to take her mind off of what she knew was coming. It didn’t though. She continued to mope around, bone hanging from mouth as she followed me about.. I do love her sweet disposition and cheerful personality, so to see her bummed is a hard reality for me. The only way to cheer her up was to take her over to her cousins a couple of hours early, so I did. lol. As soon as we pulled into the drive, her tail started wagging so fast the seat was vibrating. I opened her door, she flew out, ran to the door, sat patiently for me to catch up to her and then waited until I unlocked it and gave her permission to enter. Even when she could hardly contain the excitement, she knew to wait. However, once that front door was open, there was not control. She was in the living room, then a bedroom, and still beat me to the garage door. I opened the door and I don’t think she even hit the concrete but once before she was out the doogie door. It was a golden flash before my eyes. I think she woke her cousin up because the poor dog just sat staring at Abby, wondering what the fuck was going on. But, once she gathered herself, she was soon celebrating with Abby. They love their playdates and this one will be a week, unknown to them.

I will stay connected via Twitter and email, and I will do my best to get back into blogging. I hope that you all have a wonderful week and look forward to hearing about it when I return to cam next week.

Tonight’s Weekly Show

I have a soccer game to attend at 9p EST, which means I will be a little late getting online for the weekly member’s show. Let’s try for 1130P EST, which is only 30 minutes later than normal. I will be tweeting – @NakedTXAngel

This Week at a Glance

This week I will be online Monday-Friday, instead of taking Wednesday off. And, my Thursday will be short lived, so let’s plan on doing the member’s show Friday, instead.

Monday and Tuesday I will be on most of the afternoon and evening, as usual, with the #VNALive show at 11p EST.

Wednesday I will be online most of the day and well into the evening, but my dinner break might be a little bit longer than usual. Follow my tweets.

Thursday I have to be in town early, for an appointment and then will get my nails done. I hope to be online by 4p EST and will be online until 8p EST. I won’t be back after dinner.

Friday I will be online, as usual, and will do the weekly Member’s show at 11p EST.

Join Me on VNA Tonight

It can not be said that i do not keep you guys informed of your schedule. lol. I’ll be online tonight for VNALive, so click through on my site for easy access. 

Tonight at 11p EST 

I will also be on Streamate ( before and after VNA. Follow my tweets, if you’d like to know when I am LIVE. 

If you are a member of mine, you have access to both VNALive and my Streamate cam room. You click through the banners on the club page for FREE access. 

No Member Show Tonight

Another reminder that I am in North Texas and not able to guarantee that I will be online for the weekly member’s show tonight(11p EST). If I am online, please join me through the site link for easy access, but I will not be doing the member’s show, regardless. lol. I know, wishy washy to an extent, but without knowing whether or not the wifi will be stable enough to host a 1 hour member show, I’d rather save the frustrations and make it up to you next week…

Off to Texas

I did not think I would be going back to Texas so soon after my divorce, but here I am, on my way to the Lone Star state. And, yes, on purpose.

This post is just a reminder to follow my blog/tweets for the next eight days so that you can keep up with me, if you are so inclined to do so. I hope to be on cam from time to time, but there will be no set schedule. However, with that said, I will still do the VNA show Monday (February 18) at 11p EST.

North Texas

Next wednesday, February 13th, I will be flying to north Texas with MtnMan and we will be there for eight days. I will stay connected as much as possible, tweeting, and hopefully camming here and there, but with that said I won’t know how strong the internet connection is until we arrive. I will most definitely keep the VNA schedule as is, because that won’t take much wifi to stream. However, the network cam sites is another story.

So, let’s plan on doing the Thursday member’s (Feb 14th) show the following week. I will obviously be tweeting and reminding you guys with another blog thread, so as to not have you guys looking for me when I am not online. Again, I do not know how often I will be on cam, but I hope to try for an hour here and there, depending on the wifi connection.

I plan to film new content, and my hope is to get 3 months worth of videos in my stockpile. If you have a request, now is your time to send me ideas.

I also hope to be wearing flip flops and TOMS while in Texas; here is wishing the weather gods be on my side and not send a freak ice storm to Texas for that week.. I mean, it is Texas, so something that drastic could actually happen despite their 80 degree temps they are seeing right now.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support of my site and cam shows. I appreciate all joins, regardless of what site it is you join through.