Earnie: Happy Anniversary of your Birthday!

Our celebration today is honor of Earnie. He has been a long time member, which I very much appreciate, and some of you may know him from the Monday night hours on VNALive. Though, he is not able to join us often, he does when his schedule allows, which is during his vacations and holidays.

It was an absolute pleasure to start your birthday vacation on Skype, thank you for choosing to spend some extra time one-on-one. I do hope that it was a beautiful weekend and here is wishing you a fantastic birthday! Today is yours to celebrate however you see fit!

A Fantastic Surprise: Socks

A few weeks ago I received a beautiful surprise at the mailbox. A pair of new socks. Not just any kind of socks, mind you, but a pair that was picked out specifically for me. Elephant socks. It was such a thoughtful gift, one that was not on my wishlist, but sought out because of my love for all things elephants.

Gregg (with 2 g’s), thank you so much for your gracious gift that brought me great surprise and made me smile when I opened the package. Now, each time I wear them I will forever think of you.

Another Happy Birthday

Today is a very special day and good reason to celebrate! Most of you know him as the “guy that gives Red heart palpitations” most Monday evenings by signing in at the very last minutes to place his votes. He makes time before his night shift starts, which just goes to prove what a great guy he is.

Hmfast, I wish you a very happy birthday and a fun weekend not working shifts! I hope that you enjoy the Baby Metal concert, some down time not dealing with guests, and a walk to your Sushi joint. This weekend is yours and it should be enjoyed with some splurging and good music.

Happy Birthday to our Girl

Yes, “our girl”. She is Twitter famous and that makes her our girl. You surely know I’m talking about Abigail by now. Today is her third anniversary of her birthday, and what a beautiful celebration it is! Today is a a good day for a birthday, friends!

Now, with all of my excitement and the many “happy birthday” wishes I said to her, not once did she react differently than any other day. To put it simply, the girl has no idea today is hers because every single day is the best day ever, if you were to see it through her eyes. And, let’s be real, she lives her best life possible every single day!

We definitely have a happy golden and she is such a sweet, loving soul that I cannot help but want to share her with you.

That brings me to another post, which will be for another day because I do not want to take away from this thread, which is to wish our girl, Abby the golden, a very happy birthday!

Not Abby, but this would be her look of disdain, had I taken a picture of her in a party hat.

Another Birthday

Today is another great day to celebrate an anniversary of a birthday! Please join me in wishing HotRodf53 a very happy birthday!

Members who join me for the weekly hour long shows might remember him as either HotRodf53 or Rodney. He’s been a member of LSA for many, many years, and I am very thankful of that!

He, despite whatever kind of day he is having, is always in a good mood and positive, even when he has a right to be grumpy. Now, maybe he is grumpy, but finds a way to shine some sun on my twitter TL, and for that I say he’s always happy!

Happy birthday, Rodney!

7-11 is a Grand Birthday!

Today is a good day for a birthday! Today we celebrate the house boss of Windsor Castle, and I have no doubt it is festive in furbrat hall and in the residence of Her Royal Highness Ruby the pig and constort Rohan.

This is, what I like to consider, a bonus birthday, for it was only gifted to me 3 years ago, and it is one that I will always remember. Today we celebrate!

You may recognize the House Boss (HB) by the “Lilyisms” we enjoy from time to time, or maybe the boss of Dwwindsor, so in essence, we also celebrate him, because without him we would not have her.

Please join me in wishing the HB of Windsor Castle a very happy birthday! No matter where you find yourself today, no matter what you choose to do with this anniversary of your birthday, I wish you nothing but the best of days. I hope the weather is as beautiful as you had hoped, and if that is gloomy clouds with rainstorms, then I wish for the storm of storms!

Happy birthday to the lady of Windsor.

Butterfinger, What?

A few weeks ago I had half of a butterfinger; the next day MtnMan had the other half. We both decided that something has changed because it’s not the same good butterfinger flavor it once was. According to Gregg with 2 g’s, they changed the recipe, which explains why it is no longer a good candybar.

(notice the change in packaging, it’s boring, this should have been my first clue)

My first assumption was that they went “healthier” because it is not as good as it once was. Okay, I admit, the assumption was more in liking to judgement and I was judging the candy maker hard. I mean, it’s a fucking candybar for fucks sake, that in itself, is unhealthy. Seriously, what candybar is touted as being healthy? There are none, unless they claim to be a protein bar and it turns out those aren’t as healthy as the gym nuts want you to think they are. Have you had one? It sits like a brick in your gut. That cannot be good for you, but I have digressed from the original reason for this post. Let’s get back on point. After a little research, I can say with 100% certainty that the recipe was not changed to make it healthier.

While doing research, I feasted on a butterfinger, with the same conclusion as I’ve had over the last 3 consumed candy bars: they are no longer the crunchy toffee like bar that would stick to your teeth kind of goodness.

My research has found that the original Butterfinger debuted in 1923 and since then has been rehomed a few times, with the latest being in 2018 by another American based candy company. It’s a name I’ve never heard of and because I strongly disagree with their abuse of power, I do not feel they are worth mentioning by name. They feel it was time to “refine” the candy bar. *eye roll*

“We started with the key ingredients — peanuts, cocoa, and milk — behind this bar that people are obsessed with and love, and looked at how we could make it even better,”

Okay, first of all, Karen, the the bar that we love was not in need of change, hence, the bar “people are obsessed with and love”. There is no making perfection better with change. Just stop already.

the goal of a smoother, less gritty mouthfeel and stronger chocolate flavor. It has been taken up a notch.

BUT, and this is HUGE, the gritty mouthfeel is what made butterfinger a butterfinger!!! WHY change it. Just create a new fucking candybar and leave the butterfinger out of it!

Seriously, it is no longer a butterfinger so just take it off the shelves already. This comes from someone who rarely eats a candybar, but when I do, I want it to be like the same bar I enjoyed as a kid and I really do not think that is being unreasonable.

You should also know that this company also bought Baby Ruth’s, so that’s probably no longer good because, well, refinement. *eye roll* I don’t have it in me to try a Baby Ruth at this crossroads we find ourselves in. I just cannot handle that disappointment right now, so if you so desire, you could be the one to try it, on my behalf for research purposes. I wonder if that bar even has peanuts now or maybe they cut out the caramel. :/

If you are like Gregg (with 2 g’s), you will still find enjoyment in having a butterfinger, although admittedly not as good, still worth eating. That is okay to be in his group. I am not in his group. I will not be eating another butterfinger and when halloween comes around, I will keep all of the candy corn for myself and give the butterfingers away. lol.

In closing, allow me to say that somethings do not need changed, nor refined. I mean, what the fuck does that even mean when referring to perfection of a butterfinger. It was good for a reason!

July: My Favorite Month!

Happy seventh month of 2021, friends! This is a month of celebrations and happiness, from the very first day to the last one and several in between!

We start the month off celebrating MtnMan (much to his chagrin) and we end July with the anniversary of my divorce. Yes, my past has been buried and mostly forgotten, my grievous mistakes all but a nightmare, but the signing of the paper will always be remembered and celebrated. So, we remember, no matter how happy I am today. We remember that day.

But before that last day of the best month of the year, we have many, many birthdays!

1st: MtnMan75 – thank you to everyone that shouted out a birthday mention on Twitter. As much as he views it as just another day, I want him to know that it is not because it is the anniversary of his birthday, and that is something worth celebrating! Happy birthday, babe.

11th: the House Boss, also known as HB – this is a very important day, for it was gifted to me just 3 years ago and the message was passed to me by Dwwindsor himself. Yes, that guy. The “chief bloviator-button pusher” eloquently shared with me that the HB has a birthday (unbeknownst to me at that time) and she is now willingly sharing it with me. You know what that means, right? I have been given another birthday to delightfully celebrate and this is a big one! So, on July 11th, we celebrate someone of the utmost importance, Dwwindsor’s house boss. The Queen of Windsor Castle. The one that braves the sharks of Killbuck Creek. Yes, that one.

19th: Rodney (@hotrodf53) – This is another great day for a birthday! He has been a member for many years, although he hasn’t socialized with the group in quite some time, you might remember him as hotrod in chat or @hotrodf53 on Twitter. He’s a great guy and is always happy to support and send words of encouragement and a gracious greeting of sorts. On the 19th, we celebrate!

21st: Abby, Abby the Golden, Abigail – Yes, it’s true. This was the day that our girl was born, and a good day it was! I stalked, or rather, followed the breeders social media pages daily, waiting for a glimpse of the litter, and ready for an update, of which I felt should be given daily. However, the news was sparse and the days counting down to the pick up was harrowing, to say the least. When we drove 8 hours to make our pick, she chose us. Her litter mate came busting over, jumping in my lap and licking my face, but Abby, she waited her turn and slowly, in a very sweet and shy manner, weaseled her way into my lap and said, “hi, you are here for me, let’s go.” So we did. We went home and now we are celebrating her 3rd anniversary.

24th: HmFast, the late Monday Voter that gives Red heart problems – Yes, we celebrate again on the 24th, and HM, I hope that you plan on taking the day off work. You need to celebrate by treating yourself to sushi and having a no-person-contact day. This is a great day for no contact. You should take the day and celebrate you, and in order to do that, you need the day off. No answering the phone because you’re not home, even though you probably will be. It’s your right to not answer the phone, and on your birthday no answering the phone! lol. We celebrate another trip around the sun.

29th: KEVIN! KeviN! KEvIN! KeViN! Did you hear that in my best minion voice? Kevin! Kevin! Today is a good day for a birthday! I love this day for a birthday and I am so glad that it is yours because it is a damn good day for a celebration! I know, I know, you’re like all of them. Them being, “it’s just another day” *eye roll* Well, pshaw, to you and to all of those people. PShaw! Today we celebrate, so consider this your invitation, Kevin, to celebrate your day, in which I will gladly be doing. Yes, today we celebrate.

31st: The Finale of the 20 Year Mistake – Nothing much to say here, except I will never forget this day because it was truly an unforgettable moment in my life. It was a life saving event and the feeling I experienced will always stay with me. It is a feeling that will never be matched, nor compared to. It was freedom; it is a day to remember and to truly know survival. So, we celebrate. We, as in me, and I am good with that. Today I celebrate.

A Rant that Has been Brewing

Holy fuck. This week can suck it! What the fuck is wrong with some people? Seriously, some people do not deserve the pleasure of socializing on the internet.

“wow! I’m going broke jerking off to you!”

(he took me private once, for 3 minutes, and I see him daily. )

“for a 44 year old you are sexy”

(why do some find this to be a compliment. Sexy is sexy, no matter the age, don’t be a dick)

“what I want is a bj, but you are not near.”

(you’re on a fucking cam site you dickdweeb!)

“hey, miss me?”

(um, I see you daily and you went private in 2018 for 1 minute, so… BAN. I’m too nice, that is what this week has reminded me.)

“you look bored.”

(I’ve been asking you for the last 5 minutes how you are doing, I cannot imagine why I might look bored since you are beaming with so much personality it makes me happy to see you return to my room for the 20th time today.)

“would you ever ‘do-it’ with a family member”

(why is this even normalized. Anyone that promotes this is to blame, in my unsolicited opinion, whether it is on your actual site, or your “network”. Stop normalizing incest for fuck’s sake!)

“what are you going to do for me?”

(um, you are in my cam room within minutes of me turning my cam on, and you are NEVER going to go private, so what I’m about to do is free and I should have done this 3 months ago. BAN)

I could go on, but you really don’t need to be forced to endure the week I have had. I realize this is part of it, and it is what it is, but when this is the majority of my week, by Friday I am fucking over it. Do not take kindness for stupidity. If you come in, at least respond to my greetings and willingness to have a fucking conversation, without the pressure of going private. That is, unless you say- I’m wacking it while I look at you, humma humma. Again, don’t be a fucking dick.

And, while I’m on a rant, and believe me, this is only the beginning because I really want to continue the vent session when I turn my cam on, but that’s bad for business and that’s not what my room has ever been about… although, it might be because I honestly don’t know if I can turn it off now. LOL! Anyway, my next rant is about blinkers in vehicles. Is a blinker an add-on when buying now because some people don’t own a fucking blinker it would seem. How fucking lazy do you have to be that you cannot use your finger to push down on the blinker arm? Seriously, how fucking lazy? On my way to the store (with Abby happy in the back seat) some jackass in a big, new, sparkly truck that has never been off road or hauled hay, was in the right lane and seriously waited until his lane was turning right, mine was going straight, to jump in front of me without a blinker. He was slowing way down, as though he was making the turn, but nope, when I was on his left, he decides it’s a good time to slowly cut me off and then, he comes to a complete stop when our lane had the right of way. Who gave this jackass a license? WHO? And so we are completely stopped, waiting for everyone with the yield to go ahead, then once moving and the lanes turn into 2 again, he doesn’t get over to the right as he goes 35 mph in a 55, nope. He waits until I decide to switch lanes and again, without a blinker. Since you are probably wondering, no, I did not honk or give him the finger, not even once. In Texas, I would have. lol. But, as I passed him I had to get a good look at what stupid fuck looks like today. He seemed aloof and everything clueless, so makes since he’d be driving a large extended cab truck so he can just run over everyone else on the roads.

Don’t come into my cam room today if you have douchebag tendencies, I truly cannot deal with that. Ha!

Okay, thanks for this therapy session, I am turning my cam back on. Wish me luck and send me happy vibes and money signs! lol

June is for June bugs

April showers bring May flowers, and June is for June Bugs. I just made that last part up, but it holds some truths. I mean, after the blooms come the bugs, followed by the heat. Ack!

I am curious, does everyone have june bugs? And, to clarify a june bug is not just any bug that is found in the month of June. Nope.


Also called May beetle. any of several large, brown beetles of the genus Phyllophaga, of the scarab family, appearing in late spring and early summer. green June beetle.

Please disregard, “also called May Beetle” because that does not fit my narrative.

These bugs are large, with hard shells and needle like legs (and a lot of them). They are harmless to you and me, but to plants they can wreak havoc by feasting upon the leaves and decimating vegetation.

But, that’s not the reason for this post. Nope. It is not. I am curious if you have June Bugs in your region because we had them something terrible in Texas, and they still have them because that colony did not relocate with me, but we do have them here in Nevada, too. Two entirely different climates.

I was going to give you a brief scientific lesson on these little buggers, but decided against it; that also does not play into my narrative.

What I want to know is, do you have June Bugs in your yard? Yes or No? See the image below and then type your answer in the comment box. Thank you.