Reasons why joining my site is a great idea:

1.) I update weekly, sometimes several times a week. (mostly videos)

2.) I host several member’s shows each week, no matter what, there are never cancelled shows.

3.) I am approachable, available and very interactive. 

4.) My site is 100% me – pictures, videos, emails, tweets, personality. I am who I am on screen and behind the computer. There is no one other than myself that you will talk to if you send me a message.

5.) You receive more than most sites give you and they charge double the price. 

6.) You gain access to all of the VNALive network – daily LIVE cam shows by big names and amateurs alike!

7.) I am a small business. 

REI – Black Friday Champs!


REI has decided to make a statement this year and close the doors on black Friday, while still paying their employees. They feel that the shopping season has gotten out of hand and they will be closed on their busiest day of the year. I have always gone to Academy for camping supplies and outdoor activities, but I may very well have to give REI my business. I am extremely happy that a big box store recognizes that they can be the first to change what has become an epidemic, known as Black Friday.

Way to go, REI!

Black Friday on DN

Black Friday has arrived early on thelonestarangel.com – woot! If you’ve been a member, but are not currently one, today’s the day you come back to me! If you’ve never joined, but have considered it, today you make the leap. The site is ONLY $9.95, which is a huge sale, and it still offers the same amenities as it does when it’s regularly priced.

I update once a week, which is four new releases each month, sometimes five. I offer over three hours of cam shows each week, but with a membership to my site, you gain access to over 60 hours of cam shows each week from porn stars and amateurs. You’ll notice I’m interactive on Twitter, in emails and through my blog. That does not change once you become a member. In fact, you get more of me once you are one of mine. So, join today and get the real me. *wink*

To make it super easy for you, here’s the link- Black Friday Sale 2014