Beginning to End

There are a lot of reasons to celebrate in the month of July, making this my favorite month of the year! It starts with a birthday and ends with a divorce. LOL.

We start by celebrating (much to his chagrin) MtnMan, then Dawn’s birthday on the 17th (which should be a world holiday), followed with Abigail’s first anniversary of her birth on the 21st, on the 24th we celebrate hmfast, and, we close out the month with the 31st marking 1 year of divorce for me.

With all of that in the month of July, no one can deny the reason for so much joy and celebrations! So, who is with me? Let’s raise a glass to our happy, joyous reasons and carry on!

Another Birthday, Another Celebration!

Out of curiosity, I looked back in the blog history to see how many celebrations we have had in MtnMan’s honor, and the first was in 2014. There has been a common denominator in each thread:

“you might not think today is a big deal, but you are worth celebrating!”

And, nothing has changed in 2019, either. MtnMan still views today as a day like all the others, and I am still wishing him a happy birthday, and telling him that today is a good day for a celebration!

The birthday posts have varied over the years, but my wish for you to have a wonderfully happy day, and celebrate you, remains the same!

Happy birthday to my MtnMan!

Lefty! It’s your Day! A Good Reason to Celebrate!

WOOT! I’ve been counting down the days to Lefty’s birthday and it’s finally here! Happy, happy birthday Lefty! You have amazing spirit and you’re always smiling. I love that about you! You’ve just really brightened our group and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Don’t forget we’re raising our glasses to Lefty tonight. I’ll be online around 9p EST and it’ll be a drinking night, so bring the booze! If you’re not a drinker, no problem! Come anyway. It’ll be fun to exploit his birthday.