I know that I am late in posting this, but you are important to me and, well, you’re Kevin! Kevin-Kevin-Kevin!!!

In case you are wondering this is Minion you. —–>

I hope that you had an amazing birthday, and that you were celebrated! Knowing your family, I have no doubt that you were and that there were cookies and cake to eat. Was it pumpkin, by chance?

Happy, happy birthday, Kevin!

Happy Birthday!

Hmfast – I hope that you are having a wonderful day and that it is an amazing birthday, despite being stuck at the hotel, and despite you working.. do something for you and celebrate in spite of it all! Splurge, call in sick, pretend you moved when they knock on your door, or just play video games and watch youtube videos all day, ignoring the rest of the world. Just a suggestion, honestly, but enjoy the day no matter what.

Worthy of a Post

I have become lax in my jotting of words here, and a lot of that is due to the year we’ve had, which started in January with MtnMan’s surgery. But then I slipped into a funk with nothing worthy of adding to the blog. However, I’d like to change that and today is a good day for that.

Please join me in wishing the House Boss of Windsor Castle a very happy birthday. She is one who brightens our world, even though we only know her through Dwwindsor himself. I do believe we have met the true person that is known as the list maker of his world. I like her spunky spirit and her amazing sense of humor, but also, I admire her for keeping DW on his toes.

Happy birthday, Lily. I hope that it is an amazing day of celebrations and love. You deserve all of well wishes and cake. Lot’s of cake.

Happy Birthday To One of the Best!


I wish you nothing but the best of days, and I truly hope you do something to celebrate you!

I also would like for you to make plans for a trip to the city soon; you need to reconnect with some of your old social butterfly days. Now, mind you, nothing you have said has led me to this knowledge but I would not be me, if I did not remind you that you are our socialite.

I look forward to seeing you tonight on VNALive so that we can all wish you a proper “Happy Birthday”. That is, unless you have other plans, and in that case, then I want you to have a wonderful time!

This gave me a chuckle, so I had to share.

To a Dear Bloke in the UK

It is no secret that I enjoy everyone’s birthday, so it should be no surprise that we have another one to celebrate today. Although, it is dinner time for him, the day is still his to enjoy, so please join me in wishing a very happy birthday to Stephen!

Stephen- you are an absolute gem, and I am thankful to know you. I hope that today was everything you hoped it would be and more!

Today is a Good Day . . .

. . . for a birthday! It is true, I absolutely love other people’s birthday, especially the one that is today! Happy, happy birthday to our resident bloviator who has also been known to be the groups favorite lawyer!

Dwwindsor, I hope that it has been nothing but wonderful, with shark infested birthday wishes and a cake with candles!

One of My Favorite Days!

It is true, I absolutely love birthday’s. Today is another favorite for me, although, he feels it’s just another day, and he would be just fine going unnoticed, you know I cannot allow that to happen. NOPE. I do not have it in me to wish that on him, so let’s celebrate Kevin!

KEVIN! I have always enjoyed your company and you are definitely part of our online group here, so I feel you are reason to be celebrated today! Happy, happy birthday! I do hope that you have had a wonderfully beautiful, and quiet (because that’s what you hope for) day.

Another Birthday for Us to Celebrate!

Please join me in wishing hmfast a very happy birthday! He’s going to take a vacation this year, and that makes me happy!

HM – you deserve a happy birthday, but even more than that, a nice, relaxing vacation. You need to get away and have a true break, and I do hope that you are able to disconnect from everyone for awhile.

July 29th, is a Celebration Day!

Last week I wrote about all of the celebrations we have in July, from the 1st all the way through the very last day of the month. However, the other day I suddenly realized, I had left off one very important person. Kevin!

I know that you are, much like the rest of my fella’s, and you don’t think your day is anything to get excited over, and since I disagree with you and all of the rest, I am reminding you that you are wrong. WRONG.

I think that everyone deserves to be celebrated and you have your very own day. A day that you don’t have to share with anyone else. So, I look forward to the 29th, on your behalf.. and in spite of you. LOL.

Another Birthday, Another Celebration!

Out of curiosity, I looked back in the blog history to see how many celebrations we have had in MtnMan’s honor, and the first was in 2014. There has been a common denominator in each thread:

“you might not think today is a big deal, but you are worth celebrating!”

And, nothing has changed in 2019, either. MtnMan still views today as a day like all the others, and I am still wishing him a happy birthday, and telling him that today is a good day for a celebration!

The birthday posts have varied over the years, but my wish for you to have a wonderfully happy day, and celebrate you, remains the same!

Happy birthday to my MtnMan!