Hot August Nights

A month full of videos and bonus sets. Hot August Nights:

August 3rd – August 13th

Longevity has its rewards. If you join my site during “Hot August Nights”, and rebill at least one month (without cancelling), each new member will be compensated.

I do not initiate contact, for obvious reasons, so you MUST EMAIL ME FIRST at

Each join that qualifies will have a choice of:

  • A month access to my premium snapchat ($13.95 Value)
  • Panties with pictures, available only to US residents ($35+ Value)
  • 5 minute video, with option for additional minutes ($75 Value)

The Decision Has Been Made

Over the last month I have asked you guys about switching things up with the weekly member shows. For the last twelve years I have done a show every Tuesday night but I have been wondering if it is time to make a change. I tweeted, blogged and set up a poll on the site. After reading all of the reviews and comments I have decided to start doing Thursday’s at 11p EST. This change was made based on all of the comments, but also because I think that a Thursday show will break up the week for us all instead of having 2 back to back shows early in the week. I will probably do a 20 minute bonus on Tuesday’s at 8p EST, so if some of you prefer the earlier shows, you will not be left out… with that said, the Tuesday hour has dwindled in member participation over the last year, which is what first prompted my initial inquiry about making a change.

I look forward to spending an hour with you on Thursday night’s.

Plans For New Content

I have not shot… scratch that… I have not created new content since I was in Mexico earlier this year and we have plans to spend a good part of this weekend doing videos, and a few picture sets. I am having fun with videos and new ideas, so I am looking forward to spending Friday night through Sunday morning doing just that! 

I have a few ideas floating around in my head, but should probably do what I do best, and that is make a list so that I don’t forget. And, by list, I mean pen to paper, not on my phone. 

I have had a lot of positive comments regarding the changes I have made to my site over the last year, and most of those refer to all of the videos I have released. My goal is to have a video based site, not a photo album of random pics that turn into a collage with a fantasy story attached to it. It is much easier to grab you by the shirt collar and yank you into the video with me so that you can truly experience the fantasy of it all. 

Now that you know what I will be doing Friday night, you should also know that I won’t be online after 7p EST… 

Where to Begin . . .

Goodness, you guys are incredibly good to me. I am going to start with my thank you’s, but they are in no particular order.

Kevin, you are so sweet to surprise me with a candle, and a tank and shorts set. The candle scent fills the house with a soft, subtle pine smell, which is perfect for the winter, and the blue tank set is sexy and fun. Thank you! 


Rodney, you disappeared on me for awhile, but you returned last month and immediately found my wishlist. You are kind and so thoughtful, thank you! I love the lingerie and will wear it during my next content-filled weekend, which will be soon. The tank with the bra/panties is sexy-cute! 

Nicster, you have always been a generous and very thoughtful person, and I might add, a patient one at that! I am not sure why, but you have had some trouble with items being shipped and not lost, or just being jockeyed around from one distribution, to another. Cliff had the same problem, so you are not alone. lol. I always love the items you choose, whether it is a blouse that I wear off cam, or a nightie that I wear often while on cam. Thank you! 

Stephen, you surprised me with flip flops, and was so gracious in your note that you really touched my heart. Thank you! I will be wearing them soon and will have to take some pics in them… 


Cliff, you went out of your way to custom order ornaments and a clock for me. It is the time and effort that it took you, that warms my heart more than anything. I love the ornaments and next year they will adorn the tree, and the clock is currently in my closet, but only because I am still looking for pictures to hang. I already have 4, but until I get everything I will hold off on putting holes in the wall. You really make me smile. Thank you! 

Gifts Out of the Wazoo!

Goodness you guys always amaze me at your thoughtfulness and generosity. I have so many thank you’s to write out, and instead of posting one per day, for the next two weeks, allow me to consolidate into one. 

These are in no particular order.

Camster: I love the striped socks and the babydoll negligee you sent a couple weeks ago. It is sexy and cute, all at once! I have already made a new video, while wearing the nightie and hope you will enjoy it when it is released. To give you a hint- it involves my feet and a realistic dildo. *wink* – I plan to take a set of selfie’s, also, which I will share with you just as soon as I make time to do so. 

Rodney: You are always thoughtful and always peruse my wishlist from time to time, sending random gifts and surprises. I will be wearing the nightie on cam often, and have already done a set of pics, which will be released soon as a bonus set. In the meantime, you can expect to see a couple sneak previews soon. 

Nicster: You are the reason for my wishlist and you continue to give, for no other reason than because that is who you are. A great quality to hold. It is unfortunate that the last couple surprises have been a massive pain for you, which I hope to minimize in the next few weeks. I will start paying better attention to the origin of the company. At any rate, one of your Christmas gifts arrived and it is one that I will wear often. I love, love, love Patty Boutique! Thank you!

MtnMan: I know I join Dwwindsor (DW) in thanking you for the argyle socks. I love them all! The colors are fun and most already match my growing wardrobe. The pearl earrings were a nice touch and I will wear them often. They are so classy and beautiful. Thank you!

Mollie: You are one very generous lady! I do not know what to say, except thank you and I hope that you know just how much I appreciate your kindness and generosity, your thoughtfulness and encouragement. Thank you! I love the blanket and will enjoy it throughout the year. It is a lighter weight than the elephant throw you sent, and although that one is my favorite, this one will be nice in the summer when the house is blasting cold air. The Patty Boutique sweater is cute and warm. Like I have said many times before, I love that company! Also, a very special thank you to Annie for the beautiful hand painted tree. It is my first holiday decoration and I will always smile when I see it. 



Friday Night Plans

Over the last few months I have had several Friday night hours on VNA, with a lot of great feedback, and after last week’s extra show, I have had even more requests for them. I enjoy them, you guys seem to, as well, and a few of you who cannot make the Monday shows can join on Friday because it is a later time. So, I have decided to add an extra one for this week, but it is, in no way, a certainty that it will become a weekly occurrence.

If you are a member of mine, or one of Dawn Marie’s, join me Friday at 11p EST, via the VNA banner.

Tuesday Date Night Postponed

Tonight I’m going to be gazing at the stars through a gigantic telescope at the McDonald Observatory. I love the vast, open spaces of west Texas. I’ll do my best to tweet, but it all depends on cell reception. I will be doing 4- one hour shows next week, so enjoy this break and clear your schedule next week. lol. I’ll probably do the make ups after 10p EST.

I hope that you all have a great evening and I look forward to catching up with you next week.

A Random Surprise Always Makes Me Smile!

61WRS9P-UwL._UY679_Jer, I owe you a huge apology! You sent two surprises last month, and with everything I had going on, I let my blog slip. When I stopped by the PO, it was just to clear out the junk mail that gathers over the weeks. Imagine my surprise when I had two boxes from you! I’ve already worn one of those, a couple times, but I haven’t worn the second one yet. I want to wait until I know when you’ll be online… or else, it won’t be as special.

Thank you for being so thoughtful!

Members Totally Redeemed Themselves

I cannot expect members to always give me their time, especially when I offer so many shows each week. However, with that said, you guys have spoiled me and it’s rare that the attendance is low. Last Monday was a first. I started the VNA show without any of my fella’s. I didn’t freak out for the first minute, but then five minutes in I was starting to get a little unnerved. Don’t get me wrong, the VNA guys are always gracious and kind, but not usually chatty. So, the first several minutes I was talking to myself, asking the same question- “How was your weekend?” ….. “sooooo…. did you guys do anything fun this weekend?” …. “I had a busy weekend without internet. That sucked… I thought I’d be online, but nooope.” …. “how was the weather for you guys this weekend? …. “I scrubbed my feet (LOL)” …. then in walks Hedo and I was so happy and relieved! I had someone to respond to me. lol. We said our hello’s and then he put me on mute without telling me. Yep. Good talk. LOL. Jer followed Hedo and so I told him that I scrubbed my feet. lol. Anyway, the show was great, as it always is, I’m just so used to my fella’s conversing with me that I don’t know what to do when there’s no response… After I calmed down from being so excited about the company, I got naked and then in walked Dwwindsor and it got real! lol.

Tuesday night I had the second member show of the week and one or two showed up before the start of it, then slowly a couple more and all at once I had about 15 of you guys in the show. It was amazing and surprising! Those of you who aren’t able to make it often showed up. One took off work just to surprise me and another got home after an 18 hour day and instead of going to bed, signed into the show. All joking aside, you guys know you’re mine! LOL. Just kidding. Now seriously, you members really do amaze me and it’s guys like you that keep me doing the member shows.

Reminder: VNA Show

This is just a reminder that we’re coming up on the last Sunday of the month, which means I’ll be on at 4p EST this Sunday.

I’d love for you to join me for Sunday Funday. Let’s catch up and enjoy the rest of the weekend together.