I know that I am late in posting this, but you are important to me and, well, you’re Kevin! Kevin-Kevin-Kevin!!!

In case you are wondering this is Minion you. —–>

I hope that you had an amazing birthday, and that you were celebrated! Knowing your family, I have no doubt that you were and that there were cookies and cake to eat. Was it pumpkin, by chance?

Happy, happy birthday, Kevin!

July 29th, is a Celebration Day!

Last week I wrote about all of the celebrations we have in July, from the 1st all the way through the very last day of the month. However, the other day I suddenly realized, I had left off one very important person. Kevin!

I know that you are, much like the rest of my fella’s, and you don’t think your day is anything to get excited over, and since I disagree with you and all of the rest, I am reminding you that you are wrong. WRONG.

I think that everyone deserves to be celebrated and you have your very own day. A day that you don’t have to share with anyone else. So, I look forward to the 29th, on your behalf.. and in spite of you. LOL.