October: Month of Candy Corn

I have a thing, for lack of better words, about buying a bag of candy corn each year. I won’t allow myself to buy a bag until October 1st and it has to be Brach’s brand. There really is no comparison, I’ve tried a few over the years, and my love of corn of candy dates back to my childhood. It’s true, so many of our likes and dislikes are because of that long ago period in our lives that shaped us into who we are. I like just 1 bag, and enjoy each piece because it’s what I do every October.

I was never big on costumes, but Mom would put me in a plastic apron and then put the mask over my face with HUGE cutouts for my very small eyeballs. Each year I was Olive Oyl and I think my twin was Spiderman. I could be wrong on that one. It was whatever the store had on hand when she bought our one costume that would last us through the end of our trick-or-treat years. I didn’t think anything of it, I just liked going to the houses and everyone knowing we were “the twins”. They’d always tell us to say hi to Mom, who was waiting for us at the end of the block so that she could drive us to the next block. It was fun, costume and all, but my favorite part was when we’d return home.

Dad and Granny always stayed behind to greet the trick or treaters. Dad, no doubt, stayed behind to have his share of candy before handing them out, but also he enjoyed seeing all of the kids knocking on his door for some tricks or treats.

When we got home with our stash of candy, they would have to “inspect” each piece before we could have any. I was under the false impression that it was out of safety reasons, but they knew all of the old people in our very small knit community of ranchers, so I doubt that was the case. Now that I’m wiser to their tricks, it was so they could snatch up what they wanted for their hidden stashes. Dad was candy corn, Mom was Snickers and, I believe Granny liked Milky Way and Baby Ruth.

My Twin would eat all of his candy by the end of the week, whereas, I would save each piece for negotiation purposes; even months later, I’d still have a hidden stash for this reason. He could have a piece of mine only as long as he was nice to me, but if he wasn’t, then I’d eat the piece he wanted right in front of him.

So, as I type this post, I am enjoying my first candy corn of the season.

Halloween Candy

I am sure that I have posted this before, but with Halloween being right around the corner, it has me curious.

What is your favorite halloween candy? Bubba made a good point last week about not all candy counts as halloween candy. So, if it is available year round, it does not count. For example, Snicker Bars. You can pick one up each time you fill up the car at the gas stations, or when you are in the checkout lane at the grocery store. So, those do not count.

For me, it is hands down candy corn. I don’t know if I actually like them, like them, or if it is the memories that comes with eating a handful each day of October.

Mom would drive my twin around to houses, which were very well known to my parents. Not one house was a stranger. Granny and Dad would stay at the house, handing out candy. This was great because they both had a sweet tooth, and loved kids.

When we got home, all three of them (Mom, Dad and Granny) would “inspect” our loot to make sure it was safe to eat. Dad always kept back a pile of candy corn. Mom had her snickers, and Granny usually went for the baby ruth’s and anything else that might have caught her attention.

I had no reason to question their motives, but as an adult I know exactly what they were inspecting. They wanted their fair share of candies for celebrating Halloween with us. lol

So, my favorite Halloween candy is most definitely candy corn. I can only eat a little bit at a time, but I do enjoy a bag each October.


I support this hashtag and discovering that it is trending on social media has made my day! 

My dad loved him some candy corn! When my twin and I would get home from trick-or-treating he would “check the candy to make sure it is safe to eat.” But, really he just wanted to take all the candy corn out for himself. lol. I forget what granny would grab, and Mom never got in a hurry because she could grab as many caramel pieces as she wanted when we were at school. 

Each Halloween, I eat one very small bag of candy corn and I eat caramel all year round!