Yeah, About Yesterday’s Post

My cough has turned into a head cold, and after talking on the phone for awhile this afternoon I think that it is best if I take today to rest and hopefully get over the brunt of the cold. I will be back online Thursday and we will kick it off with gold shows and a few bonus ones for good measure. I will also be doing the weekly 1 hour cam show Thursday at 11p EST and would love to see you there to catch up and reconnect. 


On With Our Week on Cam

Sunday and Monday was fun, all thanks to you and everyone that joined me on or via my site for the two member shows. 

Now we have today to contend with and it includes the regularly scheduled show, but also a bonus as a way to show my appreciation for your time and company. I appreciate that you chose my site when you could have easily picked someone else. However, I hope the member’s only shows was just one of many reasons for your decision. 

At any rate, below are the two shows for tonight:

Tuesday (May 1st) – Streamate Banner 8p EST 1 hour

Tuesday (May 1st) – Streamate Banner 11p EST 20 minutes

News Flash

With the last few weeks being full of schedule changes and internet woes, I just thought it might be helpful to let you know that we are back to our normal schedule of weekly events.

Monday- I will be online all day. If you are a member, you have access to all gold shows. For the Monday member show, meet me via the VNALive banner at 11p EST and bring a tasty treat, if you would like. It is kind of a thing, you know?

Tuesday- all day online, same as above – the member show is through the Tuesday banner and will be at 8p EST.

Thursday- all day online, same as above – the member BONUS show will be at 11p EST, click through the Tuesday banner for that access..

Friday- yep, same as above – with the evening spent on Chaturbate. Join me if you dare. *wink*

Happy Thanksgiving to Canada!

CA_thanksgiving1I hope all of my resident canuck and all other Canadian’s are having a beautiful, and wonderful T’giving full of food, friends and family. Here’s wishing you nothing but good weather, happiness and a full belly.

Did you know that upper Canada and lower Canada used to celebrate Thanksgiving on different days? Also, the date jumped around from November back to October until 1957 when it was declared to be the second Monday of October. It wasn’t even celebrated each year, which I find to be odd and shameful! It’s also believed that the southern neighbors who migrated north is what started the modern day celebrations. They used to come together to be thankful for the bounty of harvest and they’d pick one event that effected all Canadians that year to celebrate with friends and family. It was a time of thankful reflection.




There are a lot of avenues and add-ons when it comes to posting content and videos and now I have given in and joined OnlyFans because it is the latest site that has a surge of interest from viewers and joiners. It is different from my site, but if you are a member you do not necessarily need to join my OF page. (I am a great salesperson. lol.) What you will see on OF are some candid snaps of me out and about, before cam, getting out of the shower, and probably sitting around doing nothing. I will also mix in some pictures that are a part of my site content, but were not in the updates. In other words, every single picture posted on OF will be exclusive to that site and won’t even be found on Twitter. 

I will be posting often and with a mixture of content. It is only $7.99 for a one month membership and I am open to requests, within reason. I mean, I am not going to walk into a busy street and flash. If you want more foot pics, boob shots, close up belly button, or even pussy pictures, just ask. The only requirement for a request is that you join my OnlyFans page and make a comment there… 

A Penny For Your Thoughts …

It has been awhile since I have forced you guys to join in and be interactive here on my blog, so let’s play – “A penny for your thoughts . . .”

This is the twist. I want you to tell us what is on your mind but then I would like you to respond to ALL other thoughts. 

If you are new to posting here, please introduce yourself and share what you wish to, and then give us your thoughts. 

Mollie, This is For YOU


I am so sorry to have missed your birthday yesterday, but please know that you were in my thoughts. It was great to catch up with you and Amber; I am so happy that you were surrounded by good people on your day. You deserve nothing but the best of birthday’s, and the happiest of celebrations. You are worthy of celebrating. Thank you for being a big party of this “family”. 

I wish you many happy times ahead, sexy lady! 

This Week: At a Glance

This week is going to be busy with cam time and custom video orders, along with member shows. I am getting back into my routine, as best I can, and it is going to be a week full of fun!

Monday – which is almost over, but still worth a mention. I spent the afternoon on Streamate – for private shows, along with taking a couple Skype sessions. If you are a member of my site, join me at 11p EST for the 1 hour LIVE member show via the VNALive banner. I will be on Chaturbate shortly after the member show. 

Tuesday – I will be online at Streamate and available for Skype Sessions. The member show will be at 8p EST through the Streamate banner. It is FREE access for member’s of my site. (there are many benefits to being a member of mine!) I will be going out to dinner afterwards, but plan to Chaturbate when I get home. The time is uncertain, but most likely it will be late. 

Wednesday – I hope to catch up on emails, blogging and a few other things that have been put off over the last couple of months. This is a week of successful productivity as I get back into a steady routine. Wish me luck!

Thursday – I will be online at Streamate and available for Skype sessions. If you are interested in a Skype show, read this thread that was posted a few weeks ago. The special is still going on – don’t miss out! I will also be running a bonus member show at 11p EST, via the Streamate banner. Depending on how busy that site is, I may stay there or switch to Chaturbate. It pays to read my Tweets! 

Friday – I have two custom videos to produce, plus one scheduled Skype session. If you are interested in a custom video, please contact me at – it would be great to spend an entire day filling custom orders! 

This thread is chocked full of links, but has a lot of what I would consider useful information. lol. 



New Mailing Address

I have a new mailing address for those of you that have been asking.


PO Box 1314

Cedar Park, TX 


May Day

Happy May Day to you and yours! Did you know that this was a day that was celebrated by the International Worker’s day in the late 19th century? In fact, it was chosen by the Socialists and Communists of the Second International to commemorate the Hamarket affair in Chicago. Well, that does not sound like an event worthy of keeping it a tradition, but whatever. 

The earliest May Day was the Festival of Flora, the Roman goddess of flowers, that was held during the Roman Republic era. But, in the Germanic countries it was with the Walpurgis Night. The Gaelic Beltane was on April 30th and in the European pagan cultures it was a traditional summer holiday. So, in other words, it does not originate from any one region. It was probably a chosen day because it was the end of harsh winters and the beginning of beautiful colors and warmer months. But, that is just me making an assumption from the scattered details of traditions. 

And, then of course you have the Christians who materialized out of thin air and took over May Day as a secular celebration. Okay, most of that last sentence was my snarky take on the boring details, but I have no idea what a secular celebration was. I assume an annual dunking of the sinners into a holy body of water to cleanse souls.. or something. 

Today is a very important day in Germany because it is one of several days where St. Walburga, who is to blame for Christianity arriving in Germany, is celebrated. 

Damn. Is every traditional holiday, or whatever, all because of religion? They always have to be involved in everything! 

One tradition that is associated with May Day is the dancing of the May Pole. Basically, people circle around a pole, like “ring around the posey” (or was it rosey?) Fuck, what was that little girls chant? You know, a group would hold hands and walk in a circle chanting “ring around (something). At any rate, do you suppose that is where that came from? 

As generations have come and gone, things change and now instead of pole dancing they give May Baskets. Now, that is something that I could get behind because I love flowers! Starting next year we should all give flowers on May Day… and I will take them all. LOL. 

Happy religious day even if you don’t know it.