Dig Deep, Find Your Happy

Welp, the last post was a complete flop. Let’s try a different approach.

Until recent years, I despised the holiday’s, but circumstances changed and now I truly do not mind them. I actually enjoy shopping for gifts for our nieces and it is always good to spend time with family over food.

In my previous post I said that the best part of December was that we are getting closer to Thanksgiving, but that’s not really how I feel. I try not to wish my life away because before I know it, it will be gone.

There are many things that I enjoy about December. The cold. The snow. Our days off which are always spent in the mountains during winter months. And, yes, even December 25th. It’s good to gather, although a very small group, and catch up over food while giving the girl’s our gifts. That is my favorite part, to be honest.

My absolute favorite memory of Christmas was when my twin and I were 5 and under. One of my older brothers (13 yrs older than us) would get so excited about it that he would wake us up with so much holiday cheer it was infectious. I would stumble to the living room where he was waiting for us, all smiles and ready to be Santa, handing out the presents. He was more excited about surprising us with some pretty awesome toys, than what Mom and Dad got him. He was our santa and he played the role perfectly.

Happy Holidays

Okay, bare with me, please. I never thought I would be anything short of a grinch. It was not that I didn’t want you all to enjoy your holidays, but I didn’t see what the big hub bub was all about. And, in reality, I still don’t, but I do appreciate the simple things, such as putting up a tree. We even have a wreath for our door, thanks to Dawn Marie! That will be as much decorating that will get done at our house, but I am actually looking forward to going to cut down a tree on Saturday. It is something that we could have easily blown off, but I think it will be sweet to see Abby staring at the lights and hopefully not trying to eat the branches of pine needles, or step through the sticky sap that drips all over the skirt. Either way, I am not the grinch I once was, but I also feel that the change in my #newbeginnings deserves some holiday cheer. With that said, I live with a grinch now, and I am okay with that. He lost his scrooge and I gained one. I am embracing that with much love! lol. 

Also, I am still not big on holiday songs, or christmas lights before December 1st. So, keep that in mind. Thank you.