A Tryst

I’m Ready for a Business Trip Tryst!

I was so excited when you called to let me know you would be in town on a business trip, and would love some company. I so enjoy our trysts, and have come to look forward to your spur of the moment calls. It is unusual that I do not have your undivided attention, so this week has been somewhat a surprise as far as you being preoccupied with work, and all that comes with being so important in your company. We have a beautiful suite with an in-room-jacuzzi and I would love nothing more than for you to close your laptop, strip out of your clothes and join me for a night of passion where I can meet all of your desires and satisfy your urges.  I want you to bend me over while in the tub, before you carry me to bed and fuck me until you have nothing left to give … CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Business Trip Tag Along

I Love Tagging Along On Business Trips

I love joining you on your business trips. You work, no matter where you are, and when I can explore a new city while you’re working, it makes the time you give me even more enjoyable. With that said I want you to close your laptop, turn off your phone and join me in bed. I’ve patiently waited for you to notice that I’m wearing the lingerie you sent me last week, along with the airplane ticket, but you’re so engulfed in whatever the current crisis is that you haven’t even realized I’m here!  I promise that I’ll relieve the tension and clear your head; just give me tonight. Join me today and enjoy me always, no matter where you are. *wink* CLICK HERE!

PS- Rodney, thank you for the Valentine’s Day package. I’ll wear it often and always think of you!