A Squirting Fantasy

Lonestar Angel Squirts In Your Face! – 1080p HD Video!

After jabbering through the flash video that is with this set, I wondered what it would be like to have a neighbor knock on my door just to fuck. That is such a spicy thought, and something I now fantasize about. What would it be like to have you come knocking, and to immediately take me to the kitchen and bury your head between my legs while I am on the counter. At any rate, I am alone and after much daydreaming, I am squirting all over the counter, wishing you were in front for a facial. CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Squirting Facial

A Squirting Facial on Kristine Cumz!

I had the amazing opportunity to spend a few weeks in Florida, and it allowed me to get to know Kristine; who I already had an online crush on. I had just realized I could squirt, but it was incredibly hard for me to do it, and I had only squirted alone. She was curious and wanted me to squirt on her, but I was hesitant because I’d never done that with another lady, and I wasn’t even sure I would be able to. So, after much discussion I told her I might be able to do that, but she could only watch. LOL. That might sound weird, but I had to focus and her touching me, or even encouraging me, would mind fuck me in the wrong way. She sat in front of me and I was able to squirt and when I did, it was all over her face! She was so turned on that it made the experience amazing and fun. I hope that you’ll enjoy watching as we react to something so new to both of us.

Her and I have talked about that afternoon many times and she enjoyed it so much that she wants me to do it again.. if we ever find ourselves back in Florida. CLICK HERE FOR THE SQUIRTING FACIAL HD VIDEO!