Long Overdue

There was a time when I was exceptionally good at blogging, and giving thanks to those that are thoughtful to send gifts. I am embarrassed to say that I have months worth of thanks to give and I’m just now making this post.

Nicster- you have always been generous with gifts, and nothing has changed even after years of knowing each other. Thank you. I hope to wear the red garter lingerie in a video soon. The Turquoise tank top was a hard one to acquire and I’m still not sure what happened to the original one, but the 2nd one took a long detour around the world before arriving 3 months later… which makes me chuckle each time I wear it.

Stephen- I absolutely love the snow boots and wore them just the other day. I’m sure I was a little over dressed for the locals, but 40 degrees and windy is still very cold to this Texan. lol. I appreciate your kindness and, again, your thoughtfulness.

Bubba- I know this is extremely overdue, but I have felt like an asshole for not posting a thank you for the elephant skirt. I wear it around the house for now, but once the sun comes out and it warms up to 70ish, I’ll be wearing it out and about. I love it!

BigReg- I love, love, love the panties (all of them) and the blue dress is one of my favorites. Of course, it’s still 30-40 degrees here, even when the sun is high in the sky, so I’ll be waiting to wear it out of the house for when it warms up. lol. Thank you for your kindness and generosity. I appreciate you!

Mark (AM)- the lingerie is beautiful and well made which means I will be wearing it on cam for many years to come and the skirt is sexy and I will be making new content in that soon. Thank you so much for being generous and perusing my wishlist; you are thoughtful!

Mike- thank you, thank you, thank you! I love every pair of the socks that you sent in the 26 bundle of nothing but socks! OMG. I’ve got socks and more socks! There is not one pair in that set that I do not LOVE. I had a difficult time choosing which pair to wear first, and after about 20 minutes of hem-hawing, I went with the argyles, which are my favorite pattern after elephants. Thank you! That was an amazing surprise that even got Abby excited upon my opening the package. You are incredibly thoughtful!

A Kind Gesture

Hmfast sent me a tweet shortly before our 2 week stay in SLC to let me know he had something to send me and would be dropping it in the mail soon. I asked if he would mind holding on to it for awhile because I wasn’t sure when we would be able to make the trip to Twin again. He had no problem doing just that and last week when we took the day to make the drive, his package was waiting for me.

A beautiful bracelet that was made by one of his guests that passes through his hotel around the holiday’s. It is, of course, elephant in nature, and so well made and classy. It is something that I will wear and smile each time I do. Thank you, Hmfast, for being so thoughtful and kind.

This is Long Overdue

Goodness, it seems I am constantly falling short with my thanks you threads. But, it is better late than never, as they say, and hopefully you all agree.

Nicster always sends gifts for Thanksgiving, since he knows I have a dislike for the Christmas holiday. Truthfully, so does he, just so you know. We really are not that different, he and I; but that is neither here, nor there, so on with my thread of thanks!

He always asks me what I want, but I always tell him to choose for me. This time, however, I gave him a few options but asked him to choose in the end so that it was a surprise. I have already worn the sweatshirt and had a few compliments, all in one evening. The headband is soft and fuzzy and has done a great job keeping my ears warm! I cannot wait to wear the negligee on cam; I love the deep blue color!

Many Thanks…

I have received so many packages over the last month and a half, and they all deserve special thanks. You all continue to amaze me with your thoughtful generosity. Whether for my birthday, or just because, each gift is appreciated.

First, I should give a big shout out to BD, for the goody box you sent a couple of months ago. I apologize for not posting a message on my blog until now. However, some of your treats were used in my latest batch of Chex Mix, which was taken on our trip. I also grabbed a handful of the peanut butter crackers. I enjoyed every bite!

Nicster, I love the new lingerie that you sent; I’ve already done a video that will be released on my site within the next month. And, I cannot wait to read the book- thank you!

I would be remiss if I did not mention the santa lingerie you also sent for my birthday. Thank you! I look forward to wearing the red negligee with fuzzy white accents!

I love, love, love this negligee! In fact, I’ve already taken pictures in it and look forward to creating a new video while wearing it, in the very near future. Thank you, Rodney, for sending a gift, just because!

Amber, I am so looking forward to planting a garden this year, and adding more plants to the yard. I cannot wait to start selecting native plants using the gardeners book you sent. Thank you!

I forgot my stack of books at the house when we left for Montana, and I had already mapped out our route to travel to the nearest bookstore I could find, but we stopped at the PO first and I was pleased to receive another book. Thank you, Stephen! It is very much appreciated and, although, I found myself too tired each night to read, I do look forward to starting this book soon.

You didn’t stop with just a book, but also sent a couple items for me to wear out and about. I have already done pictures while wearing the dress, and as soon as it warms up in northern Nevada, I will be wearing it out to dinner. The top has been washed and I hope to wear it on cam tomorrow. I will definitely snag a few pictures for you, Stephen. Thank you!

Kevin, thank you, thank you, thank you! I love to read and over the last few months I have taken a break from books, but hope to get back into it soon and this is one of the books that I have been looking forward to starting. It means a lot that you sent something, and I will think of you as I read it.. thanks!

The Messenger

I’m always amazed at the thoughtfulness and generosity that has been shown to me from my online community. My last PO Box run was to pick up a few packages, and to mail off a big panty order. In one of the packages that was waiting for me was a beautiful messenger bag adorning elephants, which was not on my wishlist. Bubba, you have always been thoughtful and kind, thank you! I have already used it and love it! It is the perfect size to carry with me on over night trips and it will definitely be my go to bag now. It makes me smile each time I see it and it already has some Abby hair on it because she thought it would be a good idea to sit on it when I had it on the floor. The moral of that story is to stop placing items on the floor when they belong on a shelf, put away… 

Manatee’s, Roo’s and Elephants Make the World a Better Place

My biggest obsession would be elephants, but I have always had a love of manatee’s and kangaroo’s, as well. Manatee’s are just sweet, adorable and they are the only species that are safer in captivity than any other animal. Kangaroo’s fascinated me as a child because they hop and skip along with not a care in the world. Elephant’s need no explanation here…

Last year, for my first Christmas as a single person, Cliff sent me a box of ornaments that he had specifically made for me. Unfortunately, they did not arrive in time to adorn my tree, but this year they played center stage. We had a very simple tree with just a few bulbs, which is what I wanted, and the ornaments I had from Cliff added a special touch to a very happy holiday. Thank you, Cliff for your kindness, and, of course, your thoughtfulness. Although, they did not make it last year, they will definitely play a role in my holidays from here on out. 

A Book, A Plethora of Socks and a Negligee

That sounds like a kinky party, and one that I am looking forward to attending! Nicster, thank you for always being generous and thoughtful in your gifts. Your book arrived at a great time because I am in between books and I have been wanting to read “Murder at Fenway Park”. I love fiction based on non-fiction because it is a story that pulls you in and shares history with you at the same time. The socks are a bundle of ankle socks that are more argyles and if you know me at all you know that I am over the moon excited about that! The lingerie is sexy and definitely my style of black and white. Thank you! 

Trail Mix and Smoked Pork


I don’t know that you read my blog, but in the event that you do, thank you so much for your thoughtful care package. I am a snacker, hence “The Snack Locker”, and your package definitely kept me snacking for a bit. You took the time to make both the chex mix and the smoked pork, and that means so much more than you probably realize. You are thoughtful and generous with your time. Thank you!

Fuzzy Slippers are Good For the Soles!

I had a surprise package show up to my front door awhile back and it was from MtnMan, which  happens to also be his front door. But, that is besides the point, this package was for me and inside was a pair of nice, fuzzy slippers that could be worn in public, but I choose to treat them as house slippers and they do my feet good! Sometimes I even wear them outside when I give Abby her daily brushing and they keep my feet warm when it is snowing! That was way more information than any of you needed, or probably even wanted, but seriously, these slippers are good for the soles! Thank you, Beebs!

Home Cook

I never knew I would find joy in cooking, but here I am, cooking and always looking for new recipes and different foods to try. Last month I received a new cookbook, thanks to Michael, and I cannot wait to try my hand at some non-crockpot dishes. With that said, I wonder if some of the casseroles and oven bakes would turn out in the slow cooker. I have yet to put any of the recipe’s from this cookbook to the test though because I find myself busy right now, with not much time to spend in the kitchen.

Michael, thank you so much for being so thoughtful and generous in sending a cookbook; one that I was about to buy myself. I appreciate you  more than you realize.