It’s a Day of Anniversaries!

Please join me in wishing Zany and Gregg (with 2 g’s) a very happy birthday.

Zany- I hope that you had a great day at work, that you got some cake and that you are now celebrating in true Zany fashion- with a shot glass raised and a fun night ahead.

Gregg with 2 g’s: I hope that no matter where you found yourself today, that it was a most excellent day of celebration! You were working. I know you well enough to know that, but I do hope that you did something that made you smile, and if not, I hope you had some cake because that would make me smile!

Hoarding Birthday’s and Celebrating Anniversaries.

April marks 15 years for me online and in keeping with this month of appreciation, I feel it would be an oversite to not acknowledge all of the birthday’s that I have hoarded over the years. Each one deserving of recognition and high praise, for no other reason than each person should be celebrated during their day; and, I take that very seriously!

There are those that were exploited with an annual birthday party, and the one that doesn’t like to acknowledge that he, too, has an anniversary of his birth, but reluctantly chose to give me his day, and then there are those that could care less that I have taken it upon myself to celebrate and those that like to be acknowledged in some way or another… they’re all days that deserve celebration!

Let’s not skip over the person that is only a part of the group by way of her significant other, who so generously gave me her day a couple of years ago. It is one that I accidentally missed on year two, but will never ever forget again, EVER. I am not sure how I got so lucky as to be able to celebrate her day, but I’m thankful all the same. It’s pretty damn amazing.

And, there are those that mentioned in passing that “today” was their birthday, and I quickly added their anniversary to my trusty calendar to be remembered annually, because it is an event.

I appreciate each one of you, regardless of your opinions on your day.

My Favorite Day to Exploit: Bubba’s Birthday

Really, as I’ve been corrected a few times over the years, it is the anniversary of the birth of Bubba, but all the same, Happy Birthday, Bubba!

Although the annual birthday bashes ended in 2016, today is still my most favorite of days! It’s the sole reason for the very first bash in 2010, creating many memories, good laughs and making great friends. It is a reason to continue to enjoy today for no other reason than it is Bubba’s day!

Bubba, I hope that no matter what it is you choose to do today, that you enjoy the day for no other reason than it is a good day for a good day! Thank you for allowing me (not that you were given any choice in the matter) to exploit your birthday. I may very well enjoy it more than you do. lol.

It is Your Anniversary of the Best Birthday, Cliff.

I am so excited we have experienced another trip around the sun with you. It is pretty damn amazing that you’ve allowed us all to celebrate you, or at least, you’ve tolerated me sending out telegrams in your honor for the last 8+ years.

I hope that if you are out building kennels for your pack, the rain holds off and it is truly a beautiful day. One worthy of celebration in the name of Cliff. If it does rain, just know that I am the one wishing you buckets of happiness and cheer and rain is life!

Happy anniversary to the birth of one of the greatest guys I’ve met in my world online. Happy birthday to you!

Happy Birthday, Outlaw!

As most of you know, Outlaw is my longest running member and that is worth mentioning; that’s 14 years, if you’re wondering.

I wish you a very happy birthday, Outlaw. My wish for you is that you will do something for yourself today that will make you smile. You deserve more smiles, less stress and nothing but happy days!

Please take a minute of your time and wish this amazing person a happy birthday for me, and because I think everyone should be celebrated on the anniversary of their birth.

Hot and Friskie!

It’s your birthday! We might not see much of you these days, but you are often talked about (all good things *wink*), always missed (not only by me) and thought of (especially with the brace face lady).

No matter what you choose to do today, I wish you nothing but the happiest of days! I know I speak for everyone when I say, “whatever you do, stay safe and wear a helmet, life jacket and some padded gloves if you decide to blow up a tree stump in the middle of a lake.”

Another Day to Celebrate!

It can be said that I love other people’s birthdays; I cannot even deny that, but this one holds a special place because he told me many years ago (like 8 or 10, I don’t really know, but it’s been more than 5) that since I love birthdays so much, I could have his. I mean, he gave me his birthday to have and to celebrate? Score! I’m in, and I have enjoyed celebrating him ever since! Well, okay, I enjoyed it before his pivotal mistake, but even more so after!

Now, I do feel the need to say that I enjoy everyone’s birthday, but the rest of you gave no fight and just let me take over and make a big deal out of your days. So, I love your day, too. lol

Please wish the resident Bloviator and everyone’s favorite lawyer, Dwwindsor of Windsor Castle, a very happy birthday! Today has been declared Windsor Day by the VNA crew. Yes, indeed, it is a day to celebrate!

Thank you DW for being a good sport and for making that mistake many years ago. LOL. I love today for what it is. A celebration of an amazing anniversary!

Watch out for the Killbuck Creek Sharks. Dangerous waters in these parts of Perfect Ohio.

Red, Today is Yours (which means it’s celebration time!)

. . .so be happy and celebrate! Years ago you asked that I not make a big deal of it, or even mention it to our online community, however, a couple years ago you made mention of it in the chat room, voiding all previous requests of silence. So, today I would like to wish you a very happy birthday! I hope that you have had a beautiful day with family and friends. 

What I really want to know is, how was your homemade lunch that your lady friend prepared for you? *wink* (if you’re not too sure which lady I’m referring to, let me give you a hint- not the crazy one. lol)


I know that I am late in posting this, but you are important to me and, well, you’re Kevin! Kevin-Kevin-Kevin!!!

In case you are wondering this is Minion you. —–>

I hope that you had an amazing birthday, and that you were celebrated! Knowing your family, I have no doubt that you were and that there were cookies and cake to eat. Was it pumpkin, by chance?

Happy, happy birthday, Kevin!

Happy Birthday!

Hmfast – I hope that you are having a wonderful day and that it is an amazing birthday, despite being stuck at the hotel, and despite you working.. do something for you and celebrate in spite of it all! Splurge, call in sick, pretend you moved when they knock on your door, or just play video games and watch youtube videos all day, ignoring the rest of the world. Just a suggestion, honestly, but enjoy the day no matter what.