Are You a Picky Eater II

A couple months ago I posted a “Are You a Picky Eater” but I found another one that I think will actually test the theory that some of you are picky as fuck! lol.

Please appease me and play along, truthfully.

I will share my “Are You a Picky Eater” in the comments section.

Good People

I see so many tweets from ladies complaining about the annoying time wasters, and those who claim to be fans but really aren’t. And, I admit, I have tweeted out a rant, or three, regarding frustrations over those that take advantage, but I have been fortunate to meet some amazing people through my sites. Whether I have met you in person, or just online through one of the many avenues I use, I have a long list of amazing people to thank. I would do so individually, but the list is long and I’m afraid I would inadvertently leave someone off.

The point of this thread is to show my appreciation to all of you that have followed me through the years, those that have supported me, encouraged me, joined the member shows, checked on me when I go silent for a few days and those who always know how to make me laugh.

April will mark 14 years online for me, and I never imagined I would still be doing this. You have stayed with me through many ups and downs, followed me through a divorce, patiently waited while I scrambled to keep my site going while I bounced from Austin, TX (when I stayed with friends for a month) to Phoenix, AZ for a summer and then when I made a random move to Idaho, which turned out to be short term as well, before settling in Nevada. During all of that, I made a much needed change on my site to take it from mostly picture sets to almost all videos, and I pulled all boy/girl and girl/girl content, taking the site to a solo-girl site. Yet you all stayed with me and I managed to pick up a large number of new joins. Towards the end of 2019 I was ready to add boy/girl back into and it has gone over well. Those who had been requesting it, joined and you continue to enjoy the new content I add.

I cannot say with certainty, how much longer I will be doing this, but what I can promise is that I have no plans of stopping any time soon.

Show Me that Face

Let’s see your animals in all of their glory. I want you to post a picture, introduce your loved one, and give a quick summary on their personalities.

The more than join in, the more fun this thread will be… so happy posting!

She is a momma’s girl through and through, but she despises her picture to be taken. She loves getting dirty, swimming, playing in the snow, finding the mud pit and riding in the truck. She plays rough with MtnMan, but if I am in the room she is a drama queen and will squeal, even if he is not doing anything to her. I fall for it every single time. She also runs to me for comfort before going back to him for more playtime.

Taking a Break from Cam Shows.

I am taking next week off of cam and it will begin Saturday, November 23rd at 7p EST.

I won’t be doing the weekly member shows; I’ve already rescheduled VNA and I will make it up to you on the Thursday night sessions we will miss. This also means there will be no Skype sessions scheduled, so email me and we can set something up for December.

I will be working on my site, updating clip sites and trying to figure out a new site to see if it is worth a shot…

But, that will hopefully be done in 2 days because the rest of my week is busy with MtnMan and family.

I will be back on cam Monday, December 2nd.

Email me at

Tweet me at @NakedTXAngel

I stay active and connected, and I will always respond.

Our Schedule

It’s a mix of soccer games, girl’s weekend and stuff, but the next three weeks are going to have changes in our normal schedules.

Let’s start with next week: I have a soccer game Thursday night, which means our member show will be moved to Tuesday. And, I have another game Saturday, which isn’t unusual, but it is the last game, so they are having a closing ceremony.

The following week is going to be crazy busy for me, but here is what we’ve got. I’m going to Salt Lake City for a girl’s weekend, which will start on that Thursday. So, I will only be online Monday and Tuesday, possibly Wednesday… I haven’t decided. I really enjoy my Wednesday’s in the Mountains with my MtnMan (and Abby).

And, the week after that MtnMan and I will be back in Salt Lake City Wednesday – Friday.

I will be tweeting and have blog reminders for each week, but wanted to give you all a heads up on the next few weeks, since there’s a lot going on…

Another Month, Another Win

I stand by what I have always said, I have some of the best members; you guys are so loyal and always take care of me.

I placed second on VNA for the month of September, following a first place win for August. You guys have kept me in the top three more times than not this year, and I am forever grateful.

Whether you show up for the entire hour, or join only to vote, you all continue to show your support each week. You guys amaze me with your generosity of time and team efforts. Thank you, one and all!

Halloween Candy

I am sure that I have posted this before, but with Halloween being right around the corner, it has me curious.

What is your favorite halloween candy? Bubba made a good point last week about not all candy counts as halloween candy. So, if it is available year round, it does not count. For example, Snicker Bars. You can pick one up each time you fill up the car at the gas stations, or when you are in the checkout lane at the grocery store. So, those do not count.

For me, it is hands down candy corn. I don’t know if I actually like them, like them, or if it is the memories that comes with eating a handful each day of October.

Mom would drive my twin around to houses, which were very well known to my parents. Not one house was a stranger. Granny and Dad would stay at the house, handing out candy. This was great because they both had a sweet tooth, and loved kids.

When we got home, all three of them (Mom, Dad and Granny) would “inspect” our loot to make sure it was safe to eat. Dad always kept back a pile of candy corn. Mom had her snickers, and Granny usually went for the baby ruth’s and anything else that might have caught her attention.

I had no reason to question their motives, but as an adult I know exactly what they were inspecting. They wanted their fair share of candies for celebrating Halloween with us. lol

So, my favorite Halloween candy is most definitely candy corn. I can only eat a little bit at a time, but I do enjoy a bag each October.

Can I Blame it on Allergies?

I don’t know where my brain is this morning and I can’t say that it is because it’s a baklava day, but maybe I can blame it on allergies. Let me share my morning with you, and then you decide whether that is a good excuse for my mindless morning…

I am making my chicken tortilla soup in the crockpot today. I have known this all week. It takes 6-8 hours, and with ours it is always on the short end of approximate time needed. I prefer to cook it on slow, so that it simmers and the flavors have time to diffuse into each other.

I decided to go pick up the baklava after I got ready for my day, and then I’d start the soup. Before I did that, though. I started the dishwasher so that it would be finished and dry by dinner time.

Dishwasher loaded and started.

Baklava picked up and already enjoyed a piece, with coffee.

Realized I had gotten sidetracked because it was already 11a, so I hurried myself to turn the cam on.

After 45 minutes of being online I suddenly remembered the soup. So, I rushed off to get it together because by the time I got it all together we’d be under 6 hours.

I’m in the kitchen and suddenly realize that I decided to run the crockpot through the dishwasher only minutes after I got the ingredients out to make it easier to get it going when I got back with the baklava.

So now I am waiting for the damn dishwasher to finish so that I can make the soup. I should still have time, since our slow cooker tends to cook faster than what most recipes call for. But still. Where the fuck is my brain today?

What do you think? Can I blame that all on my allergies? lol

The Tale of Many Serpents. ACK!

Snakes. They are in my top three fears. That is not imaginary fears, they are real. Snakes. There is nothing fake about those evil creatures. They should be extinguished. Forever. For good. Dead.

A few weeks ago we were out in the mountains on a hike. MtnMan was the hiker of the bunch. Abby and I stayed closed to the truck. Abby would have loved to go with MtnMan, but I cannot hike up steep elevations just yet. I’m working on that. Anyway, as he walks away from the truck, he says “be careful of snakes, they will be sunning right now because it’s already getting too cold at night for them. Do you have your gun?” I replied with, “yeah, don’t worry. We’ll be okay.”

Abby is full of energy so I stay in the truck and she runs around the truck a few times, and then goes into a sprint in front of the truck. She has been trained to stay near us, so she runs up about 20 feet, then back to the truck. She does this for a few minutes and then I decide to take her on a walk, along the ledge of the rocks, since we’re at the top of the mountain. It’s fairly flat and mostly pine trees, so no shrubs and it is easy to watch for snakes. We go to the right, walk up a ways, then cross over the road. At first I start to walk down the road back to the truck but then decide to check out the other side, which is where Abby is. She then hightails it to the road, and goes into a full on run. That is when I heard it. The distinct “rattle”. Her backend jumps, as though something nipped her. I told her go to the truck (as if she even know what I was saying). When she is at the truck, I tell her to “STAY”, as I hurry my ass to the truck. We get in the truck, she is panting and wondering what on earth just happened to her fun. I grab the bino’s, and look down the road, where she was when I heard it.

This was me —->

I was scanning the road, and nothing. But, I know what I heard. I keep looking, scanning, slowly glassing over the roadway, and back again. Nothing. And. Then. It. Moved. It moved! ACK!!!! It moved! It was still on alert, and the rattler was sticking straight up in the air. It was looking to strike, or something, or whatever it is they do in situations that kill people. ACK!

Abby, she was calm, and sitting in the middle so she could see what I was watching for. She did not seem faced.

I sent MtnMan a text, to let him know there is a snake about 20 feet in front of the truck. He was walking up behind us, not even phased. He asks me why I did not shoot it. What?

He grabs the shovel out of the back to go hunt for it. I asked him if he wanted my gun, and he just laughed and said he has his own.. but seriously, I was thinking that he could go in with two and shoot it up like you see in old westerns. He wasn’t interested in what I felt was a well thought out strategy. He took a shovel and walked all over the area. No snake.

That was one incident, that began the domino effect of serpents popping into my bubble. I don’t really know how else to put it, but on to my next tale, which is a true story. lol.

Red, of Texas Red, was on vacation in Nevada and they camped around all kinds of snakes, apparently. Cue the *eye roll*. For whatever reason, which I have still not figured out, he thought I would want to see a rattlesnake that was in their camp because it was pink. Pink? Fuck that, I just want to know if they killed it. Nope. They put it into a bucket, which he sent to my phone. I refused to open it and the next day I asked MtnMan to delete the damn thing. Red sent another picture with the snake, and MtnMan thought I would want to see it before he deleted the message. MtnMan accidentally hit the screen and the important picture disappeared and the snake was on my phone! ACK!! I don’t know who freaked out more, him or me. lol. I deleted the entire history of text messaging with Red. Done. Deleted. Fuck. That. Shit.

Later that night, I was perusing my FB timeline and there was a story posted by a local warning locals about buying plants from nurseries, and this kind person was nice enough to add pictures. The warning was that someone here bought a plant from a big box store and when she got it home to plant it, she was struck by a goddamn cottonmouth. ACK! Are you fucking kidding me? Not only am I getting tired of seeing those serpents, but now I have to stop buying plants. I meant, that might sound like a drastic measure to you, but holy fuck. We don’t have cottonmouths in Nevada. Those bastards are in Texas and they are not to be messed with. If I buy another plant, I am going to have to go about beating it to death before I put it in my cart and then once home, I will have to shoot the basket of dirt for good measure. My heart rate is elevated just typing this thread! Can you imagine? Just think, you want to beautify your home, so you select the most perfect of all plants for the front of your house. You know, so that anyone that visits will think, “wow, what a beautiful home, that bush was the best purchase you could have made. I need that same plant for my front door.” And then you reply with, “oh, that thing?” … yes, that thing that you almost died from but instead you just lost three of your fingers from a cottonmouth that survived a truck ride from the south to the northwest and didn’t strike any of the handlers. It lied in wait for you. That fucking bush. Yeah, I’m not buying another goddamn plant from anyone. Abby is all we need to beautify our home.

Now, fast forward another 3 days and we are out in the mountains again and MtnMan throws the truck in reverse, and I’m trying to figure out what the fuck we’re looking for. He tells me try not to look in the road. So, I look right in the road and see a SNAKE!!! Fuck me.

We are moving. I hear Patrick was a real saint and evicted the evil serpents from all of Ireland. He kicked them right out. Gone. Done. No snakes live in Ireland and they thank Saint Patrick for that. Personally, I think it was due to the fact that the waters rose and the land separated, making Ireland an island. But, when we become citizens, I will raise a beer mug to that crazy Saint Paddy who was so brave he went right up to each one and said “off you go!” as he swiftly kicked them into the sea. See the illustration below:

Have a Coffee with Me

This is a month of bonus sets and more videos than most months. Wednesday’s bonus will be a set of pictures, and I’d like for you to join me for a coffee, or a tea if that is your preference.

A reminder, that all new joins for the month of August will be entered into a raffle for several prizes. If you let your membership rebill through September, you will be given a choice between panties, a Skype session or a custom video. August is a month full of bonuses, giveaways and prizes. It is one to be a part of and one of many rewards.