Good Morning!

I hope this finds you doing well and having a great start to your week. I would love it if you shared your weekend happenings with me…

My weekend was busy, as usual, but I wouldn’t change a thing. Saturday I spent the day adding candid shots and videos to my Loyal Fans page, learning about Light Room (photo editing software), planning for new content shoots and getting set up for a day of custom videos. I also managed to make time to bake mexican brownies and make a corn side dish for taco night at a friends house. Sunday we started the day with breakfast and then spent all day filming custom videos. The customs were a mix of paid orders and free giveaways that I offered to long time members in celebration of 14 years online. I have been very fortunate to have a core group of members who have stayed with me through a couple network changes and a domain change. All without any complaints, which is very much appreciated. While MtnMan and I were brainstorming ways to show my appreciation, we decided a 10 minute custom video ($150+ value) would be an excellent option. Because it is a custom, each member told me what they would like in their own video.

Regarding my Loyal Fans page, because I’ve been way too lax on the blog and I am not sure if I shared the details here, or not… it is much like Only Fans, but in my opinion, much better. It is not anything you are pressured to join, but if you choose to, please use my link; you can follow as a fan, without subscribing. I’m giving a mix of free and paid content so you will be able to enjoy my page without subscribing. The content will be candid shots/videos and some behind the scenes outtakes while filming for my site. I am also adding videos that you already have access to if you are a member of mine. So join, give me a follow and decide if you’re content staying a fan or if you’d like to subscribe. They are eventually going to add a cam platform to the network, but I’m not sure if I’ll dabble in that or not… time will tell.

Skype and Custom Video Special

Custom Videos

Rates Good Through September

$100 for 10 minutes

$180 for 20

$240 for 30

Normally a custom video is $150 for 10 minutes, but this special will be offered until the end of September.

You be the director, I am open to ideas, within reason. If it is something I do not feel comfortable doing, or I think you won’t be happy with the outcome, I will be upfront and honest before you purchase a custom video.

My turn around time is 2 weeks, but I usually send it within a weeks time from date of order.

Please email me if you are interested 

Skype Shows

I offer Skype shows, by appointment only, and have a flexible schedule.


$3.50/minute with a 10 minute minimum. Payable via Gift Rocket  or Amazon GiftCard. If you send funds through Gift Rocket, I will give you a discount of $5 off, per 10 minutes.

Please email me at if you are interested in setting up a Skype session.

This Week: At a Glance

This week is going to be busy with cam time and custom video orders, along with member shows. I am getting back into my routine, as best I can, and it is going to be a week full of fun!

Monday – which is almost over, but still worth a mention. I spent the afternoon on Streamate – for private shows, along with taking a couple Skype sessions. If you are a member of my site, join me at 11p EST for the 1 hour LIVE member show via the VNALive banner. I will be on Chaturbate shortly after the member show. 

Tuesday – I will be online at Streamate and available for Skype Sessions. The member show will be at 8p EST through the Streamate banner. It is FREE access for member’s of my site. (there are many benefits to being a member of mine!) I will be going out to dinner afterwards, but plan to Chaturbate when I get home. The time is uncertain, but most likely it will be late. 

Wednesday – I hope to catch up on emails, blogging and a few other things that have been put off over the last couple of months. This is a week of successful productivity as I get back into a steady routine. Wish me luck!

Thursday – I will be online at Streamate and available for Skype sessions. If you are interested in a Skype show, read this thread that was posted a few weeks ago. The special is still going on – don’t miss out! I will also be running a bonus member show at 11p EST, via the Streamate banner. Depending on how busy that site is, I may stay there or switch to Chaturbate. It pays to read my Tweets! 

Friday – I have two custom videos to produce, plus one scheduled Skype session. If you are interested in a custom video, please contact me at – it would be great to spend an entire day filling custom orders! 

This thread is chocked full of links, but has a lot of what I would consider useful information. lol. 



Skype Shows and Custom Videos

I am offering a summer sale on Skype shows and custom videos. If you are interested please email me

Skype Shows are normally $3.50/min with a 10 minute minimum. For the next few weeks I will offer $3.00/minute. 

Custom Videos are usually $150 for 10 minutes but I will be offering them for only $100 and the turn around is usually within days. After we discuss the details and agree on what the video will be, I will let you know when I can make the video for you. This is all before you send the funds, but please, do not waste my time if you are not serious in wanting a video. 

Do not post your wants and desires here, because it is not for a public discussion. Please email me