Flashing Truckers

Flashing on the Highway!

On a long drive down a very busy highway I gave my SnapChat member’s a fun show, along with the truckers and other travelers that day. It was a hot, summer afternoon and it made the drive much more entertaining. At first I just flashed my boobs in the passenger seat, but decided to get completely nude. I not only rode naked, but also bent over, with my ass in the windshield as cars passed by in both directions. It was a fun day on SnapChat, but also for me. I talked my driver into finding a secluded rest stop so he could fuck me, leaving me with a pussy full of sperm.  The very last picture in this set shows my swollen, red lips glazed with a with a messy cream pie. CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Balcony Flashing

Getting Frisky On The Balcony! New Pictures!

I love to do risky photo’s and sometimes even videos. You can see that first hand if you are a member. I have walked naked down a hotel hallway, getting caught by someone walking off of the elevator, all while on video. I have gotten naked in a car, driving down a very busy HWY while on snapchat with premium members, and I have been naked in an old, abandoned schoolhouse in west Texas that sits just a few feet from the Interstate.

This is no different, and I caught the eye of some locals along with a cabana boy. It was stormy on the beach, which brought in strong winds and an opportunity to do some risqué flashing. My room was on the edge of the resort so there were locals gathering under a palm tree to wait out the rains. They were watching me closely, probably wondering if I had panties on underneath my dress. It turns out I did not and when the wind blew up my dress, they got an eye full. Even the cabana boy was out picking up discarded trash, or at least he pretended to be busy right outside my room. He cannot help but look up at me, which was captured on camera. He smiled at me later when I saw him at the bar. *wink*  CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Flashing on the Front Porch

Lone Star Angel Flashes On The Front Porch

We recently stayed in a beautiful home in the hill country, that sat off of a busy street. As we were leaving I wanted to do some flashing pics, just to do something naughty and risky. There were landscapers in several different yards, a couple of old folks in homes across the street and the landlady whose house we rented was out and about. So, needless to say, this was most definitely risky. I hope that you will enjoy the fun of it all and come back for more … CLICK HERE!