Beginning to End

There are a lot of reasons to celebrate in the month of July, making this my favorite month of the year! It starts with a birthday and ends with a divorce. LOL.

We start by celebrating (much to his chagrin) MtnMan, then Dawn’s birthday on the 17th (which should be a world holiday), followed with Abigail’s first anniversary of her birth on the 21st, on the 24th we celebrate hmfast, and, we close out the month with the 31st marking 1 year of divorce for me.

With all of that in the month of July, no one can deny the reason for so much joy and celebrations! So, who is with me? Let’s raise a glass to our happy, joyous reasons and carry on!

Summer Heat, Bright Future

It sounds as though this has been an extreme summer for most people, all over the world. Hell, Europe has been dry, which is rare, and they have seen high temps like much of the US. Africa had a record 124 degree day and even Alaska has been unusually warm in 2018. 

As much as I hate the Texas summers, I will be in Austin next week dealing with humidity and 100+ degree temps. Ack! However, as much as that sounds like it will be a terrible week, it will not be. I hope to be one step closer to being divorced, and while there I will see Bo, Jo and another girlfriend, but will mostly make time to create new videos. I really need a break from cam, but also need to continue making new videos and keep up the hustle. So, although it will be nice to get out of town, it will be a very busy week while in Austin. 

With my schedule next week there will be no member shows, however, I am only rescheduling for the following week. If you are new to my site, thank you for the join and please know that I never cancel, and it is rare that I have to reschedule. When I say you have a 8+ monthly member shows, I stay true to my word. 

I will be online Sunday and then again on Friday, but nothing in between. I will stay connected on Twitter (@nakedTXangel) and on my premium SnapChat (