Our Week at a Remote Ranch House

We are spending the week in an even more remote area of the mountains and the nearest store is 70 miles away. That sounds lovely, doesn’t it? We are going to do some relaxing, no schedules and no socializing! Granted, this year has been one of few social gatherings, but with MtnMan being in an essential business he has been going non-stop since March. It is truly crazy. We are both very fortunate, so that is not a complaint by any means; my heart aches for those who have been laid off due to the pandemic. We do, however, need a break from all of that, and this week is going to be just that! Since we are planning to do nothing, we are going to take the time to film content. I’m looking forward to it and actually enjoy it and he would rather do that instead of sitting around twiddling thumbs. So, film we will!