Drinks with Friends

Dressed Up and Cumming in Pantyhose! HD Video!

I met friends for drinks tonight and was in the mood to dress up and I am so glad that I did because I met someone! We only exchanged numbers but spent the evening flirting and catching up with friends. I wore nylons, so I could feel my pussy aching, rubbing against the material and I could even smell my scent when I stood up from the table to say good night. I do hope that he calls, but right now all I can think about is having an orgasm now that I am home. This video is full of dirty talk, teasing, rubbing myself through the nylons and then slipping my fingers into my pussy to get myself wetter than I already was.  I want you to imagine jerking off over me, blowing your load all over the pantyhose. Give me something to play with … CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Dessert First

I Wanna Serve You Dessert First!  HD Video!

I want to have dessert before dinner, so lift me up on the counter, eat my pussy, make me cum and then pick me up, shove me against the wall and fuck me. I want you to take me, drain your balls inside of me and let me make our dinner with your sperm dripping out of me. CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Stay with Me

I want you to Stay with ME!

With the holiday’s fast approaching, there is very little time to relax, and it seems there are commitments for lunch, dinner, weekends and everything in between. How about we blow off today’s engagement and let’s stay indoors and enjoy each other. As you watch me tease you with a slow strip, I want you to grab your dick and start stroking. By the end, you will be ready to cum for me, filling my pussy with another load … CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Waiting For a Friend

I Got Myself Off Before He Even Arrived!  HD Video!

I was waiting for a friend to come over so that we could have some fun, and hopefully fuck all night long; which means I was especially horny. I wanted to have a couple of orgasms before he knocked on the door and that is exactly what I did. I could not stop thinking about the excitement of exploring a new cock, that it did not take much to get wet enough to take my toy without any lube. I am swollen, tight and aching for a good fuck, and that is just what I hope awaits me. Watch me finger fuck myself, before using a toy and then bending over doggy style while talking you into a good cum. I hope that you will cum multiple times while we wait for my friend to come fuck me… maybe it will be you next time. *wink* CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


A Squirting Afternoon

A Messy Squirting Afternoon! HD Video!

I am dressed up just like a traditional housewife should be. I’m wearing a retro dress, stockings, no panties, heels and my pussy is swollen with desire. I have been horny all day, and spent the morning using my Hitachi Wand, and favorite toys which have left me creamy, with thick lips, but still wanting more.

I should get dinner started for him before he gets home, but I really need to have a squirting orgasm first. I squirt so much that there is no way he won’t know what I have been up to all day, while he was working. I squirt throughout most of this video, giving you up close views, and different angles. I hope that you will enjoy an orgasm, or several, with me.  CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

That Ever Growing Desire

Let the Teasing Desire Build!

I want you to sit back and stroke while you thumb through this set of pictures. There is a lot to choose from as you make your pick as to which one to enjoy; from teasing, to bare breasts and heels dangling from my toes. You can enjoy my high arches, my soft boobs and my willing pussy. Just imagine what it would be like if you were next to me, both of us enjoying each other for all its worth. Staying in bed for hours, satisfying that hungry lust, and the ever growing desire.  CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Creamy Pantyhose

I Get My Pantyhose So Creamy and Wet! 1080p HD Video!

I got home after a night out and was creamy and aching for a good, intense orgasm. I spent the night with the nylons rubbing against my bare pussy, getting me wet and so aroused that my lips were swollen and glazed with my cream. After I slipped out of the dress, I finger fucked my pussy and you could hear how wet I was, and once I started the cream continued to ooze out of me. If only you were with me, we could have fucked all night long. First, with my nylons on, completely covering my pussy, your cock stroking against me and just exploding into a massive mess, before ripping the pantyhose off and giving me your already spent cock that is still hard and willing to continue.  I wonder how many loads you would give me… CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Your Cum, My Pussy

Lonestar Angel Wants Your Cum In Her Pussy!

This week of ours that was meant to fuel our secret liaison, while you were in town on business, has turned out to be all work and not enough intense passion. You, I blame you. But, maybe it is not all your fault, after all, you do tend to get into a zone and hardly anyone can distract you; I have always been the minx that can pull you away when you should be focused. Last night was wonderful, once you joined me in the jacuzzi, before taking me to bed and giving me your cum load. I have spent all day lounging in your shirt and tie, pussy dripping with your cream and the ache I have is growing deep and I need you to fuck me right now. Fuck me! Your tension has been building all week and I want you to take it out on me. I want it hard. I want it deep. I want it right fucking now. Your business dinner can wait, but I will not … give me another cum load, leaving my pussy glazed in your seed. I am insatiable and you are the only one that can quench the burning desire inside of me. Will you give me a third? CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Pantyhose and a Little Black Dress

Lonestar Angel In Classic Nude Pantyhose & Black Dress!

A little black dress will forever be a timeless look, but pair it with pantyhose and heels and you’ve got that classy, with a twist of naughtiness mixed in. If you are the ideal foot fetishist, there are plenty to choose from. I have high arches, suckable toes and a need to drain you. This set is definitely for the foot lover in you, but also for those who fantasize about taking me while still wearing hose. Help me slip out of the dress, while keeping the pantyhose on; you can enjoy my bush, soft curves and that desire to take your cum load.  Albeit, on my nylon covered pussy, or down at my toes. The choice is yours and I am here to take it as you wish.  CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Date Night

Lonestar Angel Wants a Date Night with You! 1080p HD Video!

I was ready for a first date long before he was expected to knock on my door, which made me a little antsy, and horny, all at the same time. This was fun because I stayed in the dress that I wore to dinner afterwards. I used a toy and it did not take long for me to cream all over myself, leaving my lips glazed in cum. I was so wet that there is no doubt he could smell my scent while we walked to his car, and then while we were idly conversing on the way to dinner.  *sigh* I could definitely smell my orgasms, so there is no doubt he could. Made it fun to wonder what he was thinking and it definitely made the evening fun after dinner. CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Squirting in a Sauna

Lonestar Angel Squirts In The Suana – 1080p HD Video!

I was out with friends this evening and I am staying at their place over the weekend. They have a sauna on one end of their home, making it a perfect place for a squirting video. Once I started squirting, I did not stop; if you like it wet and messing, you will absolutely love this video! I pulled my panties down to my ankles, lifted my legs up and used fingers for most of the ten minutes. This is one that all squirt lovers will appreciate, along with anyone else that just enjoys mutual masturbation. CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

PS: WLTNBN, thank you so much for this entire outfit! From the dress down to the heels, you have great taste!


Foot Fetishist – Delight!

Lonestar Angel Satisfies The Foot Fetishists!

This is a very special set of pictures because today is Jer’s birthday and he is one of my foot lovers and a long time member. He is a gentleman and a favorite! So, today all of those who enjoy feet will benefit with this bonus set that is in honor of Jer. Please join me in wishing him a wonderful day; he deserves it and then some!

And, if you are someone who has been looking for a site to “belong to”, let this be testament that I take care of those who join my site. I appreciate each and every one of you, whether you are a member for one month, every few months, or for a lifetime .. CLICK HERE!

Enjoy this bonus set, one and all, and Jer, happy birthday, I look forward to another foot massage from you. *wink*

Mega Bonus Anniversary Update!

Hidden Stairs
(Plus EXCLUSIVE HD Video in my club for new members – this weekend only!)

Exclusive Video Note: I am celebrating 10 years online and I am trying something new, which is creating an EXCLUSIVE video for new joins for this weekend ONLY. If you are trying to decide whether or not to join, let me just say, my pussy gets very wet thinking about you. I have a dirty mouth when I am turned on and I am expressive in my wants, desires and needs. Grab your dick and join me today. I do not plan on disappointing you!


Today’s Pictures: I love exploring abandoned places and long forgotten rubble. During one of my explorations I happened across hidden stairs and I wondered what stories this place could tell. The steps led down to what was once a grand palace, which gave me fantasies of grandeur. How many sexual trysts took place in this secluded place, while others gathered around food and danced the night away? It led me to a fantasy of my own; one that included you, me, no panties and enough time to have fun. The stairs are steep, making it easy for you to slide your tongue into my pussy as I ride your face, bent over. After you get me wet, you take me in your arms, push me against the back wall and slide your already hard cock inside me. It might be a quick cum, but rushing back into the group, as though nothing happened, is dangerously fun and everything naughty. What would you do, if I took your hand and led you to this secret passageway for a quick fuck? CLICK HERE!


It’s Time!

Lone Star Angel Anxiously Awaits Your Return!

I know we agreed that we both needed a break, but it’s time that you come back to me. Your absence has made me realize how much I long for you. Each time I hear a car drive by, I anxiously glance out the window, just to find you not there. The post man delivered a package this morning and I hoped it was you surprising me on the other side of the door. I was wrong. I’ve silently waited for you, but I wonder if you’re doing the same. That’s why I’m telling you now that it is time for you to return to me. I want to feel your arms wrapped around me as I sleep, and to wake up to you staring at me. It’s time … CLICK HERE!


Clear Your Schedule

Clear Your Schedule for an Angel Rendezvous!

The meeting will be cut short today because I have something else that acquires my attention this afternoon. There’s only one thing I need from you right now and that is for you to clear your schedule because I have an aching itch and I’ve chosen you to stay afterwards to scratch it for me. I have just enough time in between to take advantage of you and that’s just what I intend on doing. Go. Obtain the necessary credentials and meet me in my club area for our afternoon rendezvous … CLICK HERE!


My Fantasy

Let Me Share My Fantasy With You

I love slipping into stockings and when I’m horny, but home alone, I’ll dress up, with you on my mind. I imagine you walking in from a long day’s work, dropping your brief case at the door, slipping your pants off as you walk across the room and in between my legs. I get wet thinking about how full of lust it would be; the hunger we would share would make it quick and intense. It’s not long before I’m wet and cumming, just fantasizing about you walking through the door at any minute … CLICK HERE!

If you enjoy this set, look for the video to be released next week.